The Best Shoulder Workout in Under 10 Minutes


This workout is part of our series of 10-minute workouts for every body part. (We also have one for abs, triceps, biceps, chest, and back.) You can mix and match them together, or just do them individually when you’re pressed for time and just want to get even a short workout in. (You’ve heard it before: Any workout is better than no workout.)

This shoulder workout is particularly great because you only need one tool (dumbbells), and you’ll sculpt the entire muscle group from every angle. “The purpose of this routine is to challenge all three parts of the shoulders, plus the lats and traps by focusing the essential movements for each area,” says Equinox Group Fitness Instructor Jamal Smith, who created it.

But it’s not just about building muscle (don’t worry, you’ll do that too). This workout will also torch fat and calories. “You will be super- or triple-setting moves by performing a set of exercises immediately after a different set of exercises with no breaks,” explains Smith. “So, you not only cut your workout time, you’ll increase your heart rate and your overall fat burn!”


Use weights that are lighter than what you might use during straight sets, and complete each rep of each set.

Part 1: Triple-set the sequence of exercises for 3 sets, performing each move for 12 reps with no breaks between moves. Select a dumbbell weight that is moderate in intensity, and perform the move with a slight bend in the elbows.

A. Rear delt fly
B. Lateral delt raise
C. Front delt fly

Part 2: Super-set the sequence of exercises for 3 sets at the prescribed number of reps for each move, with no break between each one. For the standing Arnold press, select a weight that feels challenging to perform the move while standing. Performing the move in a standing position will help protect your spine, as well as engage your core.

Shoulder shrugs
Reps: 20

Standing Arnold press
Reps: 12

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