The Best Way to Work in Cheat Meals


Just eat it! It’s a great way to mentally refocus and crush cravings, so do it without guilt!

My nutrition guru, Philip Goglia, Ph.D., of Performance Fitness Concepts, recommends sticking with one cheat meal a week—and always on the same day every week (Remember: It’s a cheat meal, not a cheat day.)

“A weekly cheat meal creates a spike in calories, which can temporarily increase your overall metabolic rate,” says Goglia. The result: You’ll knock down some cravings and boost metabolism over the long term.

Be warned, though: You may go through a bit of digestive purgatory for about 48 hours. Expect gas and bloating from an epic cheat meal—you’ve been on a nutritional “purity” journey all week and now you’ve been to the trailer park of food choices.

But don’t worry—you can always blame the dog.

Gunnar Peterson is a celebrity trainer and columnist for Men’s Fitness. Follow him on Twitter.


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