The 10 Best Vanilla Protein Powders That Taste Really Good

Top 10 Vanilla Proteins

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With the proven benefits of protein supplements and how they are easily incorporated into various recipes, you’ll find that the current market is flooded with products!

With demand comes a massive supply of flavor options, so customers don’t need to go without great taste when searching for something to help their muscles and keep them feeling full.

You may feel overwhelmed if you’re looking for a vanilla protein powder that doesn’t compromise on quality and benefits while tasting fantastic.

Don’t worry; in this article, we’ll share our list of the 10 best vanilla protein powders of 2022!

The 10 Best Vanilla Protein Powders That Taste Delicious!

We carefully selected these products by doing a lot of testing! It took us a while, but it was worth it to narrow down the options to the Top 10 best vanilla protein powders on the market in the year 2022!

Here are the products we’ll be featuring, in order:

  1. Huge Whey (Vanilla Milkshake) – Editor’s Choice
  2. Transparent Grass-Fed Whey
  3. Gold Standard 100% Whey
  4. Isopure Whey
  5. Syntha 6
  6. Muscletech Nitro-Tech Whey
  7. Pro Jym Protein
  8. Dymatize ISO100
  9. Ascent Whey Protein
  10. Naked Whey

Let’s take a closer look at each of these awesome vanilla protein powders to get a better understanding of what makes them so beneficial.

1. Huge Whey (Vanilla Milkshake)

Huge Supplements Vanilla


Huge Whey is what we believe to be the best vanilla protein powder on the market by far! It comes in a flavor entitled “Vanilla Milkshake,” which is exactly what it tastes like. This flavor is an absolute 10 out of 10, with excellent mixability and amazing macronutrients.

As with many of their products, the flavor is not the only excellent benefit Huge Whey brings to the table. Its macronutrients are perfect, as it packs roughly 24 grams of protein per serving while having low carbs and fats. It also includes 5 grams of branched-chain amino acids.

That makes Huge Whey the best vanilla protein powder to support your performance, recovery, muscle growth, and more!

Even though the Vanilla Milkshake flavor may be our favorite, and it has certainly more than earned its spot of honor at the top of this list, Huge Whey comes in multiple flavors! If you want to try others, there’s a bunch more:

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Fruity Cereal
  • Blueberry Muffin

One of the best things about this valuable protein powder is that you can’t go wrong, no matter your flavor choice.Not only was our experience fantastic, but over 500 customer reviews back this protein powder’s success!

You can buy this product directly from the Huge Supplements website which can be found by clicking here or Amazon if that is your preference. As of right now, a container costs just $44.95, which is a fair price for what you’re getting in return. Plus, you get a free shaker when buying a tub of protein! Overall, a great deal.

With fair pricing, optimal ingredients, excellence in dosage for health and workout benefits, and a fantastic vanilla taste, this is, without a doubt, the best vanilla protein powder on the market.

2. Transparent Grass-Fed Whey (French Vanilla)

Transparent Labs Vanilla


Our runner-up to Huge Supplements’ Huge Whey protein powder is the Whey Protein Isolate by Transparent Labs, otherwise known as Transparent Grass-Fed Whey. It comes in several flavors, including Mocha, Cinnamon French Toast, Strawberry, Milk Chocolate, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie, and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

However, the two best flavors offered are French Vanilla and Vanilla Peanut Butter! Though the French Vanilla is not as pure or impactful in taste as the Huge Whey option, it did have that nice hint of hazelnut that added depth to the flavor of our protein shakes.

And for those who are not fans of French Vanilla, the Vanilla Peanut Butter is a fine option, too. Transparent Labs prides themselves on the 100% Grass-Fed cows that they sourced this product from, and packs a lot of protein in each serving, there is more than just the great taste to benefit from in this product.

Though it may not come with as many perks as our number one choice, Transparent Labs’ Whey Protein Isolate is another tasty option if you’re looking for the best vanilla protein powders on the 2022 market.

3. Gold Standard 100% Whey (Vanilla Ice Cream)

Optimum Nutrition Vanilla


The Gold Standard 100% Whey is another prime option for those looking for that sweet but mild vanilla taste in their protein.

In terms of flavor offerings, the best is their French Vanilla Cream, but other options include Vanilla Ice Cream, Double Rich Chocolate, Chocolate Coconut, Mocha Cappuccino, Cookies ; Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Strawberries and Cream, Extreme Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Mint and White Chocolate.

Though all of these flavors taste fine without quite measuring up to that satisfying flavor of the Huge Whey supplement, the real benefits come from the branched chain amino acids and natural glutamine and glutamic acids offered per serving.

Altogether, whether you decide to settle for their Vanilla Ice Cream or go for the French Vanilla Cream, Gold Standard 100% Whey is another good choice when searching for the best vanilla protein powders of the 2022 market.

4. Isopure Whey (Creamy Vanilla)

Natures Best Vanilla


As far as flavor goes, the Isopure company’s Isopure Whey certainly has plenty of variety. Though their commitment to a “Zero/Low Carb” product lessens the quality of their protein powder’s taste when compared with Huge Whey, Isopure Whey is still a viable vanilla protein powder that actually tastes good.

Their complete flavor roster includes Low Carb options like Toasted Coconut, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Dutch Chocolate, and Apple Pie, while other flavors listed include Cookies ; Cream, Alpine Punch, Banana Cream, Mango Peach, Strawberries ; Cream, Pineapple Orange Banana, and our two vanilla options, the Vanilla Salted Caramel and the Creamy Vanilla.

We found Creamy Vanilla to be the most satisfying Isopure has to offer in terms of vanilla taste.

However, this option is on the more expensive side. Still, you are getting 25 grams of protein in each serving and if you are restricting your carbs, Isopure does specialize in low or zero carb blends.

Couple this with the muscle building and full-feeling effects of consuming this product on the regular, and you have another good choice of vanilla options in protein powders.

5. Syntha 6 (Vanilla Ice Cream)

Syntha 6 Vanilla


The GNC Live Well Company’s BSN Syntha-6 Ultra-Premium Protein Matrix may be a mouthful to say, but it does have at least one flavor option that hits the vanilla-craving spot on our palettes! This is the Vanilla Ice Cream: although it does not taste quite as accurate to its name as the Huge Whey Vanilla Milkshake does, it is still a tasty option.

Other flavor choice GNC offers with this protein blend include Strawberry Milkshake, Banana, Chocolate Milkshake, and Cookies and Cream.

This protein powder is effective for providing you with a good source of fiber, branched chain amino acids and some glutamine peptides, but it is expensive and offers you slightly less protein by the gram than Huge Whey does.

Still, at 22 grams of protein per scoop of Syntha 6’s tasty Vanilla Ice Cream powder, you are getting one of the best vanilla protein powders on the market.

6. Muscletech Nitro-Tech Whey (Vanilla)



The Muscle and Strength company’s protein powder has a claim to fame in offering a primary source of peptides along with the usual branched chain amino acids, essential amino acids, and whey isolate. Not only are these benefits satisfactory, but their vanilla flavor is mixed easily for a good taste.

Obviously our favorite flavor, and the one best suited to this list, was the Vanilla option, but Miscle Tech Nitro-Tech Whey also offers Cookies and Cream, Milk Chocolate, Strawberry, and Double Chocolate for those looking for more than one product to choose from.

We did notice that it takes about 4 scoops of this Nitro-Tech Whey each day for at least two months before seeing the same optimal, muscle-pumping results as other products on this list, such as Huge Whey or even our Transparent Labs selection. Not only that, but Muscle Tech’s protein powder does ask a bit more in terms of price than our higher-placed choices.

However, it does pack a great big 30 grams of protein in each scoop of the delicious powder, so the value isn’t greatly diminished. All in all, Muscletech Nitro-Tech Whey does offer a good pick for best vanilla flavors of the 2022 protein powder market!

7. Pro Jym Protein (Tahitian Vanilla Bean)



Another GNC Live Well Company offering, the Jym Pro Jym Ultra-Premium Protein Powder Blend offers quick delivery on their creative Tahitian Vanilla Bean flavor. Not only is it tasty and a nice break from less exotically-blended flavors, but it does offer 7 grams of milk protein isolate and 7.5 grams of whey protein isolate in each satisfying scoop.

Other beneficial ingredients, like micellar casein and egg albumin make this protein powder a primary choice for those looking to speed up both the recovery and growth of their muscular system.

Although Pro Jym Protein does not have nearly as many creative flavor options as some of our more preferred picks, like Huge Whey or Transparent Labs, it does still allow you to choose Strawberry Milk Flavor if you ever want to try something besides their Tahitian Vanilla Bean.

8. Dymatize ISO100 (Gourmet Vanilla)

Dymatize Vanilla


The Dymatize company hits it out of the park with their power-packing ISO100 Protein Powder blend! Each scoop comes with at least 25 grams of protein paired with 5.5 grams of branched chain amino acids and 2.6 grams of leucine. All of this combines to promote muscle gains and leaner body building.

This is partially due to the careful filtering of ingredients that Dymatize has to offer, getting rid of unnecessary carbs, lactose, sugar, and fat in their mixture. However helpful it is for muscular growth, this does sacrifice a bit of impact in good-tasting flavor when compared to some of the higher choices on this list such as Huge Supplements’ product.

However, the Vanilla is still one of the best flavors on the market, and there is no shortage of variety when it comes to Dymatize ISO100! For example, other flavors include the Post Cereal Fruity Pebbles flavors, as well as Dunkin’s Mocha Latte and Cappuccino flavorings.

If those weren’t enough variety for your preference, more tame flavors are offered like Cookies ; Cream, Fudge Brownie, Strawberry, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Gourmet Vanilla.

All things considered, although this isn’t the most impactful selection on our list in terms of flavor, it does offer plenty of variety and is still worthy of consideration as one of the top vanilla choices on this year’s market.

9. Ascent Whey Protein (Vanilla Bean)

Ascent Vanilla


Ascent Whey Protein may not come in as great a variety as our other options, but it does offer a great vanilla taste in it’s Vanilla Bean flavoring.

Other options include the usual Chocolate Peanut Butter or Chocolate tastes and one creative Lemon Sorbet option. You can also get this useful product in an unflavored blend.

With 25 grams of protein and testimonies of its fast-acting health and energy benefits, we are happy to add Ascent Whey Protein’s Vanilla Bean to our list, even if it is one of the more expensive choices.

10. Naked Whey (Vanilla)

Naked Whey


Naked Nutrition’s Grass fed Whey Protein Powder not only offers a satisfactory vanilla flavoring, but it sources it’s 25 grams of protein from small farms where cows are carefully grass-fed with no additional hormones!

Although this is another of our choices that does not provide quite as many flavor options, sticking to the basics with Chocolate, Strawberry, and an Unflavored option, their vanilla offering is tasty and easily mixed into satisfying protein shakes.

What We Look For in A Vanilla Protein Powder

You may wonder how we formulated our Top 10 list of best vanilla protein powders and why we chose these products out of the many flooding the 2022 market.

Here’s what we looked for:


Of course, taste is most important. We’re chasing that top-notch vanilla flavor, and only the best were selected!

Accuracy in taste is also considered: Huge Whey Protein advertises Vanilla Milkshake, and that is exactly what you get when enjoying a scoop in a protein shake, no added ingredients necessary.

Protein Content

On top of flavor, we want our protein powder to pack a solid amount of protein per serving. Most of the human body is made up of a system of different proteins, and consuming protein in our diet is how we gain the correct amounts of macronutrients for our energy levels throughout the day.

The amount of protein we need daily depends on our body weight. The best protein powders, like Huge Whey, offer between 23 and 25 grams of protein per serving for the best results across a wide range of body types.

That’s why it’s also mentioned in our best protein powder for muscle gain article. The more protein, the easier it’ll be to build muscle.


The two main questions we ask when assessing value are: is the price right, and are we getting enough servings? Around 30 servings, packed with the above-mentioned optimal amounts of protein, are worth spending at least $49 for.

However, when a product is pricier for less in terms of benefits, the balance of value is off and the product isn’t likely to make our list.

Online Rating

It is important to check out what others are saying about the products. After all, a wide scope of perspective allows us to see how well the product is doing across the board, no matter what walks of life a person comes from.

Using Vanilla Protein Powder to Make a Tasty Shake

Vanilla protein powder is a fantastic way to help yourself to feel full, satisfied, and ready for the day whether you plan on working out or simply controlling the energy in your body. Many consider a protein shake to be the best post workout supplement.

However, you may be wondering how to get the most out of that delicious vanilla flavoring in a protein shake.

Not to worry! We’ll show you the best way to make a tasty shake in the step-by-step guide below!

  1. Select the Best Vanilla Protein Powder – We use Huge Whey for all of the fantastic benefits mentioned above, plus a taste that can’t be beat. Scoop out one to two scoops of the protein powder into a blender if you plan on using ice, or one of the protein shakers that comes with Huge Supplement’s product!
  2. Add in Ice – This part is optional, as some choose to simply use cold water or milk. This is because without ice, you can use a shaker of your own for quicker, on-the-go recipes. However, if you want an even thicker protein shake, add around half a cup of ice.
  3. Add in Liquid – Around ¾ of a cup of water or almond milk will yield the best results no matter which type of mixer you plan on using. While water is always healthy, almond milk has the added benefit of one more source of protein in your shake, though it does influence the flavor a bit.
  4. Add in Optional Additions – The above three steps are all you need, especially if using a flavorful product like Huge Whey in your shake. However, some prefer even more ingredients. A banana along with around a tablespoon of chia seeds can offer more nutrition, while a teaspoon of vanilla extract or a dash of cinnamon can improve taste.
  5. Mix and Enjoy! – With all the best ingredients added in, the only thing standing between you and a tasty shake is the mixing process! Blend the ingredients on high in an automatic blender, or shake vigorously in a protein shaker. Make sure you’ve eliminated any clumping, and you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of a tasty shake!

Other Ways to Use Vanilla Protein Powder

There are a variety of ways to use vanilla protein powder for the best satisfaction in your diet and on your taste buds! You aren’t limited to a simple protein shake, as delicious as that may be. Instead, consider adding your protein powder to Greek Yogurt or even oatmeal for a tasty breakfast recipe.

Really, any of the best vanilla protein powders can mix into most liquid-based recipes and even bake into several baked goods recipes like flour might. Some of our favorites include baking vanilla protein powder into oat cakes, muffins, or even cookies. You can also satisfy your crave for ice cream by mixing up a protein shake and freezing it overnight!

One of our personal favorite ways to incorporate vanilla protein powder into pre-existing dishes is to formulate your own icing out of it. For example, mix together 1 scoop of Huge Whey Protein Powder with around four ounces of cream cheese and you’ll have a frosting with all the protein you need!

You can even select a fat-free cream cheese or add a sugar-free sweetener to enhance the health benefits without sacrificing flavor. Thanks to the versatility of the flavor and the easily-mixed nature of protein powders, the possibilities are limitless.

The Best Vanilla Protein Powders Recap

To sum it all up, you don’t have to be overwhelmed by the vanilla offerings on the market this year.

After surveying the 2022 products for the best options in terms of value, the opinions and ratings of others online, the amount of protein we can expect from a product, and, above all, excellent taste, we narrowed it down to a top ten list, with Huge Whey taking the crown.

All in all, the best vanilla protein powder comes from Huge Supplements and can be found by clicking here.

This protein powder is not only jam-packed with muscle building benefits and the macronutrients your body needs to thrive, but it mixes well to help satisfy your craving for a treat.

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