The Best Workouts, Plans, and Programs of 2015

The Best Workouts, Plans, and Programs of 2015

If you need over a year’s worth of great workouts and programs to follow, look no further—2015 was a big one for us at MEN’S FITNESS. Hopefully it was for you as well.

Take a look back at some of the most popular training plans on from 2015. And stay tuned throughout the year for many, many more in 2016.

Strong and Lean

We kickstarted 2015 with a January 1 launch of STRONG and LEAN in 2015 with FOCUS NYC trainer Ryan Heffernan. The program is a full 8-week training plan in addition to a diet. For all of the workout videos and program details, go to


We got you geared up for SPRING and SUMMER 2015 with TRIM in SIX with personal trainer, registered dietician, and HUMANFITPROJECT contributor Tim McComsey. The plan is 6 weeks of workouts, plus a diet plan. For more info, go to


We understand the need for a training partner. That’s why we created the DUDE WORKOUT series. This is a collection of four workouts with eight athletes that comprise one complete program. For video demonstrations and more info, go to


Doing the same exercises over and over gets stale. THE SPECIFICS are all about change and variety. WATCH as we take each of your traditional bodypart workouts and toss something in that you’ve probably never tried before. To see the experimental exercises in action, go to


Just like the need to change exercises, sometimes you need a complete overhaul to your usual routine. The MUSCLE SHOCKERs are a three-part series that will force your muscles past any plateau. For more information, plus video demonstrations, go to


We know it’s not possible to spot reduce, but you can’t disagree with the fact that you can muscle produce. The ELIMINATION workouts target areas like chicken legs, man boobs, and love handles. For video demostrations, go to


Sometimes you need to hit the gym for one of those sessions where you feel like an animal. That’s right, all out beast mode. For the upper body, lower body, and abdominal beast workouts, go to


How many times in your lifting life has someone asked, “how much you bench?” After rolling your eyes, give this program a go. It’s straight from our December 2015 issue of the magazine and its strategies are touted to increase your bench press by 10% in 6 weeks. For more information, plus video demonstrations, go to


There’s a part I and a part II. That’s because the holidays take up like… two months. And they can do some series damage. So, when you’ve got only a little bit of time to get something in, these are your workouts. For all 8 of the routines under 15-20 minutes, go to


Use the fall and winter to get giant, and the spring to get shredded. Perfect. That’s why we created the WINTER BULK UP. For the full program, plus video demonstrations, go to