Bernie Sanders Chops Wood As a Workout, Plus How the Other Presidential Candidates Feel the Burn


You may think you know the presidential candidates—at least you know where they stand on important issues, you know their backgrounds, you even “know” their families.

But you probably don’t know what type of workouts they like, how often they hit the gym, and what type of eating habits they have—until now. And that’s important stuff since being in good health is certainly important for the person running our country! (Just look at President Obama.)

Thanks to a recent Huffington Post article, we learned that Hillary eats raw jalapenos (perhaps because she knows spicy food can add years to your life…) Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders apparently “chops his own wood,” which we know can be a pretty great workout. Cruz is among the fittest of the bunch, reportedly running, lifting weights, playing basketball—and tracking it all on his Fitbit

Read the full story and get fitness intel on the other candidates here.

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