Body-Weight Workout: the Med-Ball Ab Circuit

For something so simple, and small, the medicine ball is a powerful tool for a great core workout. You can slam it, roll with it, lift it, turn it, you name it. So forget the crunches and situps for once and grab a med ball. Men’s Fitness met with Equinox Tier 4 coach Josh Stolz for his demonstration of a five-move circuit to build and strengthen your abs from every angle.

Complete three rounds of the five exercises with 60 seconds rest in between rounds.

1. Multidirectional ball slams – 5 reps
2. Alternating-arm med-ball plank – 5 reps
3. Med-ball walkout – 5 reps
4. Russian twist – 5 reps per side
5. Chops and lifts – 5 reps per side

This workout targets the core and abs from a variety of different angles and movement patterns to ensure all muscle fibers are being engaged and strengthened. 

The multidirectional ball slam increases power and strength throughout the abs with an emphasis on the obliques.

The alternating-arm med-ball plank is a quasi-isometric exercise that improves stability throughout the entire core while strengthening the upper body and lower lumbar.

The med-ball walkout is a quasi-isometric exercise that improves stability throughout the core, upper body, and lower lumbar. Use of the med ball creates an unstable surface area, forcing the entire core regional to work harder than if performing a traditional walk out.

The Russian twist is a resistance-oriented exercise that strengthens the abs and obliques. 

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