Be a NYC VIP With This Cool New Service


Launched in 2012, Host Committee is making a name for itself by helping get guys into clubs before opening hours—no lines, no waiting, no entourage of hot women needed. And that’s not all. Once in, these guys get the royal treatment, with perks ranging from bottle service to an Uber home. Host Committee founders realized that clubs around New York City were sitting empty before midnight, so they capitalized on it by offering these VIP experiences for a fraction of what they’d really cost.

To date, they’ve hosted some 700 events at the hottest venues in NYC, and through partnerships with non-profits they’ve helped to raise over $1 million for organizations like Robin Hood and Pencils of Promise.  

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Building on that success, they recently launched a new service. If you’ve ever tried to catch a basketball game or concert with a big group of buddies, you know the struggles that come with it. One person has to pay for all the tickets so you can sit together (if you can even find 10 seats together!), and the logistics can be stressful. Host Committee is solving this problem by doing that part for you.

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Here’s how it works: You set up your event on their site, invite friends, and as they pay up, Host Committee seats them with you. And the VIP perks carry over from the club service (think: taking shots on the goal post-NHL game, leading the J-E-T-S chant on the field, or having a pre-show cocktail party with the Rockettes.) The more people you bring with you, the bigger VIP treatment you’ll score. “There are all these empty seats at these games and shows, whether it’s a Rangers game or a Radio City Music Hall show, so we work with these places directly to fill them—and in turn get all these amazing perks and rewards for you,” says Andy Russell, Host Committee founder.

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Attending sporting events in a group can also be a great way to expand your social circle: “You get your friends to invite their friends—and it becomes a really cool social discovery tool where you can meet new friends (and maybe more than friends),” says Russell.  Right now, the service is available only for NYC events (MSG sports and entertainment, Lincoln Center, Broadway shows, and Devils, Yankees, Mets, and Nets games, for example), but it may soon be coming to a city near you. “My goal is to focus on NYC—where the best entertainment on the planet lives—first, and then to expand to other cities, starting in June,” says Russell. Find out more about booking your event here.

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