Being the Rock Is Exhausting and Utterly Epic

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kelly Rohrbach on the 'Baywatch' set

If you are a red-blooded dude with a pulse and aspirations of weightlifting excellence—and you probably are, if you’re reading this—there’s a good chance you’ve imagined how unequivocally awesome it would be to live a day in the outsized shoes of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

For example: His office is the beach (at least for the Baywatch movie debuting in 2017).


His co-workers are people like Kelly Rohrbach.


Also, people like Priyanka Chopra:


So, yeah: His life seems pretty freaking cool.

But you don’t build a personal brand so successful that Under Armour creates a custom line of gym gear with your logo on it without hitting the gym in the first place. Nor do you build film career so successful that Saturday Night Live nicknames you “Franchise Viagra” without first reviving the franchises.

And that, as The Rock will tell you, takes plenty of hard work. (And, yes, talent. But mostly hard work.)

Case in point: His workout and nutrition program. To keep his body in Fast and Furious shape, Johnson eats a titanic amount of protein, veggies, and complex carbs each day—about 5,000 calories, including roughly a trawlerload (okay, 2.3 pounds) of cod, according to Muscle & Fitness. To burn all that off, he wakes up at 4 a.m., hits the gym for an hour of cardio in the morning, and then does another hour and a half of weightlifting. (And that’s in addition to starring in Fast and the Furious movies or rescuing Alexandra Daddario in San Andreas or whatever.)

What happens when a mortal man tries to do that? Mark Webster, a decidedly normal guy, set out to find out. On his blog, Rock’ing for 30 Days, Webster documented his attempt to train and eat like the Rock—the cardio, the weightlifting, the cod. He realized it was a ton of effort just to prep his meals, let alone make time for all the training and hold down his job. The upside? He got in seriously good shape, even though he was tired pretty much all the time, according to this FiveThirtyEight feature.

So yes: The Rock’s life is awesome, but don’t think for a cod-filled second that he doesn’t work his ass off to get there. But fear not, mortals, for The Rock does allow himself a cheat day:


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