Best Delta 8 Gummies: Top Brands To Buy Online in 2022

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We can’t deny that smoking is injurious to one’s health. However, when you use it as an escape from your worries, you just can’t look past it. Well, our suggestion in such a concern is to divert oneself towards methods that would satisfy and fulfill your needs with less or no damage. The best solution, in this case, is to move towards delta 8 products. 

Delta 8 has been in the market for just over three years, and has taken over the market in no time. Let’s talk about Delta 8 and Delta 8 gummies and how they are words on every mouth.

As the demand for Delta 8 elements is more than its supply, there have been many cannabis providers that are defrauding consumers to make money. Manufacturers either use synthesized products or add additives to make counterfeit delta 8 products. 

We do not wish for our readers to fall into such a trap. Therefore, we have narrowed down the best delta 8 gummies suppliers that are authentic and provide the best experience today. 

Top 5 Best Delta 8 THC Gummies Of 2021:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta 8 Gummies & Edibles
  2. BudPop – Strongest Delta 8 Gummies & Gummy Cubes
  3. Hollyweed CBD – Premium Delta 8 Edibles With High THC Content
  4. Diamond CBD – Broad Spectrum Delta 8 THC & Marijuana Gummies
  5. 3Chi – Potent THC Gummies Online; Fruit-Flavored

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta 8 Gummies & THC Edibles

Exhale Well

Exhale Wellness is a brand based in Los Angeles, California, that is supplying premium hemp products all over the United States. They work on their products and services constantly and ensure that they provide customers with exactly what is advertised. 

Made up of natural ingredients as well as vegan elements, Exhale is the winner in the list of the best delta 8 gummies out there. While the amount of sugar in these gummies might be relatively lower than the others, it is still as potent and comes with vegan-free elements that make it a win-win product in the minds of the buyers.

Taste-wise, delta 8 gummies by Exhale are also a win with their appealing flavors. While the sweetness of the gummies is relatively lower than others, it still offers a delicious experience taste-wise. These gummies comprise pure delta 8 extracts and additional vegan-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients. 

If you happen to be an animal rights advocate, both your mind and heart would be at peace consuming these. The gummies go through rigorous third-party lab testing for ensuring legality and are highly efficient.

 Another element that sets Delta 8 gummies by Exhale apart from others is the fact that each gummy contains about 25 mg to 50 mg delta 8. This gives it an edge over traditional gummies in terms of a smoother experience and a better high. Each gummy is created with zero artificial flavors and only natural flavoring. This results in high potency gummies with a delicious taste. 

Exhale gummies for Delta 8 are available at an affordable rate, making it just the right pick for buyers starting from $59.95. Furthermore, Delta 8 gummies by Exhale are also currently offered at a 25% discount when you subscribe to the product for the first time. What makes Delta 8 gummies by Exhale an even amazing pick is that the brand offers a complete money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. 


  • Organic and Natural
  • CoAs provided for every product on the site
  • Vegan friendly
  • Third-party lab tested


  • Wide range of product
  • Affordable prices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Flexible Customer policies


  •  Only ship in the United States
  • Can only be purchased through the website

Customer Reviews

Exhale Wellness has made sure to provide its customers with exceptional customer service. They ensure that, with their products and services, they can resolve it for them if a customer comes to them with a problem or a concern. The brand has outdone itself and has received remarkable feedback due to their available customer service and policies, wide range of products, lasting effect and free and fast shipping on every product. 

Picking Exhale for your daily Delta 8 THC gummy consumption is a good choice because of its high organic nature. The gummies are all-natural and entirely free of any sort of GMO that is traditionally found in other product formulas. Exhale gummies provide the consumers with a mild high to relax throughout.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop – Strongest Delta 8 Gummies & Gummy Cubes


BudPop is a setup that offers various products infused with Delta 8 and CBD. Their firm is based in Nevada, United States. However, they ship to almost all the states locally except those where Delta 8 is still declared illegal. It is an initial brand, but it has the potential to reach new heights within no time due to its offerings.

BudPop gummies are the most reviewed and loved product on their website. They are available in Delta 8 and CBD to provide consumers with a wide range and ultimate high. 

BudPop uses CO2 extraction on hemp plants for deriving Delta 8. As per the research and observation, this is the best form of extraction as there is no risk of toxic solvents through this process. The by-products are strong but not intoxicating. They provide the consumer with a satisfying after-effect even on regular use. The Delta 8 gummies come with a potency of 25mg, which can vary. 

The founders of BudPop established their brand as they were not certain about the current hemp suppliers in the market. Since then, it has been their topmost priority to formulate products that do not fall short when it comes to quality. They have definitely raised the bar of Delta 8 products in the cannabis market. 

As quality is their primary focus, they make their product go through in-house testing before sending them for third-party laboratory tests. They believe in the brand’s transparency; therefore, all the results are available on their websites. All the products on their page are non-GMO, vegan and made in the US.  

The gummies are available in two different flavors, each priced at $59.95, which makes them the consumer’s first choice in the market. Even though they have a variety of product ranges, their gummies stand out for themselves due to their effect. If you sign up to their page, you can get a 25% off on your first order, which makes it an even better option. 


  • Natural, non-GMO, vegan
  • In-house as well as third-party lab testing
  • Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are available on the website


  • 30 days Money-back guarantee
  • Discounts for disabled, military veterans are available
  • Discounts on first purchase 
  • Affordable prices


  • Artificial colors are used in the making of gummies
  •  Limited range
  • Returned products should be unused

Customer Reviews

Trusting the previous consumers when it comes to investing in a new brand is always the right solution. As per the consumer reviews, the Delta 8 gummies from BudPop leave a stronger effect than CBD products. This factor satisfies the customer’s needs without making the feel of high potency. 

BudPop is new to the cannabis world, and therefore they have a limited range of products. However, this brand has the potential to outmatch various high-end brands today. Choosing BudPop will be your best option if you are a beginner as the range of products won’t confuse you. Moreover, the goods are of high quality with a great brand reputation. BudPop is proud of its customer reputation, and you can check it out for yourself on their website. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of Budpop

#3. HollyweedCBD – Premium Delta 8 Edibles With High THC Content

Blue ribbon

Hollyweed has been in business for a long time. Over the years, it has received a lot of popularity due to its exceptional products and services. This firm was established by some cannabinoid researchers who have decades of experience in their field. Ever since the beginning, Hollyweed has taken over the cannabis world by providing a variety of high-quality hemp formulas.

The Hollyweed gummies are made up of all-natural and organic active ingredients. They are sold in a pack of 10, indicating that you can try various gummies in each resealable bag. Moreover, each gummy contains a potency of 25mg, 50mg, or 100mg, depending on the size. 

Hollyweed Delta 8 gummies are not only delicious, but they also sync in your body quickly. They are not as strong as THC; however, the after effect it leaves is calming, relaxing and reducing discomfort in the body. 

Hollyweed assures its customers that its products are organic, vegan, and natural ingredients with no artificial flavors. The items are put through third-party laboratory testing to ensure the cannabinoid content. 

Delta 8 gummies have received much recognition due to their health and wellness benefits. Hollyweed made sure to cater to the demand with their ultimate range of products and provide them with a euphoric high. 

Hollyweed is one of the most affordable brands in the market. Their authenticity, product quality and reasonable price range are something you can’t oversee if you are looking to invest in Delta 8 products. The Delta 8 gummies range from $59.95 to $99.95, depending on the mgs. Moreover, they offer discounts for every subscription. If you subscribe to them, then you can save 25% on your first purchase


  • Organic 
  • Natural ingredients
  • Certificate of Analysis on the website
  • Non-GMO, Vegan


  • Wide range of products
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Reasonable prices
  • Exceptional customer service


  • Only available to be purchased online
  • Artificial flavors 

Customer Reviews        

The customer is always right. Hollyweed understands the customers’ importance and how they influence the other minds in the market. Therefore, they ensure that they can provide exceptional customer service always to be remembered in a good name. Their website is easy to use and informative to a newbie’s benefit. There are over 5000 5-star reviews of this brand, and the gummies are the most reviewed of them. The edibles are highly potent, providing the consumers with the feeling they crave. 

Hollyweed has had years of hands-on experience. Picking this brand for your edibles purchase is the best decision since they offer high potency and relaxation while being organic and vegan. This is the ultimate sweet treat that will nourish your soul and calm your mind leaving a great and long-lasting after-effect.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed 

#4. Diamond CBD – Broad Spectrum Delta 8 THC & Marijuana Gummies 

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD provides a large selection of CBD products. This firm is based in Florida, and it markets multiple CBD goods such as tinctures, capsules, vape oils, edibles, and so much more. It has been established by a team of professionals and scientists who have years of experience dealing with pure cannabinoids. 

Diamond CBD is hemp-extracted from farms in Colorado, Kentucky and Scandinavia through supercritical CO2 extraction. They are harvested and preserved to maximize the effects of these substances. The team is well experienced and skilled in their field, so you don’t have to worry about authenticity, safety, and purity. 

The primary motive of this brand is to formulate a diversified range with unique characteristics to provide customers with extreme feels. To keep in check the quality and potency of the substances, Diamond CBD ensures to make their products pass certified, third-party laboratories for further observation. 

The goods are not vegan or cruelty-free, which is the only drawback of choosing Diamond CBD. If you are not satisfied with the delivered product, you can easily return it within their 15 days return window for a full refund. 

Diamond CBD currently delivers goods to locations residing within the United States. However, they have always planned to grow far and big. We have to agree that this company has the potential to go places and with the right marketing and advertising you will see them all over the globe soon.

Diamond CBD is known for its high potency and buzz feeling. Compared to other brands in the market, it is expensive since its most liked bottle of gummies is priced at $119. As mentioned before, Delta Extrax deals with many types of products and flavors, so some items are also inexpensive, such as $24.99. Once you register yourself to their account, you can additionally get a 70% discount and free 2-day shipping on orders above $100. 


  • Third-party lab tests are available
  • Organic, natural 
  • Non-GMO


  • 15 days money back policy
  • Discounts available
  • Wholesale available
  • Referring a friend can get you $20 off


  • Wide range of products can be confusing
  • No contaminants data is available

Customer Reviews

The Diamond CBD gummies are one of the top-rated products in the market. The customers assure that the items are exactly like their advertisements. As per the majority of the customer reviews, the Diamond CBD products are tasty and provide a euphoric buzz. 

With authentic third-party lab tests and positive customer reviews, Diamond CBD has become a reputable name in the market. Diamond CBD gummies are delicious edible treats formed using CBD and THC hemp oil. Picking these gummies for your daily consumption will be your best choice as it provides you with extreme quality and highly potent goods.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Diamond CBD

#5. 3Chi Potent THC Gummies Online; Fruit-Flavored













3chi has been a renowned name in the cannabis market, and it is safe to say that they have earned their position through a lot of years of hard work. It was originally known as 3 chi and the position that they withhold today is due to its authenticity and trust-building. They adhere to all the laws and regulations. 

3chi  has won over the customers due to their top-notch quality and services. Over the years, we have observed that 3 chi has always used high-quality ingredients, no chemicals and pure distillate of Delta 8 in every product. The formulated gummies are free of additives or artificial flavors so that the consumer does not encounter any side effects. 

3 chi believes that sometimes what people see impacts their decision more than what they see. Keeping this in mind, 3chi  has CoAs on their website that checks the boxes for the safety and purity of the products. Every product on their site undergoes third-party lab testing so that consumers have nothing to worry about after their purchase.

Let’s be honest; Delta 8 Gummies are just what your body is looking for if you wish to feel that flavorful hit of high in your body that leaves a super calming effect. These products are naturally sourced and comprise gummies by some extremely experienced researchers, so you do not have to worry about the quality of a side effect.

3chi  has multiple Delta 8 products on its website. Along with that, it features CBD and Delta 10 products for consumers’ benefit, so they don’t have to look elsewhere. With such a vast product range, it offers a wide range of flavors for each product, making it more appealing to the viewer. Each gummy packet costs $19.99, which is very affordable compared to the market. 


  • Organic 
  • Natural ingredients
  • Third-party Lab tested


  • Only 0.3% Delta 9 THC
  • Informative website
  • Highly potent 


  • Source of hemp is undefined
  • Not cruelty-free
  • No refund or exchange policy

Customer Reviews       

3Chi has built an incredible rapport when it comes to its customer service. They have over 1000 5-star reviews on their website, making them stand tall. The customers are extremely satisfied with their product and service offerings as it is up to their expectations. The 3 chi gummies provide the consumer with a subtle high without losing their subconscious. 

3 chi offers a wide array of products ranging from Delta 8 to Delta 10. With a platform that’s offering almost everything, why would you head over to another brand? Well, if you choose 3 chi, you are signing up for a period of high-quality hemp products at a low-rates. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of 3Chi

How We Made The List of Top Delta 8 Gummies In The Market: 

The cannabis market is extremely saturated with diverse ranges of products. It becomes difficult for a newbie to look for organic and reliable brands in such cases. 

We do not wish to leave our readers in the dark ever. Therefore, to guide you and make sure that you make the right investment, we have prepared a list of our top 5 brands that won’t deceive you. 

Here are all the factors we looked for to provide you with the best options;

Brand Reputation: We understand that a brand’s reputation is built through its products, offerings and service. We checked them out for you to ensure that there is no compromise in either of those areas. 

Features: The brand might hold a good reputation due to a specific product in the market. We believe that the features of their products make a big difference, and we made sure to get this right for you as well.

Hemp source: The brand’s transparency is very important when it comes to the marketing of a cannabinoid, and as a consumer ourselves, we need to ensure that there is enough information about this.

Cost: Quality is the essential factor in consuming a delta 8 product. However, the cost plays a vital role as well. Therefore, the list offers 5 brands that offer premium quality products at reasonable rates.

Customer Reviews: Trust the consumer, always. The easiest way to know if a product is worth your money is through their previous customer’s experience. The list mentioned only offers brands with 5-star ratings from their customers overall. 

Customer Service: When it comes to online shopping, the way to win over your customers is to provide them with exceptional customer service. Our picked brands are no doubt ruling over this area, and we assure our readers that if they require any further assistance after this guide, they can directly get in touch with them, and they will resolve all your queries. 

Each consumer has different preferences, tastes and experiences. We have made sure that we try to keep in mind all the possible queries and then write this article. Further on, all your queries and doubts will be minimized, and you will be ready to purchase your delta 8 gummies from one of the mentioned reliable sources.

Buying Guide: Delta 8 THC Gummies & Hemp Products

We have mentioned the best brands that we think you can easily order from without the worries of authenticity or fraud. However, these brands have different delta 8 gummies under their platform. We believe that each consumer should have enough product knowledge so they know the difference and can figure out the product that will be the best fit for them. 

To assist you through your journey, here are all the factors you must keep in mind when making a delta 8 gummies’ purchase. Even if you wish to invest in a different brand than the ones mentioned above, you can benefit from this surely. 

  1. Quality of the product:

One must consider the quality of the product as it is the primary factor. You wouldn’t want to purchase a low-quality cannabinoid even if it comes at a low rate because that would mean you are throwing away your money for nothing. Instead, a good way is to invest in gummies of premium quality and come with a reasonable rate even if it is a little over. 

You can easily determine the quality of the product through the hemp source, ingredients used in the making of the gummies and customer reviews. Make sure to go through each detail to end up with a product that meets your requirements.

2. Ingredients:

Looking into the ingredients is extremely important as that will ensure that you are not allergic to any specific thing. Moreover, it will state whether there is the use of any preservatives, chemicals, additives or artificial flavors in the composition of the gummies. You wouldn’t want to risk your health or head to the doctor after the consumption, would you?

We won’t generalize and say that the brands out there are scamming people. However, it is a pivotal point to ponder over due to the high demand; some brands are only looking for a way to make money. To scam consumers, they use synthesized, chemically compressed products. Therefore, always opt for gluten-free, vegan, organic, and natural products.

3. Third-Party Laboratory Testings

The brand you pick for yourself must be translucent with its offerings and services. The easiest way for a brand to unveil its authenticity is by presenting real laboratory test reports to its customers. It is preferred that these lab tests be carried out by a third party to avoid biases in the results. 

Almost all trustworthy brands ensure that their laboratory tests are conducted through a third resource. Moreover, these companies exhibit all the carried out tests on their website for the customers to view so that there is no doubt while making a purchase. 

Third-party lab testing aims to ensure that the product you pick has zero traces of delta 9 THC. While there are not many side effects of delta 9 presence, you might end up facing some side effects or feelings that you did not opt for. 

4. The diverse range of products

One substance that suits you might not be the best fit for someone else. Or maybe you wish to start off with a small dose and gradually increase over time. You wouldn’t want to have a reliable source and then switch to a different brand because of limited options. To ensure that you do not encounter such an inconvenience, look for a brand with a wide range of offerings under its platform.

Many Delta 8 goods suppliers understand the concept of trust-building and make sure that they are ready to satisfy all your needs. You just need to pick right. 

5. Price range

As mentioned above, quality is definitely the primary focus when investing in delta 8 gummies. However, we can’t just look past the price and what falls within our range. The most attractive feature that any brand can provide is a quality product at affordable prices. 

Even though Delta 8 is expensive and its by-product, the gummies are a little costly. Don’t forget that you have many options to choose from in such a saturated cannabis market. Always do your research and compare even the minutest detail to ensure that you have the right product in your hand at the end of the day. 

6. Brand Reputation 

Brand Reputation is another essential element to take into consideration when making an intricate product choice such as that of delta 8. With the help of brand reputation, buyers can gauge various informational details regarding the brand that would remain unknown otherwise. 

From customer reviews to testimonials and ratings, brand reputation offers honest and clear feedback on various aspects of a product such as the pricing, efficiency, potency rate and more. Since delta 8 gummies can be a costly purchase for some buyers, it is essential to conduct your fair share of research on the brand’s reputation before making a purchase. The higher the customer loyalty for a specific brand, the more likely it is to be efficient for you as well. 

The easiest way to learn the brand reputation is by comparing various brands and the pros and cons of each. Furthermore, the number of years an enterprise has spent in this industry can also shed some light on their level of expertise and experience. 

7. Delta 8 Extraction Method

Lastly, another technical detail to look out for is the extraction method for delta 8 gummies. When it comes to delta 8 gummies, the buyers must know as much as they can about the source of the said psychoactive element. Buyers must keep in mind that the product of their choice should be extracted and scored directly from the hemp plant. If the product you opted for is not sourced from the hemp plant, there are high chances of issues with the product’s legality.

Other than the extraction method, the source of the THC is also one aspect that needs to be taken into consideration. For this, a buyer can contact the contact team to get confirmation regarding the gummies and the THC source. All contact teams and support teams of reputable Delta 8 brands will offer you details on THC source and the extraction method. 

FAQs Regarding Delta 8 THC :

  1. What is Delta 8?

The cannabis market recently introduced the Delta 8 THC (Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol) products to the world. Ever since then, it has been the word in every other mouth. The demand for this quasi-legal weed compound is relatively higher than the supply, which makes it expensive and difficult to find in its authentic form.

Delta 8 is a psychoactive cannabinoid that provides the consumer with benefits similar to THC, but the effects are mild. The following cannabinoid is derived from a hemp plant. The effect of this product depends on the strain that it is derived from, for instance

  • Can people in recovery consume Delta 8 THC products?

While there are no hard and fast rules on Delta 8 consumption for people recovering, it is Still it is advised to get in touch with your doctor to ensure that the product is safe for you keeping your health conditions in regard. 

  •  Is Delta 8 legal in all states?

Delta 8 is not completely legal all over the United States. However, it is legal in most of them. This includes Alaska, Arizona, Montana, Iowa, Mississippi, Colorado, Idaho, Rhode Island and Delaware, etc. 

  • How long does Delta 8 reside in your system?

The elements of Delta 8 are bound to stay in your system for as minimum as one day to as long as 30 days. There are a couple of factors that can decide the duration, such as your weight, age, body metabolism, sweating type, etc.

  • Which is better, Delta 8 or Delta 9?

Both Delta 8 and delta 9 have similar characteristics; however, delta 8 is a safer pick since it provides the same euphoric feelings but without any of the side effects that one would usually face. 

  • Will I test positive for THC?

The drug test results would often show up positive when Marinol or dronabinol is consumed. It is crucial to note that all others will test negative; however, THC will get flagged. 

  •  What are the potential side effects of consuming Delta 8?

Some potential side effects of delta 8 THC include a failed drug test, too much of a body and mind high as well as dry eyes, anxiety and grogginess. One can tackle these factors with safe intake. One should also focus on their daily intake and ensure that the consumption fits their body type to ensure any extreme side effects. 

  • What are the best ways of storing Delta 8 gummies?

The best way to store delta 8 gummies is by refrigerating them. This will ensure that the drug preserves its potency as well as freshness. All Delta 8 THC products, such as gummies, vape, tinctures etc., can be stored in a freezer or fridge. This does wonders in increasing its shelf life. 

  • What are the benefits of Delta 8 Gummies?

The benefits of delta gummies are endless. It aids with nausea, deals with a lack of appetite and can even help with cancer. It is also said to aid those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, such it is a great neuroprotectant. Other benefits of delta 8 THC include a smooth psychoactive ride, an extremely efficient digestive system; it acts as a painkiller and even offers relaxation benefits. 

  • What do Delta 8 gummies do?

The major function behind Delta 8 gummies is digestion. Once a gummy has been consumed, it is passed through the liver organ, and then the metabolization takes place. It turned into 11-hydroxy-THC. 

  • How long does it take for a Delta-8 gummy to kick in?

 It can take as little as two hours and as long as six hours for delta 8 gummies to kick in. These gummies are often known to provide a mild experience than other THC edibles. 

  • How many Delta-8 gummies should I take?

The consumption of delta 8 gummies depends on whether you have consumed it before or not. Those who are well-acquainted with it can take around 20 to 30 mg, which equals around 1 or 1 and ½ gummy daily. Keep in mind that this is a generalized dosage, and it can be increased or decreased based on individual preferences.

  • Can you take too much Delta 8?

Yes, like all other medications and drugs, taking too many Delta 8 THC gummies is possible. However, it will take a nap to ease you out of the high. It is recommended to start with a small dose and gradually increase to find your required dosage.

Concluding – Delta 8 Edibles Of 2021

Delta 8 has definitely taken over the market with its potent and health effects. Every consumer has a different set of requirements that they wish to get catered to when they desire to purchase cannabis. Therefore, we would suggest you personally look into the specifications of each product and choose what fits you the best.

If you search for a euphoric buzz that will keep you engaged and energetic or calm you during your busy day, then the Delta 8 THC gummies are for you. The gummies are the least potent source of ingesting Delta 8 into your system with subtle results.

To experience the perfect buzz, you just need to pick the product and brand you would like to try out. To help you with your decision, we have curated this guide/ article as we do not wish to leave you alone in this journey of yours. 

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