Beautiful People Face ‘discrimination,’ Too—but Only When They’re Applying for Crappy Jobs

Man Sitting at Desk for Job Interview
PeopleImages / Getty Images

Having shredded abs, a killer sense of style, and the perfect facial hair to frame your face (otherwise known as being that guy at the gym) should be a good thing, right? In pretty much all aspects of life, and especially if you’re asking out that girl you’ve been crushing on, the answer would normally be yes.

But if you’re an attractive man (or woman) applying for a low-paid position, boring office gig, or job that generally seems to straight-up suck, the answer is actually no: Good-looking people actually have a lower chance of being hired for a crappy, underpaid, or uninteresting job, according to new research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

In the study, researchers conducted four experiments with more than 750 participants (including managers who actually hire people for a living) who were asked to choose between two hypothetical job candidates—one “traditionally attractive” and the other, well, not. In three of those experiments, the participants were asked whether or not they would hire the candidates for a “less desirable” job (like a warehouse worker or housekeeper), or a more desirable job (like a project director or tech internship).

The results? In all three of those experiments, the mock-managers were less likely to hire the attractive candidate for a less desirable job, but more likely to hire them for the desirable one.

“Our research suggests that attractive people may be discriminated against in selection for relatively less desirable jobs,” said Margaret Lee, the lead author on the study. And while we’re not exactly sure whether or not to consider this good news—job glamor is in the eye of the beholder—think of it this way: Gunning for a high-powered new gig can be your motivation for crushing this ultimate workout to build total-body muscle and sticking to a regimented skincare routine.

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