Billy Magnussen, Cold Warrior

Billy Magnussen, Cold Warrior

Billy Magnussen has always been a quick study—which could explain how the actor and rock guitarist also became a scratch golfer. “I played hockey and Putt-Putt,” he says by way of explanation, “and took dance in college, which taught me to mimic movement.” With his innate physicality, no wonder he feels so at home in SoCal, enjoying full-throttle days of hiking, surfing, and even skydiving.

Magnussen, 30, is going full tilt careerwise, too. Right now he’s on-screen in Bridge of Spies, a Cold War thriller starring Tom Hanks as a lawyer recruited with his assistant (Magnussen) to negotiate the release of a captured American U-2 pilot from the Soviets. “I was like a sponge on the film,” he says. “I learned from Tom that prep is everything—and that we’re making a fucking movie, so have fun!”

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This fall he also stars in the new FX series American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson, playing infamous guesthouse witness Kato Kaelin. “I always say, there’s Hamlet, Faust, Stanley Kowalski, and Kato Kaelin,” he jokes.

The Clothes

This textured retro cardigan by Haspel is a dash of style for those who like to keep it simple. “The sweater itself is a statement,” says Haspel’s Sam Shipley, who co-designed the collection with Jeff Halmos. “Underneath, you can go casual with denim and a T-shirt or more muted colors.” It’s also a piece you won’t feel overdressed in hanging out on the patio with friends, he says, and you won’t need to change to hit the town. “If you’re headed to the bar after, just get up and go.”

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