Being Confident in Your Doctor Can Make You Happier, Healthier, and More Satisfied

Fit guy getting physical at doctor's office

If there’s one conclusion that researchers universally agree on, it’s that you’ve gotta be honest with your doctor. (Because you do go to your doctor regularly, right?)

And to pave the way for that open communication, you want to have the utmost confidence in him or her. It can have a positive influence on your health, satisfaction, and quality of life, according to a new meta-analysis from the University of Basel and Harvard Medical School.

Researchers picked through 47 studies conducted across Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia that focused on patients seeking medical treatment, their confidence in the medical staff, and the relationship between this trust and an improved state of health.

Unsurprisingly, faith in the knowledge and skill of doctors, therapists, and nurses lead to an improvement in patient contentment and overall well-being. Trust won’t miraculously cure your ailments, of course, but it can foster the kind of relationship where your doctor or specialist has better insight into your health.

And here’s why this is especially important for us Men’s Fitness types: Men have a harder time being honest about whatever’s bothering them, according to revious research from Rutgers University. The study found men are less likely to go to a doctor in the first place, and while they are more inclined to choose a male doctor—presumably making it easier to communicate with him—they tend to be less honest with him. As it turns out, men are more open about expressing their symptoms with female doctors.

So remember, gents: Speak up, don’t be self-conscious, and put your health above your pride. Your doctor will understand.

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