Beat up Workout Boredom With a Super Band Kettlebell Chest Press

Super band kettlebell press main

Make Mondays—aka international chest day—less bland and keep your pecs guessing with the super band kettlebell chest press, a creative way to (literally) shake up your bench routine. Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison does them. You can too.

What is a super band kettlebell chest press?

The setup is a bit tedious, but the rewards are plentiful.

Grab a pair of super bands / mini bands and heavy kettlebells. With the barbell racked, fold a band in half, then loop it, doubled over, through the handle of one kettlebell. Then hook the band loops over the end of your barbell to suspend the kettlebell so it dangles down about a foot off the bar. Do the same with the other band and kettlebell on the other side of the bar.

Get a buddy to spot you, and carefully lift the bar to do your reps. Emphasis on “carefully”—those bells will jiggle and wiggle, making the bar pretty damn hard to control.

What’s so great about the super band kettlebell chest press?

Unstable weight means greater stabilization in your muscles — you’ll go from throwing around a decent amount of plates to feeling like a kid again, bench press-wise. Plus, it’s fun to play.

How can you use it?

Replace your first or last sets with these bad boys to feel the burn in a whole new way.

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