5 Best Testosterone Booster Supplements of 2022


Testosterone plays a crucial part in ensuring overall health, especially during adolescence and adulthood in a man. 

Testosterone production in men’s bodies diminish with age but aging is not the only reason for low testosterone. There are other factors, such as mental stress and physical health issues but that should not stop a man from feeling down or depressed. 

The supplement industry has many testosterone-boosting products and if you have crossed your thirties or are into bodybuilding, you will discover the new “you” with improved energy levels by consuming them.

However, before you buy one, you must be aware that there are numerous brands and not all of them are quality products. We have come up with this guide to help you select the best testosterone booster

Top 5 Best Testosterone Booster To Increase Testosterone Levels – 2022 Review

  1. TestoPrime – Overall Strongest Testosterone Booster, Top Pick
  2. Testogen – Best Testosterone Pills for Energy & Fat Loss
  3. Testo-Max – Natural Testosterone Booster For Increased Sex Drive
  4. Prime Male – Best Sex Pills For Men Over 40
  5. TestRx – Best T-Booster For Muscle Gain 

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements:

1. TestoPrime – Overall Strongest Testosterone Booster, Top Pick

Blue Ribbon Group Testo Prime

As the name suggests, TestoPrime is like the Optimus Prime of the testosterone supplement market! 

It is a very powerful all-natural testosterone booster that can flood your body with natural testosterone. Upon consuming TestoPrime, you will discover your rejuvenated self with youthful vitality.

TestoPrime has several health benefits. You will experience a buildup of lean muscle mass in your body with a considerable decrease in stubborn body fat levels. TestoPrime will also enhance testosterone levels, your physical and mental energy levels. Besides, you will feel an air of confidence and improvement in your overall mood.

TestoPrime contains some highly effective testosterone-boosting ingredients such as D-Aspartic acid, KSM 66 ashwagandha extract, Panax ginseng, and fenugreek extract.

Buy TestoPrime from the brand’s official website, and you save a lot! The brand offers great discounts on its single and combo packs. What’s more, you get fast and free shipping on all orders.

If that’s not enough, it has a lifetime money-back guarantee as well. So, if you are not satisfied with your delivery, feel free to return it anytime you desire. But we bet you won’t because TestoPrime guarantees only the top-quality product in the supplement market.


  • It contains only all-natural ingredients.
  • The formula of TestoPrime is potent and boosts your natural testosterone levels.
  • Dosage: 4 capsules before breakfast every day
  • Free of nuts, soy, dairy, grain, gluten, fillers, additives, and dyes
  • Anyone above the age of 18 can safely consume these supplements.
  • No prescription needed
  • Usually it takes 3-4 months to show visible effects.


  • No possible side effects if consumed according to the mentioned dosage
  • Provides free and fast shipping globally
  • Clinically proven results; natural ingredients tested for efficacy
  • Products tried on human subjects
  • Offers a lifetime money-back guarantee
  • Usually, it does not interfere with any other pharmaceutical medication.
  • Reaches your doorstep within a week of ordering
  • Single & combo packs with excellent discounts
  • Excellent reputation; well-reviewed product
  • Frequent discounts for bulk purchases, first-timer deals, and loyal customers
  • Better Sperm Count & Sperm Quality


  • Products only available online; stocks often get depleted due to high demand.

=> Click here to visit the official website of TestoPrime

2. TestoGen – Best Testosterone Pills for Energy & Fat Loss

Blue Ribbon Group Testo Gen

Say goodbye to low testosterone forever! Testogen is a power-packed formula that will not only boost your natural testosterone levels but also reverse any symptoms of low testosterone in your body. It increases free testosterone in the body while also slowing down the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

This supplement is loaded with testosterone-enhancing natural ingredients like D-Aspartic acid, fenugreek, and Korean red ginseng extracts. It also contains essential vitamins like D3, B6, K1 and minerals like zinc, magnesium, and boron.

Testogen comes with noticeable benefits. It improves your energy and sexual performance levels. It enables lean muscle growth along with ensuring fat loss. Moreover, it will also help enhance your mental ability, and you will experience an improvement in your focus and concentration levels upon consumption. Apart from this, Testogen can improve your sex drive.

The brand has lucrative code discounts and offers on its website. Besides, it ships its products globally for free. It also offers a 100-day money-back guarantee in case the product doesn’t meet your expectations.


  • Safe, natural, critically tested, and effective ingredients
  • Reverses the symptoms of low testosterone & boosts the body’s natural testosterone-producing abilities
  • Slows down conversion of testosterone to estrogen
  • Dosage: 4 caps a day
  • Boosts energy levels, muscle growth, joint support, and libido 
  • Lowers body’s fat content & helps stay fit 


  • Long-term testosterone-enhancing effects
  • Helps work out more comfortably & supports men’s overall fitness, health, and wellbeing
  • Excellent code discounts
  • Free global shipping on all orders
  • All products come with a 100-day money-back guarantee


  • Testogen is only available online. Retail purchases cannot be made

=> Click here to visit the official website of Testogen

3.  Testo-Max: Natural Testosterone Booster For Increased Sex Drive

Blue Ribbon Group Testo Max

CrazyBulk brings you a potent and effective testosterone booster named Testo-Max. Made with 100% natural ingredients, Testo-Max helps you regain that youthful energy you have been missing. It takes your performance to its max. Besides, you will experience an enhancement in muscle growth along with better libido.

Upon consuming Testo-Max, you will feel an increase in your strength and endurance levels. Your mood and confidence level will also improve. Some of the major constituents of this testosterone booster include D-aspartic acid along with nettle leaf, Korean red ginseng, and fenugreek extracts. It also contains essential vitamins like D3, B6, and K1 and minerals like zinc, magnesium, and boron.

CrazyBulk offers lucrative discounts on its Testo-Max single and combo packs. Along with saving a lot, you get free express shipping on all your orders. The brand also has a 14-day exchange or refund policy for unsatisfied customers.


  • CrazyBulk’s Testo-Max is best for lean muscle growth
  • This testosterone booster is made with natural ingredients
  • Increases energy and performance levels to their max


  • Potent, natural, and effective T-booster
  • No reported side effects upon consumption
  • Offers great discounts on Testo-Max packs
  • Provides fast & free shipping 
  • A 14-day exchange or refund policy


  • Results may be slow. As this is mainly a muscle boosting supplement, it may take some time for that lean bulk to appear
  • Not available in retail stores. Testo-Max can be bought from the official website of CrazyBulk only

=> Click here to visit the official website of Testo-Max

#4. Prime MaleBest Sex Pills For Men Over 40

Blue Ribbon Group Prime Male

Enrich your vitality to its prime with the Prime Male testosterone booster. If you happen to be a dud, it’s time you took this to become a stud! Prime Male maxes up your libido and makes you muscular and strong. You will also experience a reduction in your belly fat.

Prime Male also takes care of your cardiovascular health by keeping your blood pressure and sugar levels normal. Upon consumption, you will get muscle gain, high energy levels, which will lift your performance as well as endurance. What’s more, your concentration and confidence levels will be geared up too.

Prime Male is a very powerful testosterone booster, which is best for men over 35 years. However, if you are vegan, this supplement is not for you. It contains animal ingredients. Some of the ingredients of Prime Male include D-aspartic acid, nettle root, red ginseng, and Mucuna pruriens extracts. Essential vitamins like D3, B6, and K12 and minerals like zinc, magnesium, and boron are also present in them.

Prime Male packs come with attractive discounts and offers. The brand also provides free and fast shipping worldwide for all orders. It offers returns and refunds within seven days of purchase.


  • Prime Male testosterone booster restores vitality. It is best for men aged above 35
  • This supplement is not suitable for vegans. It contains animal ingredients


  • It is a very powerful testosterone booster. It improves muscle growth and aids in fat loss.
  • It controls and normalizes blood pressure and sugar levels
  • The brand offers attractive discounts on packs along with a seven-day return and refund policy
  • Free express shipping is provided globally on all orders


  • Not available in retail stores. It can only be bought from the official website of the manufacturer
  • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians

=> Click here to visit the official website of Prime Male

#5. TestRx Best T-Booster For Muscle Gain 

Blue Ribbon Group Test RX


TestRx is a natural and highly effective testosterone-boosting supplement. If you are over 40 and struggling with weight issues, this is the supplement for you. You can achieve your weight loss goals and gain leaner muscles after using this product. It enhances your strength, stamina, and energy, along with elevating your libido.

Athletes prefer this product the most due to its fast and fabulous effects. Are you aware of what mainly makes your testosterone levels drop? It’s not getting adequate sleep! The TestRX supplement helps you gain sufficient and sound sleep, which will enhance your testosterone levels and protein synthesis, which is responsible for muscle building. Apart from that, this supplement will also revitalize your body with essential vitamins and minerals.

TestRX contains natural ingredients only. The key ingredients include zinc monomethionine aspartate (ZMA), magnesium aspartate, D-aspartic acid, and fenugreek seed extract. Essential vitamins include D3, B6, and K2.

TestRX allows you to save more with bigger orders. Its packs are priced like that! Besides, you get free shipping on select packages. The brand has also come up with a 67-day money-back guarantee to ensure the satisfaction of its customers.


  • TestRx is made with natural ingredients only. It contains no harmful chemicals.
  • ZMA present in TestRX helps you get quality sleep, which in turn enables protein synthesis and muscle growth
  • Athletes usually prefer this supplement as it enhances their energy and performance levels.


  • TestRx is best suited for men over 40. It enhances sex drive and performance
  • Highly effective natural testosterone booster
  • The brand allows you to save more on higher orders
  • It provides a 67-day money-back guarantee


  • Free shipping is provided on higher and bulk orders only
  • TestRx is not available for retail purchases. You can get it from the brand’s official website only

=> Click here to visit the official website of TestRX

How We Made The List Of Best Testosterone Booster Supplements For Men? 

Our research list included hundreds of testosterone-boosting supplement brands. We gradually started narrowing down this huge list based on the ingredients, efficacy, safety, customer reviews, and brand reputation. We also considered factors like pricing, packaging, and shipping and return policies.

We kept trimming our list till we were left with only these five testosterone-boosting supplement brands. According to our analysis, these brands are indeed the best in the market, as we couldn’t find any major shortcomings with them for omitting them from our list.

  • Ingredients

The ingredients that make up these strongest testosterone booster supplements are the major factors we considered while making this list. We made sure that all the listed brands contained major testosterone-boosting ingredients such as D-Aspartic acid, ashwagandha, fenugreek, and nettle leaf, among others. We also verified whether these brands have essential vitamins like D3, B6, K1, and minerals like magnesium and zinc to provide your body with the necessary nourishment.

  • Effectiveness

We then looked at how effective these testosterone-boosting products were in terms of enhancing muscle mass, bone density, sex drive, and energy and concentration levels. Our list contains only those testosterone supplements that have surpassed our analysis of their efficacy.

  • Lab-Test Results

We listed only those testosterone-booster brands that get their products tested by third-party labs. Third-party labs are not supposed to show any bias in their test reports. As a result, third-party lab-authenticated products tend to be genuine in terms of quality and safety.

  • Brand Reputation & User Reviews

We analyzed the overall reputation and ratings of each supplement brand. We also looked into the reviews given by various men on their preferred brands.

Upon analyzing these reviews, we found that older men, professional bodybuilders, and athletes benefited tremendously from our listed testosterone boosters. They have claimed to have gained the maximum benefits from these products in terms of improvement in muscle mass, bone density, and energy levels.

Even younger men who suffered from low testosterone levels found these testosterone supplements very useful. They have experienced an improvement in their testosterone levels along with increased muscle mass and reduction in body fat.

  • Pricing & Packaging

Our concern also covered the prices of the supplements. We made sure that the online brands we listed offer affordable products.

We also checked out the packaging of the products. A product’s packaging is the image of its quality. We made sure that you get the best in terms of quality as well as packaging.

  • Shipping & Returns

Rest assured, we listed only those testosterone booster brands that provide convenient shipping of their products. You will receive quick product delivery right at your doorstep.

Besides, they have fantastic refund policies for the convenience of customers. If you are unsatisfied with a product upon delivery or if a wrong product gets delivered to you, you can return the product and ask for a refund.

Buyer’s Guide – How To Increase Testosterone?

With so many testosterone-boosting supplement brands out there, selecting the best becomes a tricky proposition. That’s why we are here with this guide to help you choose the best testosterone boosters for you.

You may have noticed that we have mentioned the unavailability of the products in retail stores as a con. But in fact, it may not be a disadvantage at all. By buying products from retail stores, you may end up getting fake or ineffective products. Some of these counterfeit products may prove to be harmful to your health too.

But why go for retail purchases when you have the privilege of ordering these testosterone-boosting testosterone supplements from the comfort of your home? You just have to log on to the official websites of the brands to order the products. Besides, these websites are very user-friendly, and you will face no trouble placing your order.

We would suggest that you always shop online from the official brand websites. The brands offer attractive discounts on their packages on their websites. You won’t find such hefty deals anywhere else. You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of grabbing these offers, would you?

Note that by online shopping, we mean buying these testosterone supplements from the official brand websites only. Do not go for products available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Flipkart. They are fake! These brands don’t allow their products to be sold anywhere except on their official websites.

In this guide, we will look into the factors you should consider before buying a testosterone booster. We will also analyze the benefits and side effects of these supplements.


The primary function of all best testosterone boosters is the same—enhancing your testosterone levels. But, their ingredients vary. So, before placing your order, you need to be aware of the ingredients the supplement contains. Some of the significant ingredients that boost testosterone naturally enhance testosterone include amino acid, D-aspartic acid, ZMA, ashwagandha, red ginseng, and fenugreek.

Always check whether your testosterone booster contains these ingredients. Look out for essential vitamin D3, B6, K1 and minerals like zinc, magnesium, and boron. Always ensure that the testosterone supplements are free of harmful chemicals or artificial additives. The testosterone boosters that we have listed for you are pure and genuine.


Check the efficacy of the testosterone boosters before placing an order. You can look into user reviews on the respective brand websites and check to what extent the users have benefited from using the products. Hence, you will get very well acquainted with their effectiveness.

Dosage & Safety

Safety is always a major concern. Many brands are not very open about the possible side effects of their products. So, before placing your order, do some research on the product you intend to buy. Make a note of all possible side effects that may occur. Side effects usually happen if you overdose on these supplements.

To be on the safer side, stick to the dosages mentioned according to your age group. Dosage instructions are available on the brand website and the packaging as well.

Lab Tests

Make sure that you buy a lab-tested and verified testosterone booster. You should go for only those products that have been tested by third-party labs. Such third-party tests are supposed to be unbiased in their reports. The test results are always authentic, and you can rely on them.

Pricing & Packaging

It is in the nature of every customer to seek out budget-friendly options. These testosterone supplement brands offer lucrative discounts and offers on their websites. Don’t miss out on those.

Upon delivery, first, check the packaging of the product for any wear and tear. If you find any wear and tear in the packaging or seal, consider returning the product immediately. It may have been tampered with.

Shipping & Return Policies

Before purchase, check whether the brand ships its products to your location. Also, check the return and refund policies of the brand from which you intend to buy the testosterone booster. It will save you from any inconvenience later if you are dissatisfied with the product after delivery.

When Should You Consider Taking Testosterone Booster?

Testosterone levels tend to dwindle with age. With age, a man is likely to experience a considerable fall in his testosterone level. That usually happens upon crossing 40. However, low testosterone issues can occur in younger males also. You need to look out for certain signs that may signify low testosterone levels. Let’s have a look into these signs in detail.

Decreased Muscle Mass And Increased Fat Accumulation

Do you exercise regularly but are gaining very little muscle mass? Are you following a rigorous diet regime but still unable to lean down? If you are, you may have low testosterone levels in your body. This problem occurs with age but can be seen in younger males also.

Despite sweating it out in the gym, if you cannot cut down on your body fat, you may have low testosterone levels, which makes fat keep coming back to you. This issue can be rectified by using testosterone booster supplements. That ripped, muscular look won’t be far away from you anymore!


Gynecomastia in men occurs due to an imbalance in the testosterone essential hormone. It may lead to enlargement of the male breast tissue. Testosterone boosters are the right option to rectify hormone imbalances.

Reduced Sex Drive

With age, your sex drive may decrease. Erectile dysfunction may occur. Also, sustaining long-term erections may become difficult. All these signify plummeting testosterone levels as your age advances. However, this issue can be seen in younger males, too, if their testosterone levels fall.

Testosterone boosters provide you with renewed vitality. You will get the energy to perform better in bed.

Low Energy & Stamina

Not just older males, younger males, too, often face these issues. Low energy and stamina may indicate your testosterone levels are on their lower side. In such cases, testosterone boosters may come as a boon to boost testosterone levels, your energy, stamina, and performance.

Frequent Mood Changes

Low testosterone might be responsible for your mood swings. If you start feeling anxious or depressed suddenly without any reason, it may signify you have dwindling testosterone levels.

Testosterone boosters can help in such cases. They will brighten up your mood and give you an air of confidence. You will discover a new personality within you!

How Does Testosterone Supplements Work?

All men have lots of testosterone. Then, why do some men suffer from low testosterone levels? If you wonder what causes a reduction in testosterone levels in the body, it is the protein named globulin. Globulin binds up most of the testosterone and makes it unavailable for use within the body. Testosterone boosters function according to this phenomenon and limit globulin production in the body. That, in turn, causes an increase in free testosterone.

Natural Testosterone boosters also lower the testosterone production of undesirable female hormones like prolactin and estrogen in the male body. With the limiting of female hormone production, a sufficient amount of testosterone gets released within the body.

We have discussed all the benefits of testosterone boosters. However, let us summarize them once more for the sake of your convenience.

  • Testosterone boosters increase muscle mass the body’s testosterone levels 
  • They help in building lean muscles along with reducing body fat
  • They improve your sex drive
  • They enhance your energy, stamina, and performance
  • They help control blood sugar and blood pressure
  • They are loaded with vital nutrients that provide nourishment for revitalizing your body.
  • They can improve your mood and confidence levels

Possible Side Effects Of Testosterone Boosters: 

Usually, brands are not very transparent about this matter, but testosterone boosters may have specific unwanted effects. Side effects generally occur upon overdosing. Possible side effects include:

  • Increase in aggression. You may experience a sudden fit of rage at times
  • Receding of hairline or hair thinning on the scalp. That may cause baldness
  • Increased growth of unwanted hair on various body parts
  • Increased testosterone levels may cause acne
  • Excessive sweating may occur due to increased testosterone production in the body.
  • Women bodybuilders often consume testosterone boosters. It leads to the growth of facial hair and the deepening of voice in women.


Side effects can occur anytime! There is probably no sexual health product that comes with no side effects. However, all we can do best is stick to the dosage instructions for testosterone boosters. By doing so, we can reduce the chances of any unwanted side effects.

The correct dosage is the key to gaining the best results and maximum benefits from these testosterone-boosting supplements. So, for the best results:

  • Take four to five pills a day if you are over 50
  • Take three to four pills a day if you are over 40
  • For a bodybuilder or an athlete, four pills are adequate 

Note that these are general dosage instructions only. You must always follow the dosage instructions mentioned on the websites or packaging of the brands.

FAQs About Testosterone Boosters

Q.1: I have a flabby look, and it’s hard for me to cut down on fat. Does that mean I have low testosterone? What can I do about this?

A: Your testosterone levels may be low, not allowing you to gain muscle mass and cut down on your body fat. Try opting for testosterone boosters. They will gear up your testosterone level, and you will see excellent results after workouts.

Q.2: I have a receding hairline. Can I opt for testosterone boosters to build muscle?

A: Receding hairline may indicate high testosterone levels in your body. In this case, do not opt for testosterone boosters to build muscles. They may gear up your balding process as well.

Q.3: I used to be sexually very active during my thirties. Now when I have crossed my forties, I have lost interest in sex. What’s the reason?

A: Dwindling testosterone levels are your problem. You can opt for testosterone boosters in such cases to spice up your sex life.

Q.4: Are testosterone boosters safe?

A: Absolutely. The testosterone boosters we have mentioned are made with pure and natural ingredients. They have essential vitamin D and minerals as well. Besides boosting testosterone, they can act as great food supplements.

Q.5: Are testosterone boosters legal? Is there an age limit for their consumption?

A: They are 100% legal. Testosterone boosters are just food supplements that provide your body with essential nutrients to boost testosterone levels. They are 100% safe and non-addictive.

There is no age limit for their consumption. These testosterone supplements are mostly consumed by men over thirty. However, if you happen to be a younger male and face testosterone issues or want to pursue bodybuilding, you can very well choose to consume them.

Conclusion – Does These Testosterone Booster Supplements For Men Really Work?

Want to man up? Your falling testosterone won’t hold you back anymore! Even if you are aging, testosterone boosters will help you regain your once youthful self. If you want the best testosterone boosters out of our list, it’s TestoPrime! Follow the dosage and see the fantastic results.

Go for online shopping on the official websites of the brands we listed. Attractive discounts and offers await you! So, get ready to pack your carts with these life-changing supplements.

However, before deciding that you are low on testosterone, do remember to consult your doctor. S/he may ask you to undergo tests that will confirm whether your suspicion is well-based. 

Your problems may stem from other issues, too. In such cases, if you take testosterone boosters, your body may get an overdose of the hormone, which will lead to adverse effects. So, do not start on these best testosterone booster supplements without medical advice.


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