Bikini Models on the Big Screen

Adam Sandler knows what he’s doing. In his latest flick, “Just Go With It,” the comedian cast 23-year-old swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker to star as the girl of his dreams. The 5’9″ stunner is obviously the perfect choice to play the perfect woman, but her job is harder than it looks. Aside from having to act like she’s in love with a schlubby 44-year-old creep, Decker has to shake off the stigma that follows bikini-models-turned-actresses. If the trailers featuring a gorgeous Decker emerging soaking wet from the ocean are any indication, her amazing body will be enough to distract the men in the audience from her performance – good or bad. But here’s a scorecard of some other professional stunners who made the jump to the big screen just in case you want to keep score.

cindycrawford.jpgIn many ways, Cindy Crawford is responsible for convincing audiences that models can’t act. The beauty’s big screen debut, “Fair Game,” was met with much hype and press leading up to its release in the fall of 1995, but when it finally hit, the flick went over like a lead balloon. Grossing about $11 million bucks on a budget of $50 million, the action movie was a complete disaster and Crawford’s stiff, wooden performance received much of the blame. The gorgeous model was nominated for three Razzie Awards that year and never starred in a major motion picture again.

banksy.jpgNowadays, Tyra Banks is best known for the mini television empire she’s created with her huge reality hit, “America’s Next Top Model,” and her own daytime talk show. But banks jumped off the runway a long time before that with a series of acting gigs in the mid-90s. First starring as Will Smith’s love interest on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” Banks handled a diverse selection of roles on the big screen, doing drama in “Higher Learning,” comedy in “Love Stinks” and horror in “Halloween: Resurrection.” Although she wasn’t close to winning any Oscars, the beauty was carving out a solid career in movies before she realized the real money was in filming the fights between aspiring models.

romjin.jpgFew bikini models have enjoyed the big-screen success that Rebecca Romjin has experienced over the last decade. After making an inauspicious movie debut as a bearded lady in Norm MacDonald’s 1998 comedy flop “Dirty Work,” the 6-foot stunner scored a series of big roles in flicks like “X-Men,” “The Punisher” and a sizzling performance in the 2002 thriller “Femme Fatale.” Now firmly established as a leading lady, Romjin has headlined multiple television shows, including “Pepper Dennis” and “Eastwick.”

kireland.jpgKathy Ireland

If Cindy Crawford ever needs a shoulder to cry on over the ravaging critics gave her after “Fair Game,” she can turn to Kathy Ireland. Not so much a failed actress as just a bad actress, the swimsuit model turned in her fair share of bad performances in bad movies like “Alien from L.A.” and “Mom and Dad Saved the World.” The fact that she has never been called upon to carry a movie has saved Ireland some embarrassment, but anyone who has had to sit through “Backfire!” may say otherwise.

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