‘Beerland’ Launches a Cross-country Quest to Find America’s Greatest Homemade Brew


Grabbing a pint of beer with your pals is as American as, well, beer itself. And the folks who make homemade old sodas are finally getting their due.

That’s the premise behind Beerland, a new Viceland brewing competition/travel show hosted by the beautiful and kickass beer guru Meg Gill, the youngest female brewery owner in the world and co-founder of Golden Road Brewing in Southern California.

Gill was actually a record-setting swimmer at Yale before she began producing her own award-winning pints. Now, on Beerland, she’s tasked with choosing which one of America’s homebrewers serves up the best handcrafted ale.

Of course, this being a travel show, the search for those brews is almost as much fun as drinking them. As is the case when Gill searches for one Bobby Joe, who lives “off grid” in Sante Fe, NM, completely independent from the rest of the world where nobody “fucks” with him: “Cross the Rio Grande gorge bridge, make a left at the black water tank, go two miles down the dirt road, you’ll see a red bicycle buried in the road. Hang a left there—my house is the first one you come to.”

Beerland traveled to Sante Fe, Hawaii, Colorado, New York, and San Francisco in search of the best, and will award one winner the opportunity to have their beer mass-produced at Gill’s Golden Road brewery. Ultimately, though, the show is about the fledgling community that has grown between these otherwise remote and iconoclastic brewers, who are united by their efforts to find unique local ingredients and, y’know, making great beer.

Check out the latest trailer for the new Viceland series:

Beerland premieres Thursday, April 27, on Viceland at 10 p.m. EST.