Best Delta-8 Flower To Buy Online In 2021

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Nothing says bliss like a relaxant after a long, hard day in the busy world. We all want to inhale something that helps exhale stress and if weed gives you paranoia… 

…One popular alternative is the delta-8 THC flower, which is easily the most common substitute for other forms of cannabis, such as delta-9 THC. Delta-8 THC is a derivative of industrial hemp plants with a total THC content of less than 0.3%. According to the Farm Bill passed in 2018 in the United States, a cannabis product must have THC levels below 0.3% to be deemed legal. Additionally, the total THC percentage makes it an excellent product for people who want to enjoy some buzz since it’s milder with an overall smoother psychoactive effect.

Best Delta-8 THC Flower Are:

As a result of our extensive research, here are the three best delta-8 flower brands you can find online:

  1. Exhale Wellness – High Quality Delta-8 & Wide Variety of Strains
  2. Budpop – Strongest Delta-8 Flowers 
  3. Delta EFFEX – Runner Up

Since a brand’s image is essential when making a choice, we have focused on everything from the standards listed below and kept the consumers’ reviews in mind. As a result, here are the top-rated delta-8 THC flower brands you should consider buying from.

#1. Exhale Wellness – High Quality Delta-8 & Wide Variety of Strains

Exhale Wellness

Brand Overview

As the name implies, this company claims to make the finest wellness product to smoke and exhale. One hundred percent made from the natural hemp plant, Exhale Wellness offers you the best-manufactured output. In addition, they aim to deliver the highest quality flowers while also encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

The company also has dedicated onsite scientists for daily evaluations to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality. Moreover, to warrant customer safety, scientists control the overall environment of the growing facility. Their best-selling items include Gorilla Glue, OG Kush, and Hawaiian Haze.

Delta-8 flowers originate when Delta-8 distillate is fused premium hemp flowers found in Colorado, USA. However, the best-selling product for the company, Gorilla Glue, comes from Oregon. As the name “Gorilla Glue” indicates, this extract is the most robust stick of the batch. Like the others, this flower extract mixes perfectly well with anything you want, be that chocolate, coffee, tea, or even your breakfast.

You’re free to enjoy this premium extract at any time of the day. The morning dose can reduce anxiety and give a natural pep-in-your-step throughout the day. As of now, the company is online, and they are shipping only within the USA. The brand offers a 30-day return if its product doesn’t live up to the promised quality. Their shipment usually takes 2-3 business days.

Exhale Wellness guarantees premium Delta-8 THC hemp flowers. The packaging comes with a glass jar, closed with a child-resistant cap. They offer six type sizes (in grams) in their products, ranging from 4g-14g of jars and 28-454g of bags.


  • Excellent quality
  • Can reduce stress, and insomnia a great deal
  • May relieve pain significantly (if the pain is mild)
  • It provides an exceptional flavor
  • The fragrance works as a form of aromatherapy
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • All products are third-party lab tested


  • Can cause loose bowel movements
  • Only available online

What Are Customers Saying?

Buyers who have tried Exhale Wellness’ delta-8 flowers have nothing but good things to say about them. Their customer service has been rated as one of the finest in the industry by the majority of consumers.

Several buyers mentioned that the team addressed all of their inquiries regarding the items before they even bought them. They also mentioned that this assistance made it much easier for them to choose a suitable product.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

#2. Budpop – Strongest Delta-8 Flowers 


Brand Overview

Budpop is the most recent and emerging company on the market. Inaugurated in 2021, they’re already introducing fresh and innovative ideas to the cannabis industry – ideas that it hasn’t seen before.

The founders of Budpop have over thirty years of collective experience in growing and cultivating hemp plant goods. Their marvelous nature of work and expertise accounts for the best quality of the product. In addition, the product itself has shown promise in the testing departments.

Moreover, the products are third-party tested repeatedly in the most up-to-date labs. You can find the lab results on the website under the “About us” section.

In addition to this, the products released are federally legal, implying that the overall hemp THC content is less than 0.3%. Budpop offers two unique variations in the delta-8 Flower category. These infused flower products are described below.

These delicious cookies are made with enriched delta-8 Hemp Flower extracts. For good measure, the cookies serve as a healthy snack that you can have at any moment during the day. They provide health benefits along with the typical delta-8 effects, giving you a delightful high.

The fact that you can carry it around like any ordinary cookie bag adds to the advantages. In addition, the packaging resembles the same premium quality that Budpop is known for.

The Northern Lights Raw Hemp Flower is as delightful as the name suggests. You can roll the hemp flower any way you like or use it as a side ingredient in your preferred snack. BudPop processes and ships all orders within 24 hours of placement. Moreover, substandard products can be returned within 14 days, as per their policy.


  • Hemp flowers are mixed with other edible products, giving them a unique flavor
  • Competent team with over 30 years of experience
  • High quality is maintained in every product
  • All products are third-party lab tested
  • The company claims all its products are 100% vegan
  • 14-day return policy


  • Since the company is relatively new, not much is known about it

What Are Customers Saying?

Since Budpop is a relatively new brand, there aren’t many customer reviews yet. Regardless, consumers who have used their delta-8 hemp flowers vouch for the product’s quality and value. Some users mentioned that Budpop’s delta-8 flowers helped them sleep better and longer, while others claimed that it made them feel calm and relaxed.

Some customers also remarked on the products’ exquisite taste, which they described as “unlike anything they’d ever tasted before”. After reading the reviews, it’s safe to say that Budpop is quickly catching up to some of the delta-8 THC flowers’ market leaders.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Budpop

#3. Delta EFFEX – Runner’s Up


Brand Overview

Delta EFFEX is one of the most renowned companies in the delta family selling department. They’ve gathered a sizable following throughout the years. After buying Delta EFFEX goods, their loyal customers make sure to leave a stellar review.

Delta EFFEX has a compelling social media presence since they provide complete transparency regarding their products. That’s why all of their lab results are pinned on their social media channels.

Moreover, the brand ensures that its products are always safe and legal. As mentioned earlier, the legality guarantees that the delta-8 THC levels are lower than the permitted 0.3%. The original hemp flowers are procured by farmers and later tested on multiple levels to ensure the purity of the extract. In addition to this, the final product is tested by a third-party lab after passing the testing levels.

The hemp flowers are shelved in both forms; pre-rolled and raw. This gesture has been well-received by consumers of Delta EFFEX, who now have the option to buy the pre-roll or make their rolls with other personalized substitutions.

Delta EFFEX offers a diverse range of products in the delta-8 Hemp Flower section. After a dramatic increase in their purchase, two strains have lately made their name on the market. Both of these show a range of observable effects, ranging from euphoric energy to a deep state of relaxation.

Let’s talk about a couple of products that the company is offering.

  • Delta EFFEX: Bubba OG Kush Premium Delta-8 Infused Hemp Flowers

The name hints at the royal heritage of the strains used in this flower extract. When combined, the parent strains include Bubba Kush and Ghost OG. Together, they create a vigorous Indica-dominant hybrid. Consumers who want a lighter, sweet form of their delta-8 flavor will undoubtedly love this option. This variation in taste is because of the low CBD content. On the flip side, the THC level is somewhat higher, which practically guarantees optimum relaxation.

The included proportion of CBD is just 10%; however, delta-8 THC is up to 24%. This percentage results in a euphoric high per flower. So, this is the perfect option if you want to unwind after a long day.

  • Delta EFFEX: Sour Diesel Premium Delta-8 Hemp Flower

Delta EFFEX’s Sour Diesel is named after its pungent diesel-like smell. Despite its strong scent, many smokers enjoy the tint of smoke, claiming that it fulfills the purpose of a decent smoke roll. Sour Diesel is the polar opposite of Bubba Kush, which was known for its relaxing effects. On the other hand, Soul Diesel is known for its energizing properties.

Consumers have linked this strain to increased productivity and artistic awakenings. The liveliness is attributed to the proportions of the elements. This Delta EFFEX diesel-smoke-smelling strain contains 17% CBD and 21% delta-8 THC in proportions. This incredibly stable combination makes it a powerful and consistent high.

Delta EFFEX offers two variations in weight for its products, which is somewhat more in quantity than the standard size offered by most brands. In addition, you can get a discount on the purchase of 5-10 packs on the website of Delta EFFEX- ker…ching!.

Delta EFFEX offers an auto-delivery subscription which gives a 15% discount on refills. These refills usually take 1-3 days.


  • Offers the most potent flowers in the market
  • A fan favorite from its origin
  • Ranked #1 Best Delta-8 Tincture (Sour Diesel)
  • Variations are offered in raw and pre-roll forms
  • Third-party lab tests are displayed on all online platforms
  • Offers more than the standard quantity in pre-rolls


  • Location of flower cultivation isn’t disclosed
  • Does not offer refunds or replacements
  • Rare complaints regarding disposable packaging

What Are Customers Saying?

After reading the customer reviews for Delta EFFEX Delta-8 flowers, one thing we can say for sure is that these products are excellent for beginners. Users find Delta EFFEX easy to start with these delta-8 hemp flowers because of the less potent oil. Furthermore, there are almost no complaints regarding the side effects of Delta EFFEX products.

In fact, most buyers agree that the delta-8 flowers work just as effectively as mentioned. Lastly, users claimed that they were able to achieve the high they wanted without feeling too disoriented, resulting in a satisfactory experience.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Delta EFFEX

How Does Delta-8 THC Work?

Delta-8 originates from the delta THC family of compounds. The intriguing part of delta-8 lies in its unique tetrahydrocannabinol. Delta-8 THC binds to the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, which causes the individual to feel hazy and at peace.

This said binding occurs between the carbon chain’s eighth carbon atom and the endocannabinoid system. Due to the double bond formation, delta-8 produces a lighter buzz than delta-9, which was responsible for the family’s fame until now. The bond between delta-8 THC and the ECS (endocannabinoid system) causes the body’s signaling network to maintain an internal balance.

Delta-8 THC binds specifically to CB1 and CBD2 receptors to generate the potent effects of haze, serenity, mood tranquility, and numbness of pain. These receptors can help elevate your mood while also decreasing pain. Although researchers have conducted some fundamental studies on the THC families, there’s still a lot of information to be discovered.

What Makes Delta-8 THC Flower Stand Out In The Market?

Since the delta-8 THC flowers have become a new favorite among cannabis users, the consumers have been quite vocal about the type of product they want. So, to help make purchasing more manageable, we’ve done some research to find the best delta-8 flowers in the market.

The ranking of a product on the market is based on various measuring methods, and the testing scales are set the same way. Cannabis users tend to use high-quality products to ensure minimum health risk. Based on the overall preferential psychology, here are a few terms on which the user chooses delta-8 as the best flower to smoke.

  • Marketable Product

The global cannabis market has been skyrocketing ever since U.S. federal laws began the process of legalization. As a result, thousands of companies sprung up to meet the demand for the best products. However, a few variants of the delta THC family were given priority over others.

With the ever-growing consumer demand, the lesser-known member of the family, delta-8 THC, is making an appearance on the market. This is because delta-8 is legal even in states where delta-9 is still prohibited.

Therefore, many popular brands started to invest in the popularity of delta-8, which further increased the supply of these flowers.

  • Price

Some people have complained that the price of delta THC flowers is a little too steep. But despite the cost, delta-8 has been rising in the market and giving its seller the best coin.

Consumer evaluations show that cannabis smokers hardly ever focus on the price since they seek the best product to induce serenity with the least possible side effects. On the plus side, the delta-8 THC flower costs less overall than delta-9 THC but gives somewhat the same kind of buzz.

  • Production Method

As we discussed earlier, delta-9 THC has long been a fan favorite. However, delta-8 has made a name for itself as well.

So when it comes to testing the product, it is essential to ask specific questions. Are they sourcing and producing this product safely? Is the lab providing unbiased results? Does the company have a monetary influence over the testing labs?

We asked ourselves these questions before testing the companies that receive a higher call on the market. The procedure of extracting the flowers from the plant is highly precise. Laboratories are required to perform this tedious task while following strict protocols.

  • Observable Effects

The minor structural difference of the double-bonded THC in delta-8 causes the flower’s effects to be significantly less powerful. Therefore, delta-8 will get you high, but not as high as delta-9.

Even though delta-8 and delta-9 have a lot in common, the former has its own set of benefits. However, these benefits are only for individuals seeking a smoother incline to euphoria. As a result, delta-8 gives a considerably softer high, in addition to blissful and relaxing sensations.

Smoking the delta-8 flower has been linked to a few drawbacks in some rare cases. Two of the possible adverse effects include feelings of anxiety and paranoia. Although these side effects are uncommon, it is vital to be aware of them since delta-8 hasn’t been studied extensively.

Delta-8 Flower Buyer’s Guide

If you’re new to the world of cannabis, you may be unsure about which product to choose, which brand to buy from, and how to make that decision. Delta-8 Flowers are an excellent choice for beginners since they feel like the softest friend, helping you unwind after a stressful day.

Let’s move on to our buyer’s guide, which will be helpful for cannabis users at all stages of discovery. Given how difficult it is to grow, cultivate and distill the flower, there aren’t many brands that provide the highest grade products. So, here are some of the factors you need to look out for:

  • Check For Unbiased Lab Testing

One of the best and most fundamental ways of buying your delta-8 Flowers is to check for unbiased lab reports. You can go to the brand’s website and look for their displayed Lab sheets. If it isn’t available on their online platforms, you can request it via the contact section.

If a brand hasn’t mentioned third-party testing, there is a chance the lab results might not be entirely transparent or authentic. Third-party testing indicates that the company has its products tested by external and independent labs before launching them on the market.

Since legality is a legitimate concern in the cannabis world, you need to make sure that you’re buying legal products, which can only be confirmed by third-party testing.

  • Brand Image

If you’ve ever purchased something online from a traditional seller without researching the brand’s reputation first, you’ll understand why this is a risky option. It could be easy for a seller to go back on their promise or pull a fast one on you – they might not even realize what they’re selling is anything but what it seems.

However, with the brands we’ve listed here, you get the satisfaction of being sure you’ve picked the real deal. The best brands always have a positive image on the internet. Depending on how well their product is received, many brands gain or lose customers over time.

Therefore, you should always give the reviews section a thorough look before making a decision. Of course, you’ll find both good and bad reviews about the brand, but the important part is that there are always more pros than cons for the customers.

If the brand delivers on its promise, it will receive positive feedback and develop a good reputation in the market. Apart from that, you can always find what the critics have to say about the brand, as long as you believe that they’re providing honest and objective criticism. All of these factors contribute to a brand’s market position.

  • Quality And Purity

When buying a delta-8 flower, the top two elements to consider are quality and purity. So, go with a brand that lives up to its word and delivers the best kind of product quality-wise. Secondly, you should always seek 100% organic, pesticide-free, and non-GMO Hemp products – it’s good to be environmentally conscious from time to time.

To guarantee that the plant’s roots are clean and the buds are firm, not dried or brittle, you must select a reliable brand with high-quality products. Furthermore, it’s also essential to “look past the trendy ones” when choosing the best delta-8 flower brands. Several traditional businesses have been supplying consumers with high-quality goods on a sustainable basis for decades.

Factors To Consider When Buying Delta-8 Flower

There are a few essential considerations to make before purchasing your goods. Some of these points might be quite important to you, so be sure to go through them thoroughly.

  • Choose Your Preferred Method Of Intake

The way the product works will vary depending on how it is consumed. For example, people who like to roll and smoke the flower will have direct access to it, accounting for a faster high. In contrast, those who add the flowers to their edibles will notice a more mild effect.

  • Safe Dosage

To begin with, the effect is dependent on the type of smoker you are. If you are new to cannabis, delta-8 will feel solid and potent to you. If you are a regular user, you’ll notice that delta-8 is milder and weaker than other strains of cannabis.

Typically, consumers take the recommended weight (in milligrams) of the flower. If you are a fan of vaping or just a regular smoker, the effect will occur within 15-20 minutes. However, if you take the flower in edible form, you may not experience the climax for 2-3 hours. Keep in mind that it generally takes at least the time mentioned, so don’t increase your dose if you can’t see any results within the allocated time.

Here are some pointers you need to know for dosages:

First-Time Users: 5-15mg is the perfect limit for first-time users. You can gradually increase your dose going forward.

Regular Users: After you use the flower regularly, you start developing a tolerance for it. In this case, you can increase your dosage to 15-45mg.

Advanced Users: Advanced users are more aware of their tolerance levels, so you can take the right amount above 45mg.

  • Risks

According to regular users, delta-8 flowers are about half as potent as delta-9 THC Flowers. As a result, delta-8 flowers do not involve any serious risks. However, some secondary symptoms such as dry mouth, itchy skin, and redness in the eyes have been observed in beginners.

In rare cases, increases in anxiety and paranoia have also been observed. Therefore, you should start with a smaller dose and carefully monitor how your body responds to the intake.

  • Legality

Delta-8 is legal if seen on a broader spectrum, but delta-8’s legality is a bit of a grey area in some states. Strictly speaking, delta-8 is extracted from hemp and not cannabis. If the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) deems it illegal at some point in time, the origin of delta-8 presents a loophole.

Delta-8 Flowers is currently illegal in some US states, including Alaska, Arizona, Iowa, Utah, Mississippi, New York, Rhode Island, Montana, Idaho, Delaware, Colorado, and Arkansas.

FAQs About Delta-8 Flowers 

  • Do Delta-8 Flowers Get You High?

The most important thing to remember is that delta-8 THC flowers are pretty similar to the widely used delta-9 hemp flowers. The only difference between the two is the double bond placement so that delta-8 flower products give you a similar high as delta-9 hemp flowers.

Delta-8 users who used it regularly reported feeling “an overall mild psychoactive effect.” Per this statement, some effects might vary depending on the product you choose. For example, some products induce a smooth high with relaxing effects, while others contain energy stimulating properties.

Regardless of what product you use, it’d be best to look forward to a mild buzz from all the delta-8 Flower goods.

  • Can You Overdose On Delta-8 THC Flowers?

You’ve probably heard that having too much of something good is bad for you, but that doesn’t apply here. The reason is that all of the products have less than 0.3% Hemp THC. This amount of THC content doesn’t even give you a powerful buzz, to begin with, much less be toxic to you.

It is essential to keep track of any unusual side effects, such as anxiety, dry mouth, etc. Apart from that, continuous use of CBD flowers over long periods, in any form, can cause some potentially addictive problems to surface.

Also, a health warning reveals that higher toxicity can lead to embryo defects and mild liver damage. As a result, it is better to play it safe.

  • How To Check For Safety?

The best and most reliable brands will always keep transparency in their goods. Therefore, the first and most important thing to do is check for Third Lab Testing results. These tests always mention the essential information – such as the THC percentages of the distilled and final products. If the THC content is higher than 0.3%, the product you’re buying will be illegal.

The second thing to keep an eye on is the harvest of the Hemp plant. Since most products are manufactured and sold in the EU or the US, it’s best to note that the plant comes from the same region.

Another key is to double-check the ingredients ahead of time. Inspecting the components will reveal whether or not any personal allergens are added to the product. In addition, the recommended dosage will be mentioned as well. Be sure to take the appropriate amount!

  • Drug Test: Will You Ace Or Fail?

Although delta-8 THC has a lower THC percentage overall, you should hold back for a day or two before taking a drug test. Buyer beware: delta-8 THC hemp flower products have the same THC detected in drug tests, so it is not wise to take it if you are involved with drug testing of any kind. 

In Conclusion – Which Delta-8 Flower Brand Should You Go For?

Finding a feel-good brand that offers you the best high with minor health concerns is a form of self-care. Delta-8 hemp flowers are potent and packed with a variety of delightful effects to experience.

However, if you don’t know which brand to choose or what side effects to expect, this might turn into a roller coaster of negative experiences for you, with many lows in between your imagined highs.

Since delta-8 is a newer product on the market, it is only natural that you might feel hesitant while trusting a brand. Be sure to follow the buyers’ guide, manufacturing methods, and read the lab sheets thoroughly.

Remember, a reputable brand is always transparent about its products and manufacturing process. Our pick for such a delta 8 flower brand is Exhale Wellness. We sincerely hope you found this article useful, and we wish you the most blissful, happiest, and healthiest of highs!


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