8 Best Vibrators for Women (2022): To Make Sex More Awesome

Best Vibrators for Women (2022)

This one is for the ladies. Whether it’s with a partner or alone, we’ve compiled the best vibrators for women around.

They are designed just for women, with fun toys, sexual aids, and beautiful lingerie all made for the most pleasurable experience.

We’ve compiled some exciting women’s vibrators of many styles and sizes to accommodate every woman. So get ready to learn all about the world of sex toys, and how they can set off the most pleasurable, toe-curling experience for a woman. 



Top 8 Best Women’s Vibrators To Make Sex More Enjoyable:

1. Lovehoney – Best Rabbit Vibrator 

2. OhMiBod – Best Classic Vibrator

3. Dame Aer – Best Clitoral Stimulator

4. We-Vibe Tango – Best Bullet Vibrator

5. Lora DiCarlo Sway – Best G-Spot Vibrator

6. Emojibator Eggplant – Best Mini Vibrator

7. Screaming O – Best Remote Control Panty

8. Bathmate Vibe – Best for Anal Simulation


#1. Lovehoney – Best Desire Rabbit Vibrator

Lovehoney - Best Desire Rabbit Vibrator


Price: $99.99


Brand Overview

Lovehoney is an online sex store devoted to making you feel comfortable and excited when it comes to buying a sex toy, lingerie, and other sex aids. It was started in 2002 by two colleagues, Neal Slateford and Richard Longhurst.



  • Offers G-spot and clitoral stimulation
  • Includes safe lubricant to get you comfortable and ready for fun
  • 10-year warranty offered



  • Customers felt that the toy was noisy



Wow, wow, and WOW! They say purple is the color of royalty, and that’s how you will feel using this beautiful vibrator. It’s a luxury rabbit vibrator, so you will pay a bit more but it’s worth EVERY penny!

You will love the USB rechargeable feature–no batteries to worry about. You can lock the controls, too. (No accidental buzzing in your suitcase!) 

The shaft rises and falls in a “come here” motion, so you get the feeling of fingering as well. You will enjoy how it stimulates the clitoris and the Grafenberg spot. The vibrator also features 10 settings total for different waves, intensities and even features a memory recall so you get the feeling you want, every time. 

Included is a beautiful satin storage pouch, perfect for keeping your toy clean, out of sight, and in good condition. There’s a 10-year warranty, and a personal lubricant/moisturizer included as well.


Customer Experience

“I thought I was one of those people who could not orgasm, as I never had. But I decided to give it a go and get this Lelo Rabbit. OMG! I love that you can hit the clit and G-spot!” – Kayla248

“Climaxes are just minutes away.” – Moni L. 

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Lovehoney


#2. OhMiBod – Best Classic Vibrator

OhMiBod - Best Classic Vibrator


Price: $109.00


Brand Overview

OhMiBod is owned by Suki and Brian Dunham, a couple… of innovators. Suki was gifted an iPod and a vibrator by her husband and wanted to figure out how to integrate the two. OhMiBod was born, resulting in the proliferation of remote-control vibrators.



  • Trusted by women for over 30 years
  • Easy to learn how to use
  • Compatible with music/Bluetooth



  • The top does not pop off to allow the use of other attachments.



Veterans of self-pleasure will know this as the Hitachi Magic Wand. It’s been around for over 30 years, so it’s a favorite among women of all sexual experience! 

The climaxes you will enjoy from this wand vibrator are mind-blowing. You’ll love the stress relief and pleasure this amazing vibrator can bring you. 

You can choose from four vibration patterns and intensity levels. This is a cordless vibrator, but you can certainly plug it in if the batteries are low, so you don’t have to stop feeling great. 

First-timers who are unsure about what vibrator to try, consider this one. It may not look as fancy as the others, but the opinions of 30 years of happy couples and women says enough. Plus, it’s fairly priced for such excellent quality.


Customer Experience

“Never thought things like this could work for me. Used it three times… worked every time.” – Mahala A. 

“This guy has lasted me for years. I wish it had more settings. But the lower one is perfect so I can’t complain.” – Savannah M. 

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of OhMiBod


#3. Dame Aer – Best Clitoral Stimulator Vibrator

Dame Aer - Best Clitoral Stimulator Vibrator


Price: $95.00


Brand Overview

Owned by a woman sexologist and a woman engineer, the Dame line of toys are made just for women to heighten their awareness of what turns them on and makes them feel amazing. Their products are beautiful and made of quality materials. 



  • Angle is designed to fit women’s bodies and natural shape
  • The company offers 60-day returns
  • Provides you with intense clitoral stimulation that will likely result in climax



  • Some users felt it was quite loud.



Do you love the feeling of oral stimulation? You can have that feeling any time of the day or night with this incredible little vibrator. The clitoral stimulator creates a pleasant suction around your clitoris which is guaranteed to make you feel amazing. 

This vibrator features five vibration patterns and five intensities. It’s made of medical-grade silicone and feels wonderful to the touch. It’s also totally waterproof, so get ready for some shower fun! 

The Aer does a wonderful job of mimicking the suction of a mouth, so if that’s your preferred method of climaxing, you’ve got to check this clitoral stimulator out. It is sold in a pretty lavender color and provides tons of fun!


Customer Experience

Better than a vibrator. Stronger orgasms. I loved it!” – Sofia A.

“This little thing is dangerous. I had no idea I was deserving of something so pleasurable. This is a game-changer!” – Robyn J.

“I was a bit apprehensive buying this because I’ve never owned anything like it… It has quickly become my FAVORITE toy!” – Jodi M. 

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Dame Aer


#4. We-Vibe Tango – Best Bullet Vibrator

We-Vibe Tango - Best Bullet Vibrator


Price $59.00


Brand Overview

Founder Bruce Murison wondered why there couldn’t be a vibrator that slid in between couples while they enjoyed sex. Together with his partner, Melody, they created We-Vibe, a couple’s vibrator. Their company has since exploded in popularity, and in 2018, the company celebrated 10 years strong. 



  • Smaller-size vibrator 
  • Great for people new to toys for sex and veterans alike
  • Packs a good punch in a small package



  • Some customers complained its small size made it easy to lose.



Ready for some fun alone or with your partner? The WeVibe Tango is for you! This is a classic bullet vibrator, loved by many for 10 years and counting. It’s perfect for veteran sex-toy users, or for newcomers looking to experiment and find out what works for them. 

It’s nice and quiet, so you can enjoy discreet fun even if you live with roommates or don’t want to wake up your partner. It notifies you when it’s time for a charge, so you never have to be without it.  You can recharge it using the internal battery. Plus, it’s made of safe thermoplastic for worry-free fun. 

There are a total of 8 vibration modes to choose from. One of them is called the “Cha-cha” and with a name like that, fun is nearly guaranteed! 

Lastly, it’s worth noting the price is right on this vibe–at under $60, you will be enjoying yourself and stacking your cash. Get yours now!


Customer Experience

“A lot of power for a small device. It’s quiet! You can use it without waking up your partner next to you.” – Amazon Customer

“It’s small enough that you can hide it at a moment’s notice. It’s great for couples.” – Anne L.

“Battery life is good.” – Katherine

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of We-Vibe Tango


#5. Lora DiCarlo Sway – Best G-Spot Vibrator

Lora DiCarlo Sway - Best G-Spot Vibrator


Price: $130.00


Brand Overview

Lora DiCarlo is a new company, having started in 2017. But in their first year of revenue, they stacked up 7.5 million dollars and did it all while launching 11 new products, each of exceptional quality. This woman-owned toy shop is not one to sleep on.



  • Comes with a storage pouch to keep it clean and out of sight
  • Great for people who enjoy the stimulation of many parts of their body
  • Great for partner play



  • The toy will shut off within 15 minutes if you only turn on the warmer but no vibration. 



We like this particular vibrator for the G-spot and for the many different areas of the body it can stimulate. It’s the best vibrator, and is great if you enjoy anal or clitoral stimulation. Bear in mind that the experts of Loradi Carlo advise you to use a condom if you plan on using it for both anal and vaginal stimulation. 

Using this vibrator is simple. Just get your favorite water-based lube and turn it on. Then warm it up and use the different parts of Sway to fit your anatomy. You can experiment with different pressures and angles until you get what you need to feel amazing. 

Sway can be charged using the USB cable included, and it’s a magnetized charge, too. You will know exactly when it’s charged thanks to the white ring of light that fully illuminates once full. 


Customer Experience

“This married couple of 55 years has reawakened the excitement we remembered from the ‘good old days!” – William L. 

“[Another sex toy] was a little short, so we purchased the Sway which solves the shortcoming. We are both happy with it.” – Guy T.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Lora DiCarlo Sway


#6. Emojibator Eggplant – Best Mini Vibrator

Emojibator Eggplant - Best Mini Vibrator


Price: $34.00


Brand Overview

Emojibator was founded in 2016 to help people everywhere embrace their sexuality and celebrate pleasure. Kristin Fretz and Joe Vela wanted to put a new spin on sex toys and “close the climax gap.” It seems to be working–their goods have been featured in major publications and are loved by customers everywhere. 



  • Price is very reasonable
  • Made of medical-grade silicone
  • Easy to hide and take with you



  • Not rechargeable; uses 1 AAA battery



How many times have you laughed about the eggplant emoji? Well, now it’s time to get serious. This toy might look like a joke, but the pleasure it brings is no laughing matter. 

It is crafted of medical-grade silicone and is waterproof for shower fun. There are ten vibration settings included as well. And at the price point, you can enjoy pleasure on a budget. It’s small, so it’s easy to be discreet about your pleasure. 


Customer Experience

“It’s my first toy ever, I’m obsessed! Super quiet, strong vibration, good material.” – Christina

“Thoughtful and fun product. I was surprised by the settings.  I would recommend it.” – Katie M. 

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Emojibator Eggplant


#7. Screaming O – Best Remote Control Panty

Screaming O - Best Remote Control Panty


Price: $89.95


Brand Overview

Screaming O started in 2005, and their goal is to sell you products that are easy to use, safe, fun, and pleasurable. The prices are affordable, and all products are tested for safety. This is one you don’t want to skip.



  • Panties can easily fit women of many sizes
  • You can get discreet enjoyment wherever you are
  • The remote controls works up to 50 feet away



  • Panties only sold in one color–black



Ever wanted to have somebody else be in control of your pleasure? Or have you ever wanted to lay back and simply press a button to enjoy yourself instead of having to reach? 

This is the answer you’ve been seeking. These panties are sized for many women and can fit waists up to 60 inches. The package includes the panties as well as a form-fitting flexible vibrator. 

The vibrator can be recharged using a USB rechargeable cable. You can enjoy 20 different functions including the amazing “Vooom” vibration. The vibrator itself is also waterproof so you can have fun in the shower, too. 

It’s fun for alone time or partner time, and the sky’s the limit with the pleasure you’ll feel. 


Customer Experience

“Sexy underwear that allows excitement for slow removal from tie-sides…. great fun since partner had the remote ring!”- Brendamacias

“The vibrations were stronger than expected. The thing doesn’t quite keep the vibrator in the correct position, but no issues otherwise.” – Countryboy333

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Screaming O


#8. Bathmate Vibe – Best for Anal Sex

Bathmate Vibe - Best for Anal Sex Vibrator


Price: $34.99


Brand Overview

Bathmate was started by John Oakes, who helped develop a pump for a friend who could no longer maintain an erection. When he realized he had made something great that delivered results, he started Bathmate in 2006. 

The company specializes in men’s products, but women will surely find pleasure in their product line as our vibrator pick will show.



  • Some patterns such as 1, 4, and 10 are for creating clitoral pleasure, while others are great for partner or alone play
  • At 8 cm or just 3 inches long, it’s easy to hide 
  • Rechargeable; no batteries needed



  • Colors are not typical of female-oriented sex toys



Bathmate is known for its penis pumps, but they make amazing goods for women, too. This Bathmate Vibe is great because it is designed to be compatible with their anal sex toys as well. 

So, if your goal is anal sexual pleasure, try this vibrator and check out the anal goods Bathmate offers!

This vibrator is waterproof for shower or bath enjoyment. It’s also equipped with 10 speeds and comes in chrome or black. 

This is a standard, great-quality vibrator, priced right and designed to pleasure you discreetly.


Customer Experience

“Works well. I just wish the battery lasted longer!” – Matthew F.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Bathmate Vibe


How We Compiled Our Vibrators for Women List?

To create this article, we began by putting ourselves in the shoes of women everywhere. Some of you are veteran sex-toy users, while some of you might be shopping for your first one. Wherever you fall, we knew we had to establish some standard criteria to make the experience comfortable and fun for everybody. 

We reviewed what experts such as sexologists had to say about the matter, first and foremost. We selected several vibrators based on that. Then, we began going over customer reviews. What were the actual users of these products saying?

After that, we pared the list down even more, looking only for top-rated sex toy sites that offered quality vibrators with nothing but positive reviews. 

After all, the list would not be appropriate for publishing had we not gotten opinions and facts from sexuality experts and real customers. 


What We Looked For

  • The materials used in making the vibrators. Silicone is an all-time favorite and all reputable models feature medical-quality silicone. It is nonporous, so no toxins can make their way into your body. Other materials to consider are hard plastic, stainless steel, and metal. We did not include jelly-type toys. These aren’t as prominent anymore, as they may contain harmful phthalates. Make sure that as you shop you stay away from jelly-texture rubber vibrators/dildos/ other sex toys.
  • Variety of sizes offered–some women are looking for smaller, egg-shaped vibrators, while others might be on the lookout for a wand or rabbit-style vibrator. 
  • Vibrators that stimulate various pleasure zones such as the clitoris 
  • Pricing–we want toys that are affordable, but not so cheap that they are ineffective or dangerous.
  • Shape–according to Holly Richmond, Ph.D., a certified sex therapist, there are five pleasure sensations that people look for. They are clitoral, internal, double penetration, anal, or internal-clitoral combination.  So, figure out what makes YOU feel amazing and choose a vibrator based on that. 


Buying Guide: Best Vibrators for Women

If you’re new to vibrators, or just need a refresher on what to look for when it’s time to purchase a vibrator, this is the section for you. Here, you will find valuable information on what different vibrators are and what they can do for you.


Who Should Use A Sex Vibrator?

People aged 18 and up looking to explore their sexuality via masturbation or partner play should use a vibrator. 

People looking to experience the joy and health benefits of orgasm should try vibrators. 

If you are a woman who has trouble reaching an orgasm, consider trying a vibrator to help you. Millions of women have found pleasure using them, and you could very well be one of them. 


Who Should NOT Use a Sex Toy Vibrator?

Virtually everyone over the age of 18 can find pleasure with a vibrator. However, people who should stay away from vibrators include:

  • People who do not plan on cleaning it/keeping it safely stored away (not cleaning it can cause infection)
  • People whose beliefs state that sexual toys/aids are not permitted 
  • People who do not believe in masturbation/self-pleasure for personal/religious reasons.


Types of Vibrators

As you can probably tell from our list, there are plenty of different vibrator types out there. Let’s break them down with a description of each. This way, you’ll know what each one of them is, and how to choose the best one for your pleasure.

  • G-Spot Targeter: The G-spot is located a few inches inside the vagina, on the front wall. To hit that, you have to be a little brave (but it’s worth it). A vibrator with a G-spot can help you reach this zone. It’s curved just right to help you reach that spot. 
  • Suction Toy: A suction vibrator is perfect for all of you ladies that love oral stimulation. These sex toys utilize air technology to mimic a sucking sensation that is so pleasantly intense, your orgasms will blow your mind. Some vibrators even suck and offer penetration, so you get twice the pleasure in one device. 
  • Anal: This is a sex toy that men and women alike can use for anal stimulation. It’s better to choose one designed just for the anus, as they are safer. For instance, anal vibrators tend to be smaller, so they do not tear at sensitive anal tissue. Their wide base also helps you avoid losing them within your rectum.
  • Wearables: You can find wearables in the form of panties as well as rings for men, and small vibrators that look like rings you could wear in public. These are incredible for play as a couple because you can sometimes operate them using remote controls or slip away for a quick session using your incognito vibrator. 
  • Rabbit Toy: Rabbit-type vibrators feature a slim head that allows penetration and a smaller head that looks like a rabbit with ears to tickle the clitoris and provide stimulation. These vibrators range in price thanks to the features they include. Your best bet is to make a list of rabbit vibes you like and compare/contrast them based on those features. 
  • Bullet vibrator: Bullet-style vibrators are simple and loved by many because they work. You get these vibrators because they’re small but powerful and because they’re easy to hide. They’re perfect for use with other toys and sexual aids like dildos. They’re also easy to take with you while traveling. They don’t have many features but do include many vibration patterns to get you where you need to be in terms of pleasure.
  • Massaging Wand: These almost look like microphones but are classic and loved by women everywhere. They’ve been around for generations and their builds have improved (they’re much quieter than they were years ago). They’re rumbly and offer many vibration intensity levels, and they work for virtually every woman. These vibrators feature long handles and can help you get to even the most hard-to-reach areas. It may even help relieve soreness of the muscles. 
  • Clitoris Vibrator: Many women cannot climax with only vaginal penetration. So, clitoral stimulation is necessary. Thankfully, clitoris-focused vibrators exist that target that area and get you to orgasm as fast or as slowly as you’d like.


Size Matters

If you are purchasing an internal vibrator, be mindful of the size you want. You can choose one finger to five finger size. If choosing an external vibrator, you can opt for a small bullet version or a magic wand vibrator that tends to be longer. 

If shopping for an anal vibrator, bear in mind they tend to be on the small side. So, you may wish to choose one that has many sizes because the anus requires more lubricant and time to widen/open. 


Type of Motor/Vibration

Your next step is going to be deciding what motor you want, as this will determine the type of vibration you end up with. Would you prefer target vibration or broad vibration? Do you like the familiarity of patterns, or do you want vibrations that don’t stop?

Here are some pointers:

  • For better vulva stimulation, consider a toy with a large surface area. 
  • For constant stimulation, most vibrators will work–they often have motors that run consistently.
  • For specific area stimulation, opt for a targeted vibrator that has a smaller size surface area.
  • For those of you that enjoy patterns and pauses in your stimulation, look for a vibe that has settings. 

Another thing to consider is if you’d like a single motor or multiple motors. If you’re a beginner, go for just a single motor. This will help you figure out what you need out of your vibe. If you need a vibrator with two motors, look for a combo vibrator. The motors work independently and give you the control you need over your pleasure.

If you’re not sure what to get, look for a vibrator with various strengths and patterns you can select. This will help you discover what works for you.



It’s important to be safe and smart when choosing your vibrator, and that means not only choosing a device that feels comfortable and pleasurable but also being mindful of what the toy is made of. 

Whether you’ve bought these toys in the past, or this is your first one, it’s important to be smart about the materials. The best of the best material is silicone, because it’s safe for the body, easy to clean, and feels great to the touch.

You should be careful to use ONLY water-based lube on your sex toy. Silicone will bond with silicone and the toys will be ruined. 

You can also consider ABS plastic toys. It’s nonporous but silicone is softer. 

Metal vibes in silver and gold are also available, but these are pricey. If nothing else, you should always avoid toys that feel like jelly to the touch. These are porous and harbor bacteria. Thus, they are not safe for sexual activity.



Yes, there is such a thing as luxury vibrators! Whether your budget is $20 or $1,000 and up, you can find quality vibes in all price ranges. 

Figure out how much you can spend and go from there. Beginner vibes cost about $10 to $25. 

Mid-range vibes cost $30 to $80. 

High-end vibes will run you from $80 to about $300. 

Luxury vibrators cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. (But you don’t need to spend that much to feel amazing!)

If you are new to the vibrator world, first make sure that it is right for you by opting for a lower-priced option. You can then verify these are right for you without spending a bundle. Be sure to review all return policies before you buy, too. 

And if possible, you might wish to visit a local adult toy shop to view the products in person and ask employee questions. 


FAQs About Vibrators For Women

Here, we will discuss common questions about female vibrators:


Q. Will my vibrator cause me to lose sensitivity in my vagina?

Unfortunately, misinformation is being spread–the answer is NO. You may have heard the term DVS or “dead vagina syndrome” bandied about, but this is not a medical term, and NO, you cannot lose sensitivity.

That being said, your use of your vibrator to stimulate your clitoris or another erogenous zone could cause that part of the body to become accustomed to the stimulation, which could make it harder for a partner to bring you to climax. 

It’s best to mix things up when using your vibrator to please yourself in a variety of ways, and consider using the vibrator with your partner to ensure pleasure and satisfaction for everyone. 


Q. Will a vibrator make me numb?

It could. According to a survey conducted by Indiana University, 3% of vibrator users experienced frequent numbness while 11% felt it occasionally. So, you can see it’s rare. And if you do experience it, the numbness lasts only for a few hours according to the survey. 

Powerful vibrators such as wand types can do this because of how intense the buzzing is. But vibrators of all types can cause this due to intensity being turned up too high for the user or if too much pressure is applied. Find a setting that works for you but still pleases you, so you don’t have to feel discomfort during your “alone time.”


Q. Can a vibrator sex toy cause me to become disinterested in my partner?  Could my sex drive be damaged?

The good news is that our orgasms are infinite. And the orgasms we have with a vibrator are different from those you get with partners. And remember, sex is not about orgasms all the time. It’s about contact and intimacy with another human, which has many benefits in and of itself.  It feels amazing to be close to somebody in a way that no vibrator can replicate. 

So, no, masturbation and partner sex are not mutually exclusive. These are two aspects of your sexual well-being that you should become familiar with to know exactly what you like and what turns you on. 


Q. Can you get an STD/STI or Yeast Infection from a vibrator?

Yes, it is possible to contract a disease of this type via a sex toy. To avoid this, be wary of sharing a vibrator and also be wary of using a vibrator on different body parts. 

Using a vibrator among yourself and your partner(s) could spread infection. STIs can also spread from anus to vagina or vice versa if you happen to be using a vibrator on those two areas without washing it first. 

Your best bet is to clean the vibrator regularly especially between partner usage AND using a condom if going between different body parts or masturbating with your vibrator while your sheet or underpants covers your genitals. 


Conclusion – Which Vibrator For Women Should You Buy?

We hope this article about the best vibrators or sex toys for women has been helpful to you. These vibrators are excellent for your pleasure, whether you are by yourself or with a partner. 

Their many price points, styles, sizes, and vibrating actions mean there is something out there for everybody. Choose whichever one makes the most sense to you and give it a try. However, we personally found Lovehoney & OhMiBod as the top two best sex toys.

You’re going to love the way you feel and the empowerment that comes with being in charge of your pleasure. Have fun, be safe and remember to keep your toys clean.


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