The Batman Suit in ‘Dawn of Justice’ Isn’t Actually Molded on Ben Affleck’s Physique

The Batman Suit in ‘Dawn of Justice’ Isn’t Actually Molded on Ben Affleck’s Physique

Getting a superhuman physique isn’t impossible. But in the words of Burt Ward’s Robin in the 1960s series, “Holy Holy Hardest Metal In The World, Batman!” if it isn’t labor intensive and time consuming.

Of course, Ben Affleck is no stranger to the demands—you’ve seen his impressive bulk-up for his stint as the Dark Knight. But his body wasn’t the one designers used to mold the Batsuit—it was a guy named Rossano Rea, reports FOX 2 Detroit (WJBK).

Rea is a personal trainer, fitness model, and a voice actor; he’s also the proud owner of a gym called Bodymorph in Ferndale, Michigan. And, oh yeah, he’s got a Hollywood-approved physique. 

“With all due respect to Ben, we’re roughly the same height,” Rea told WJBK. “He doesn’t have the width, the size and deviation that I’ve got. I’ve been working out since I was 15 years old. So he’s a pretty beefy guy but I’ve been doing it for a little bit longer and I think they thought my physique would be a little more appropriate to display.”

That’s a bold statement. Whether you agree him or not, you can click here for the full report from WJBK. (And for the record, we think Affleck has a pretty impressive physique himself—that’s why he made our list of the best celebrity shoulders.)

Check out Affleck (and the suit) in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in theaters now.

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