‘The Batman’ Replaces Ben Affleck With the Director We’ve All Been Waiting For: Matt Reeves

‘The Batman’ Replaces Ben Affleck With the Director We’ve All Been Waiting For: Matt Reeves

Batman’s a lone warrior who plays by his own rules and would be hard-pressed to take orders from anyone. But it looks like he’ll have to make an exception for his next solo outing.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: Matt Reeves is signed, sealed, delivered for ‘The Batman,’ according to Variety. “News broke last week that that negotiations broke down but that there was a possibility that they could resume. Now, Matt Reeves has closed a deal to direct “The Batman.”

UPDATE: Like most things in Hollywood, nothing’s official until it’s official. Variety reports that “talks have broken down between Warner Bros. and Matt Reeves about becoming the director of the film. A studio source indicates that negotiations have stopped, but adds that talks could resume down the road. WB is still intent on making the film, the source insisted, whatever means necessary.”

Affleck welcomed Reeves to the team:

Reeves sounds pumped about directing:

After star Ben Affleck stepped down from director duties on The Batman, the studio revealed it’s bringing in Matt Reeves to take over, according to Variety. Affleck was previously set to star, direct, and write the film, but opted out of the director’s chair, deciding the film would be better off without such a massive undertaking from one man.

We don’t know many details about the project yet, though it’s been confirmed former Men’s Fitness cover star Joe Manganiello will play the villain: elite assassin Deathstroke. Manganiello’s been training and reading loads of comic books to get ready for the part. (These 10 Instagram posts will give you a little preview of the sheer muscle and brute strength he’ll be bringing to the role.)

Even though a change in director is often a bad sign for a production, it could be a major boost in this case. Reeves emerged as the frontrunner once Affleck stepped down; besides, the man’s got one hell of a résumé and he’s done this before. He took the reigns from Rupert Wyatt for Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (after Wyatt directed the reboot Rise of the Planet of the Apes). Reeves ended up making one of the most well-received films—critically and commercially—of 2011 and of the entire Apes franchise. Reeves also directed War For The Planet of the Apes, which will be released on July 14, 2017.

It’s a smart move whichever way you look at it. Expectations are high for The Batman. Now Affleck can concentrate on perfecting the script (which, if rumor has it, he’s just finished) and settling into his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Now it’s up to Reeves to pull off a spectacular showing of one of the most-anticipated superhero films of all time (in theaters in 2018). No pressure.

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