The Bodyweight Workout to Build Plyometric Power for Improved Athletic Performance

A game-changing difference between a good athlete and a great athlete is explosive power and strength. Make-or-break moments could come down to a jump that’s just a few centimeter’s higher, a sprint that’s one tenth of a second quicker, or simply a difference in raw strength.

Men’s Fitness met with Josh Stolz, a Master Trainer at Equinox, for a demonstration of a four-move, explosive power workout that is guaranteed to improve the performance of a competitive athlete or a pickup game ringer.


Complete four rounds of the following four exercises, with 2 minutes rest in between rounds.

The workout

1. Man-Maker 

Reps: 4 (each side)

2. Jumping Pushup

Reps: 4

3. Lateral Burpee Box Jump

Reps: 4 (each side)

4. 180° Squat Jump 

Reps: 4 

Workout benefits

Fast and explosive exercises that involve the entire body are what build powerful athletes. They also improve coordination, balance, and stability.

Exercise-specific benefits


The man-maker is an advanced progression of a traditional burpee. The exercise will actively engage the core throughout the movement while improving upper and lower body power and strength.

Tip: Don’t “sag” when in the plank position, and be sure to give yourself a wide foot position for more stability when lifting your arms.

Jumping Pushup

The jumping pushup is an advanced progression to the traditional pushup that increases strength and power throughout the entire upper body, more specifically, the chest, shoulders and triceps.

Tip: Focus on timing and coordination; to execute the move properly you must push from both arms and leg simultaneously.

Lateral Burpee Box Jump

The lateral burpee box jump is a lower body power exercise that will improve coordination, lateral speed, and agility.

180° Squat Jump

The 180° squat jump is a lower-body exercise that improves power and explosiveness in the legs, while also improving rotational power and core strength.

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