The Best Sites for Buying a Memory-Foam Bed

The Best Sites for Buying a Memory-Foam Bed

Some of the most important hours of your life are those spent catching Z’s. That said, it’s essential to find the perfect mattress that will have you waking up like your rested, chipper self. Here are our picks for the best sites to pick out the perfect memory-foam mattress for you.

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1. Nest Bedding

The Alexander Signature Select from Nest beats all, says Sleep Sherpa’s Ben Trapskin. “It has ‘convoluted’ [think an egg crate] foam layers for max airflow and breathability, and it isolates movement the best.”

Queen, $1,199;

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2. Leesa

Leesa’s top layer of long-lasting, patented Avena foam has Swiss-cheese- like holes, so it cools better than most, Trapskin says. It also cradles your body but still has bounce.

Queen, $890;

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3. Bear Mattress

“Bear beds are made with athletic recovery in mind,” says Trapskin. The fibers in the fabric cover—shown in studies to reduce aches and pains—are touted to reflect infrared energy back to your body.

Queen, $850;

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4. Brooklyn Bedding

Two springy layers of latex (a foam even more durable than memory) create a full four inches of foam, which typically costs twice as much. “It’s a very high-quality bed with lasting value,” Trapskin says.

Queen, $750;

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5. Yogabed

“This hits the sweet spot between comfort and support: It keeps your back aligned but still hugs your body for pressure relief,” Trapskin says. The second layer has YogaGel, which can cool seven times better than memory foam.

Queen with 2 pillows, $849;

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