Bikini and Banana Girls Take Their Muscles to Court

Bikini and Banana Girls Take Their Muscles to Court

Popular Instagram personality and personal trainer behind the program Bikini Body Guide, Kayla Itsines, is suing ‘Freelee the Banana Girl,’ a YouTube ‘diet guru’ famous for eating up to 51 bananas in one day. 

Itsines took to Facebook, telling her 1 million plus followers to address Freelee’s false claims that accuse Itsines’ partner of taking steroids, of promoting anorexia and starving herself, as well as abusing the respect of her followers, family and herself because she’s a ‘fraud.’ 



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In response, Freelee uploaded two videos to her YouTube account, insisting Istines cease her legal action. The Daily Mail reports:

‘It’s really disappointing too,’ Freelee said: ‘We just want to help people, we want to help girls all around the world get out of these eating disorders and actually have a good relationship with food for the first time in their life.’ 

‘That’s why we point out the flaws in these programs…The last thing I want to see is women fall into these traps and become unhealthy.’ 



Interestingly enough, Freelee’s eating plan, 30 Bananas a Day, mandates that 97 percent of daily calories should come from fruit, while the rest is left for greens, nuts and seeds. So a diet consisting of bananas and not much else.

Interesting. Very interesting, indeed.  
The case is listed for hearing on March 23. Stay tuned to see if the Bikini or the Banana Girl will walk away a winner. 

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