The Beach Workout Plan (Phase IV of IV)


Congratulations in advance. It’s been 12 tough weeks, but you’re on the brink of a beach-ready physique. Since you’re still cutting, stay loyal to your reduced-calorie diet as you stick it out with the weight and cardio routines that follow.

There are only two weight workouts this time, but you’ll alternate them three days a week with three intense cardio sessions. On lifting days, you’ll superset exercises that work unrelated muscle groups (say, squats for your legs and rows for your back). This will increase your workout’s intensity without limiting the amount of weight you can lift, and the heavy lifting will ensure that your muscles maintain their strength while you’re cutting calories. At the same time, you’ll keep your muscles tensed long enough during sets so they remain full and pumped. Look for the three-digit lifting “tempo” under each exercise. Following each number will help you take your time — the first digit tells you how many seconds to lower the weight, the second one tells you how long to pause at the bottom, and the third tells you how fast to lift the weight.

Enjoy your summer.