Bargain Shopping: This Is Why You Should Haggle for Someone You Love


You may think you’re frugal, but chances are that frugality goes right out the window when you shop for someone you love.

In a study in Judgment and Decision Making, subjects shopped for one of three items: a wedding ring, a storage container for either a grandfather clock or a cremated grandfather (ha!), or birthday cupcakes for a loved one.

Results: When buying for someone they loved, most subjects felt it was inappropriate to question a price, look for a cheaper option, or haggle—even when prices were negotiable. For example, 91 percent of wedding-ring shoppers chose high-priced rings that weren’t necessarily high quality, and most buyers of crematory containers and b’day sweets said OK to any price quoted. But buyers of the “clock box,” a much less personal item, did look for ways to save money.

The study authors call these “sacred” vs. “secular” purchases, meaning: No one wants to look like a cheapskate in the eyes of a loved one—or society.

But words to the wise: Be discriminating about how many people merit big cash outlays—life’s long; you’ll want to make it to the end with a few bucks still in your pocket. And the highest price isn’t always the best value, so refusing to shop around isn’t respectful, it’s stupid—even Grandpa understood that.

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