Battle Ready Military Training: Phase 1, Boot Camp

weighted dip
Per Bernal

As a greenhorn, you will be focusing on developing foundational strength and a solid baseline of conditioning that you can apply to the phases that follow. An empha­sis on basic moves with simple rep schemes and gradual progression will have you filling out your shirt­sleeves while simultaneously strengthening your combat chassis.

The Phase 1 Challenge: 25 Consecutive Pullups

The first challenge will target the vertical pull. Using strict pullups only—kippers need not apply—you’ll test your mettle in getting your body weight to the bar. Check your proficiency level against the following standards:

  • 20-25+: Excellent
  • 15-19: Good
  • 12-15: Fair
  • 11 or fewer: Poor

Attempt this challenge once per week, prior to your scheduled workout. Each time, try to beat your previous week’s total.

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