Best Delta 8 Flower In 2023: Top 5 Weed Brands For Delta 8 THC Flower Strains

Best Delta 8 Flower & Strongest Weed Buds Of 2023

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Getting high has become a part of our society, and it has been enhanced with the help of laws that have been laid down to make it legal. This has led to the development of several brands that produce delta-8 flower used for smoking. However, not all of these brands are genuine with their services, while some are mostly profit-oriented. 

Others do not have the expertise to stand as a quality brand. This has made choosing a brand more difficult for users because they can not tell the difference between all of these brands. Most online review sites are also paid to write good reviews about companies that can not even live up to the qualities they write about. 

Delta-8 flower serve as a way to smoke flowers that will give a high feeling without causing you adverse side effects. You might argue that it is no different from smoking cigarettes as they both involve burning and inhaling smoke. Well, there is a difference between both products. Delta-8 flower can serve different purposes in treating several health issues. 

Cannabis holds many benefits to human health, and delta-8 taps into some of those benefits. The number of users of this product has increased in recent years because most are now experiencing its benefits first-hand or through a friend’s experience. As a result, more people are willing to give the product a chance. The number of delta-8 flower users worldwide is in its millions now. 

This has created a high level of demand that needs many companies to supply effectively. But to be satisfied as a customer, you need to consume quality delta-8 flower that give you exactly what you are looking for. However, we have taken the time to help you put together a list of brands you can always trust to provide you with quality delta-8 flower. 

However, we felt the research might be too tedious for you to carry out, and some abandon the product entirely since they can not tell the difference in brand quality. Therefore, we decided to keep our recommendation list short, so we do not confuse you further with our selections. 

Top 3 Brands Of Delta 8 THC Flower 

  1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Delta 8 Flower On The Market
  2. Budpop: Strongest Weed Buds & Delta 8 Flower Strains
  3. Hollyweed CBD: Premium Quality Delta 8 THC Flower & Buds

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Delta 8 Flower On The Market

This brand took not too long to establish itself as one of the best in the industry. They have successfully offered users great quality products. The brand has decades of experience in the Cannabis industry; however, they are new to the delta-8 flower market. 

The brand trusts its experience to help them grow quality hemp and create quality products. They do not only produce these products, but they also distribute products for other brands.

Their method of extracting the delta-8 is ensured not to be harmful to the environment. This aids the brand in producing a great quality product that contains pure delta-8 extract. The brand is well invested in being the top dog of the industry – they are always trying to improve the quality of their product.

Exhale Wellness has been able to manufacture different types of delta-8 flower that are effective. They use hemp cultivated using natural and organic methods that do not include using fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides.


  • The team involved with the cultivation and production of their delta-8 flower are experts in various fields.
  • They ensure the ingredients they use are all organic and natural.
  • They use hemp plants that are cultivated without chemicals.
  • They do not use artificial flavors in their products. 
  • They ensure third-party lab tests their products.
  • They offer users different delta-8 strains to choose from.


  • Their product is free from GMOs and gluten.
  • They offer varieties of delta-8 strains.
  • They ensure that an approved third-party lab tests their products.
  • Their Ingredients are 100% natural.
  • Their website is easy for users to surf through.
  • They ship products for free.


  • You can only order their product through their website.

Customer Experience

The brand’s transparency has been one of the qualities that customers have earmarked. Also, they have spoken about the brand’s products’ quality in a good light.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

#2. Budpop: Strongest Weed Buds & Delta 8 Flower Strains

This brand is relatively new to the industry and has consistently produced quality products for those years. They have a team of experts in various fields behind the brand’s running, and they collectively hold thirty (30) years of experience in the cannabis industry. Regardless of its new status, this brand has promised to be the number brand in years to come.

Budpop was first established to increase the quality of products being sold. They felt the market needed something new. The brand took time to invest in the growth, production, distribution, and customer second aspect of their brand. 

They believed they needed top quality in these areas to succeed. They source their hemp from a top-quality farm that matches the quality of hemp in the market and surpasses it.


  • The brand is involved in creating two (2) types of delta-8 flower. 
  • The brand is sure that it is easy to use for beginners and pros.
  • They make their product using organic and natural ingredients.
  • They ensure they maintain a high potency level along with top-notch product quality.
  • They post their third-party lab testing results on their website for customers to check through.


  • The brand uses too quality hemp plants gotten from Colorado farms 
  • The delta-8 extract infused into their product is of premium quality.
  • They grow their hemp using organic and natural means that do not involve GMOs.
  • They comply with the farm bill regulations.
  • A third-party lab tests its products.
  • They offer free and fast shipping services to users.


  • You can only buy their product on their website.

Customer Experience

Customers have praised the brand for creating delta-8 flower that effectively treat various medical conditions. In addition, they have earmarked how the product is effective in easing stress and pain. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop

#3. Hollyweed CBD: Premium QualityDelta 8 THC Flower & Buds

Most users have earmarked this brand as the best delta-8 flower producer. They guarantee users of their product an unforgettable experience. The brand also offers users a variety of delta-8 flower. They create a type of product to satisfy the different types of customers. 

This is one of the top brands that ensure that the quality of the product comes first before they think about making a profit. Hollyweed’s delta-8 flower are part of the most patronized delta-8 flower. You have ten (10) different delta-8 flower to choose from. 

So, it is impossible for users not to find something that satisfies their needs. The most popular strains of their delta-8 flower are sour diesel, lifter, and northern lights. These strains have great quality as they are infused with pure delta-8 THC.


  • The hemp used in making their product is organically and naturally obtained from farms that cultivate their hemp following the farm bill regulations.
  • They ensure their product passes through third-party lab testing to verify their claims. 
  • They are very transparent with their customers – they have their COA posted on their website for customers to check through.
  • They offer various delta-8 flower on offer; they offer users up to ten (10) different strains of delta-8 flower.
  • They have one of the most surfed websites in the industry.


  • Their flowers have a high potency level.
  • They give you a great euphoric feeling.
  • They offer unsatisfied users thirty (30) days after purchase grace to return the product.
  • They ensure products are shipped to customers in a quick delivery time 
  • Their hemp is free of GMOs.
  • They use natural and organic ingredients.


  • You can only order their product online.

Customer Experience

Users of delta-8 flower love this brand. They have over 90% positive reviews on their products on their website. They have earmarked the product’s quality as top tier, and they are glad it has not caused any side effects.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed

How We Made This List Of Strongest Delta 8 Flower & Weed Buds

The concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol in cannabis is at a decent level. However, extracting delta-8 from cannabis requires the best of hands and expertise. Especially when trying to extract it in its purest and safest form, there is another way to get delta 8, but that is considered illegal. You will have to extract delta-8 THC from other forms of cannabinoids. 

Delta-8 Is not only available in flower form; brands have diversified to please even those that do not smoke. They have produced products such as delta-8 edibles, oils, tinctures, and cartridges. However, brands are more into creating delta-8 flower because it offers a much easier extraction technique. Brands do not have to stress themselves to get it out in its purest form. And these delta 8 flower are more affordable than most of the other delta-8 products.

Most of the delta-8 products online are similar; their only difference might just be the packaging and the brand name. This makes differentiating the scam brands more difficult. 

We recommend that users try to gain in-depth knowledge of the compound; it will help them decide on brands. They also need to research the ingredients that make a delta-8 flower top quality. Essentially, you can decide to find a reviewer you trust to recommend something of top quality to you and will kit cause you any adverse side effects. 

The farm bill was what legalized the use of cannabis-derived products. This law has regulations that guide the operations of cannabis farmers, manufacturers, and users. For example, one of the regulations states that brands must ensure that their product does not contain more than 0.3% delta-9 THC concentration. 

Due to the outlined challenges that customers face regarding the number of scam brands present on the market, we have decided to come up with an article that will detail the activities of some of the top brands. These brands were not selected at random; we put them through some factors that will determine their level of quality. 

For example, some brands produce their products using artificial Ingredients; we are not saying those products are not effective but are safe enough for consumption. However, there have been reports of severe side effects, and these are a result of artificial Ingredients used in making the product. 

So, we decided to recommend only brands that use natural and organic ingredients in making their products. We had our eyes and ears set properly to notice everything, including the tiniest details. We did not miss anything that would add to the brand’s quality or depict the brand as one for profit. 

During our check, we compiled the names of brands on the cannabis market; customer reviews helped us reduce the number to a shorter list where we can use other factors to slim the list down. After all our processes were carried out, we settled on three (3) brands as the best on the market. 

We did not recommend this product to you according to gossip; we checked out the products ourselves by purchasing their delta-8 flower and consuming them to have first-hand experience. The other brands that did not meet the standards of the factors we set earlier were cut down from the list. We could not have tried that much product! 

However, before we decided to consume the delta-8 flower ourselves, we sought to discuss with market enthusiasts about the products and if they thought they were the best in the market. As we said earlier, we used customer reviews to slim down the list to something shorter. Well, we still used it again to help us judge if we were making the right decision or not. 

After all of these steps were taken to ensure the products we recommended were of the best quality, we had three (3) brands left on our list. They are our top three (3) brands in the cannabis industry. 

What We Looked For:

  • Customer Reviews:

This is one of the first places we started our research; we needed to start it here. There is no better place to get accurate information on a product than from customers that have used the product and laid their experience out in the comment section. We used many platforms to source for customer reviews. 

First, we used each brand’s websites, then proceeded to check through verified third-party review sites. We also checked for review and recommendation videos from trusted YouTubers. We also checked on social media to see if there had been conversations about the brand on there. 

Customer review was a helpful segment of our check as it ensured that the pieces of information we are keeping in our article contain facts, only nothing misleading. These reviews covered different aspects of the products, and some focused on the brands themselves. 

Truly, only the product does not make a great brand, the services around the company combine with the product to create something substantial. This way, we got a scope of the entire brand and knew if these were brands our readers would feel comfortable dealing with.

  • Transparency of the Brand:

This is a key factor in a brand’s growth and customer portfolio. What makes a brand big is the multitude of loyal customers it can amass. The only way to amass those customers is to make them feel more than customers. When they feel like they are part of the business, they will stay with the brand regardless of the situation. These customers are the people who sustain brands when they are going through a rough process. 

So, after we checked through the customer reviews, we checked how well brands communicated with their customers and the type of detailed information they were willing to share. Part of this transparency show is third-party labs’ COA issued to brands. Most brands undergo third-party lab testing to verify their product claims as a way for their customers. Transparent brands were more open to posting their COA on their website than others.

Also, some brands are willing to discuss their manufacturing process with customers to be in tune with the whole process regarding their favorite product. However, one checked for this information on their website, and some brands did not have that. While the brands we have recommended posted both their COA and their manufacturing process on their website. 

  • Independent Lab Testing:

Brands in the cannabis industry have in-house laboratories that carry out tests on their products to help them make claims; however, the FDA has made it a requirement for brands to sell their products through third-party lab testing. 

This is not a way to control the brands or say the market trusts them; it is just a way for customers to rest assured that the product they are potentially about to buy is safe for consumption. 

However, these delta-8 flower must be tested by other labs and not the in-house ones. These labs check the products to ascertain their consumption safety, quality, potency, and effectiveness. 

For example, suppose they contain any artificial Ingredients included during production, not the cultivation of the hemp used. These labs offer users an opinion that the brands can influence, so they rest knowing that all the information stated in the COA is true and fair.

Customers will always trust third-party lab testing results rather than something generated by the brands from their in-house labs. So, it is essential that we check this part to ensure that our readers feel comfortable buying the products we will recommend. And they are willing to post up their COA on their website so customers can go through it and see the results. 

The brands that were not open enough to communicate the results of their third-party lab testing with their customers were considered not to care about their customers being assured of what they were about to buy. This factor helped us in our slimming down scheme, as most brands refused to post their COA on their website. 

  • Shopping Experience:

Also, we needed to ensure that our readers would have a great experience patronizing whatever brands we recommended. They trust us to put up legit brands on our website, and we intended to give them that. Several factors contribute to customers’ shopping experience, especially the brand’s website. 

A brand with an easy-to-surf website will have customers flocking there because everything is straightforward. This will aid the purchasing of the product; they can order quickly without stress trying to understand the website. This is something that everyone is after; They want to make a secure and quick purchase and get back to whatever they were doing while they anticipate a quick delivery of their product.

Also, a brand’s customer service unit holds the brand up with how well they respond to inquiries and how available they are. It is essential to invest in customer service. When customers can not understand your website and want to patronize you, they can contact your customer service to guide their purchase. 

Some brands failed at this point because their customer service agents were not available on request; they were only available on selected hours, while the top brands had customer service available 24/7. 

We tested these brands by contacting each of their customer service units, some responded very late via email, and some did not pick up their call. The top brands had a chat section on their website, where you can just have a live chat with a customer service agent. 

The history of these brands is essential to know what they have been producing to stay at the top for years. Some brands are new to the market, so they have relatively low experience matching the quality required. 

Beginners Guide For Buying Delta 8 Hemp Flower

The products might look the same when you see them; however, they do not have the same components or quality. In addition, the way each brand produces its product will be different from how another does. 

This also means the safety level of one product will be different from the level of another brand’s product. And they all can not offer you the same potency level; the effectiveness of the products will be different, even if it will be a slight difference.

However, as someone who likes to smoke cannabis and is a seasoned smoker, you might feel it should be easy for you to identify the good stuff from the scams; it might be more demanding than you are prepared for. However, we will not only help by recommending brands to you because we know you might not want to patronize them. 

So, we have compiled a list of factors that you should look out for in a brand to help you determine if they are a top brand and if you can trust their product to satisfy your needs. 

Although we are not compiling this list by sentiments, we have researched thoroughly to ensure this list contains factors that apply to quality evaluation. And we are sure if you follow these factors, you will find the quality of the brand you are searching for.

The factors are:

Source of the Hemp:

Brands that care about the safety and satisfaction of their customers always use quality hemp that would assure them maximum quality and not cause them severe side effects. Cultivators can use different methods to grow hemp; they can add chemicals to help the hemp grow quickly; however, all these chemicals can be dangerous to human health. 

Furthermore, some manufacturers prefer to use substandard hemp because they can get it cheaper. After all, well-cultivated hemp is usually expensive to purchase. You can never extract pure delta-8 THC from a hemp plant grown using chemicals; the chemicals are bound to show up in the final product. 

Sometimes it might not be that the hemp was grown using chemicals; it might be cultivated on contaminated soil or in a bad environment. Unknowingly to the farmer, the land can contain toxins or metal, and they will find their way into the hemp, ending up being harmful to the user’s health. 

Ensure that you verify that the hemp used is cultivated using natural and organic methods during your check. Also, check for the environment they were cultivated to know if it’s part of the top locations for Farming quality hemp. The quality of the hemp is a big determiner of the product’s quality. 

Brand’s Reputation:

Some brands already have the reputation of being reliable when searching for something quality and safe to consume. It would help if you asked around to know these brands and decided to patronize one of them. This will make your search easier, and you will have a quality product within a couple of hours. 

Brands that have successfully built a brand name over the years will not be willing to risk that name for some profit. They will look to maintain the level they have started with – which means you will get a quality product. Most of these brands also offer their delta-8 flower at an affordable rate.

To know the reliable brands and have a reputation for being great, you can start with an internet search to read customer reviews about brands online or through third-party websites. If the reviews are bad, you should move on to the next brand. Moreover, you can ask your neighbors or friends about their products and judge the brands from what they tell you. That way is easier than going through many articles looking for recommendations of quality brands.

Third-Party Lab Testing:

The number of brands that manufacture delta-8 flower increases every day, because we discover new names. However, the best way to know if these brands are worth the trouble of purchasing from them is to check through their COA. 

It is more comfortable if the brand is upfront with its customers by posting its COA on its websites. However, some brands might be unwilling to do that so that you can request their COA, and if they refuse to send it to you, you should dump the brand. 

All of what you need to judge a brand on quality will be stated in third-party lab testing results. They check on every detail of a product to ensure they can offer an accurate opinion on a product, an opinion that Is true and fair. The brands that know their top-quality products are always the first to post their COA on their website. It is somehow something they are proud of. 

From these results, you will know if the potency being claimed by the brand is true and if the effectiveness is also true. You need to ensure you purchase a product that offers you too high quality. 

Product’s Purity:

A customer needs to trust that the product they want to buy contains no other compound that is harmful to the body. Brands that offer users pure products are those that use only natural and organic ingredients in producing their delta-8 flower. 

These flowers will contain zero GMOs. Purity adds to the quality of a product and how well you will be satisfied after using it. But mostly, if it will cause you any severe side effects. 

Some delta-8 flower come with fillers; these are harmful to the body and cause lung issues. This filler can be in the form of vitamin E; you should avoid such products. Flowers are bud dried to get the best out of them; however, some might appear rich brown after the drying process; you should avoid flowers with that color. The bud tying process must have been below the required standards.

The Process of Producing the Flowers:

The process employed to produce the flowers matters a lot in determining the quality of the end product. You should know that there are different ways of producing delta-8 THC flowers, which will result in varying qualities. That does not mean they are not up to standard; it depends on what the manufacturer is making the product for or to whom they are meant to be sold. The potency will also be different. You should check if their production process is considered safe for users. 

That is why you must check their production process to know if it is something that guarantees your safety or puts you at risk of getting severe side effects. Also, the source of the hemp plays a part in the product’s end quality; it might not be the production process, but the quality of the hemp used. It might contain chemicals or substances that are harmful to the body. 


Some top brands do not produce a single type of delta-8 THC flower; they are always diverse in their production, which offers customers the chance to pick from several options. This should play a part in your selection process. 

However, you should ensure that the different delta-8 THC flower offered to carry the same top quality. In addition, the top brands do not involve themselves with only producing delta-8 flower; they are usually involved with other products such as edibles, oils, tinctures, and edibles. 

However, we are not saying the brands that do not produce other delta-8 products are of less quality; they might not have that capacity. 

Sometimes, a brand specializing in a single product can be the best option as all of their resources will be channeled into ensuring they offer the best of that product. You should outline your needs before starting your product search to identify the brand that meets your expectations.


Mostly, organically and naturally grown hemp plants are expensive to purchase, so you should have that in your mind. These flowers are now laced with delta-8 compounds to form a delta-8 THC flower that is edible for smoking. 

Also, when you come across a delta-8 THC flower that does not cost much, you should avoid it, because it might have been produced through subpar procedures. It makes sense to have a budget; however, certain prices are considered too cheap for organically and naturally produced delta-8 THC flower. Do not purchase delta-8 flower at that price.

Customer Convenience:

This should be one of your major considerations; how convenient is it for you to purchase the product from the comfort of your home. Time is something most can not afford to waste because they have other things to get to. 

So, it is essential to choose a product you can order within minutes of getting on their website. And check for the brand’s shipment policy; how quickly do they get the product to their customers?

Also, you should check through the brand’s return policy and see if it works well for you. For example, things happen to products on the way to you; you might be unwilling to accept a defective product; will the brand let you return it? Again, checking this beforehand will prepare you on how to handle that type of situation if it comes up.

FAQs On Delta 8 Flower

Q1: Is It Illegal If I Buy Delta-8 Flower Online?

This is solely dependent on the part of the United States you are residing. As much as the federal laws state that the cultivation, selling, and using of hemp is legal, some states have refused to accept that legalization and still maintain it is illegal to smoke it. However, delta-9 products are still illegal under federal law, so delta-8 products are only allowed to contain. 0.3% THC concentration.

Q2: Can I Get High from Consuming Delta-8 Flower?

If you consume this product excessively, you are bound to get high. Normally, it gives users that euphoric feeling but not enough to be tagged psychoactive. The THC concentration in it is too small to cause a psychoactive feeling. You will feel relaxed and calm without partaking in the side effect of consuming delta 9.

Q3: How Can I Use Delta 8 Flower?

It is simple to smoke delta-8 flower. You can consume it by smoking or by vaping it. First, you light it and inhale the smoke or the vapor. You have to hold your breath for a short while after inhaling, then exhale the smoke or vapor. You will feel the effect of the flower hardest when you hold your breath longer. 

Q4: Why Are Delta-8 Flowers Recommended Over Other Delta-8 Products?

Delta-8 flower offer you a way to consume delta-8 and feel the effects quicker than other methods. Also, the effects do not wear off quickly like the other ways of consuming delta 8. Your way of inhaling the product and the quality determines how long the effect will last on you.

Q5: Is It Safe to Consume Delta 8 Flower?

You are not expected to consistently use the product due to the ways available to consume it. However, when used excessively, the product is quicker to cause minor side effects than other delta-8 products. Therefore, manufacturers usually add a dosage prescription list to their products to guide beginners.

Q6. How to Dose Delta-8 THC Flower Properly?

These flowers have different ways users can consume them, and each method has its timeframe for when you will start feeling the effects. Getting your dosing right is essential, especially for those using delta-8 flower for the first time. 

It is quite impossible to measure the concentration you are consuming when you consume delta-8 THC flower, but you still need to choose a way of consuming the product. The most popular ways of consuming delta-8 flower are smoking and vaping.

  • Smoking:

This is the most popular of the two (2) ways we have listed. It is easy to use and gives you great feelings. You tend to feel the effect quickly. It does not take long for users to consume the product using this method, and you get to feel what the flowers taste like. You can smoke delta-8 flowers by rolling them as a joint or getting a bong or a pipe. 

  • Vaping:

This is another effective way of consuming delta-8 flower; you are guaranteed a great experience, as they will get to feel the flavor and euphoria of the flower. Also, you do not lose the terpenes and flavonoids quickly, which ensures you feel more of the effect than when you smoke it.

Conclusion: Best Delta 8 THC Flower Strains To Buy Online

As a beginner, it is normal for you to find it difficult to get a legit product. You might have spent money trying out some products that were not effective enough. The number of manufacturers keeps increasing every year. 

However, this is mainly why we decided to write an article to recommend quality products to you to aid you to stop stressing, wasting time and money. The brands we have listed above were compiled using effective factors to judge the brands on the market. This leads us to the three (3) top brands. 

You can rest assured that you are getting a quality product when you patronize these brands. However, if you feel you can do better with your research, we have helped you with factors we think you should look out for.

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