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Struggling to stay focused? Experiencing strain on your eyes? Failing to execute at your best?

We know the feeling. Whether you’re burning the midnight oil on a stream or hitting the gym on a sleepy afternoon, sometimes we all need a boost to get in the zone.
That’s where SummaForte comes in. The new brand of CBD-based products is focused on driving increased performance and faster recovery. It’s a first-of-its-kind company that launched with a focus on esports and gaming, supporting a new class of athletes like never before.

Let’s be honest. There are a lot of options when it comes to pre-workout mixes out there. We think SummaForte is onto something with their SummaMix, and today, we’re going to tell you why.

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So, what is SummaMix, and how does it work? Let’s get into it.

SummaForte’s Launchpad: Working With CBD in New Ways

SummaForte is pretty new. The company launched in 2020 in response to the overwhelming health benefits of CBD. With two debut products, they’re helping athletes of all kinds unlock their highest potential — in both esports and traditional sports.

The first is SummaTape, a durable, flexible tape to help support muscles. The second — and what we’re excited to share with you today — is SummaMix, a performance-focused supplement that helps you stay focused.

SummaMix is a powdery blend of high-performance ingredients that comes in a stick pack. Right now, the brand offers a mixed berry flavor, and it’s both refreshing and tasty. SummaForte recommends working it into your routine as a daily drink before exercise, work, or streaming. Simply put, it will help maximize your abilities, no matter what it is you’re working towards.

What Makes SummaMix Different?

One of the first of its kind, SummaMix is focused on supporting athletes both on the field and in the esports arena. So what do these athletes have in common when it comes to their needs?

For one, they have to be sharp — your mental headspace plays a huge role in the strength of your performance in every class of sports. Secondly, they have to have stamina. At every stage of the game, our bodies are fighting strain, tiredness, and inflammation. Recovery is key.

SummaMix addresses all of these needs and more with three powerful ingredients.

  • CBD: Each stick of SummaMix comes with 25 mg of CBD. Their particular hemp strain, which SummaForte calls Lifter, is award-winning and impressive. It’s rapidly absorbed by the body and goes to work immediately, helping to reduce pain and soreness.

Just in case you need a refresher — CBD is derived from hemp, a strain of cannabis that lacks the amount of THC required to make you feel “high.” It has incredible calming effects for both the body and mind and is taking the wellness industry by storm.

  • Vision: There’s a reason “keep your head on a swivel” is so often preached and practiced by professional athletes. Sharp vision wins.

To that end, SummaMix includes 10.5 mg of FloraGLO®, a widely popular lutein, which helps combat both blue light and sunlight fatigue. It can also help improve visual processing speed, ensuring you’re at the top of your game.

  • Cognition: Lastly, SummaMix includes 900 mg of Neumentix, a spearmint-derived nootropic that keeps your mind as sharp as your vision. This helps keep you mentally agile, operating at your peak performance for extended periods of time.

The mix is also vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and cGMP compliant.

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Alright, it’s easy to talk about ingredients. What we’re more interested in is how those ingredients go to work to help increase performance. On that note, let’s talk about what SummaMix can do for you.

SummaMix’s Many Powerful Effects

SummaMix is performance-focused. Their packs are designed for daily consumption and actually build over time, with their peak results starting after about a month of use. Designed for intense, crucial athletic moments, SummaMix helps restore calm and clarity.

Let’s talk about what that means.

Reduces Soreness

Going all the time means fighting inflammation and soreness at every stage. SummaMix helps reduce pain and lingering aching so you can focus on the task at hand without any distractions.

Facilitates Balance and Recovery

Recovery is an essential part of the athletic process, whether you’re holding a game controller or a tennis racket. SummaMix helps increase recovery times, facilitating calming energy and restoring balance.

Supports Mental Sharpness

Probably the most compelling element for us is how SummaMix can sharpen mental ability and recall. The formula is specifically designed to help support focus, cognition, and clarity so you can operate at your peak potential.

Promotes Macular Health

Your sight really starts to degenerate after a few hours in the sun or in front of the computer screen. SummaMix helps sharpen your vision and support macular—the cells in your eyes that detect light—health.

It also supports visual processing speed, so you’re both seeing clearer and reacting faster. Win-win.

Innovates on Exercise Technology

Lastly, SummaMix’s fast-acting formula means you don’t need to wait long to experience results. While the best reactions come from regular, daily use, you can already feel the difference after your first drink.

We’re pretty selective when it comes to supplements, but with these benefits, SummaMix has us excited. Even better, their benefits are backed by science. Give their pre-workout and performance powder a shot with their 30-day supply pack here.

Doctor Peter Grinspoon, M.D. of Harvard Medical School, is all about the science of SummaForte. Take it from him —

“I am extremely excited about SummaForte’s profound commitment to be on the forefront of exploring and utilizing the full range of hemp cannabinoids in the development of bespoke solutions for gamers, athletes, and others who will benefit from their products and commitment to science and quality.”

The world of CBD performance products is evolving. Are you ready to move with it?


What do Real Customers Have to Say About SummaMix?

Look, you don’t need to take our word for it when it comes to the powerful results of SummaMix. In fact, let’s hear from some real customers who have incorporated the stick packs into their daily routine.

One customer found SummaMix to be the solution they were looking for when dealing with blue light.

“SummaMix has become my go-to before launching my stream. As a gamer I’ve played around with blue light glasses but never liked gaming with them on. Finally I found a drink from a kickass brand that tackles those same issues directly.”

Another found that SummaMix addressed their issues with other pre-workouts. No upset stomach here.

“I’ve had a love/hate relationship with pre-workout until now. I workout in the mornings and always have an upset stomach or am crashing by the time I get to work. Ever since discovering SummaForte I’ve (finally!) started feeling and performing better.”

Perhaps most importantly, this customer can vouch for the taste. Because if you’re going to be drinking something every day for performance, it better be tasty.

“…after trying the mixed berry I’m hooked! It’s tasty but not overpowering. Love having my SummaMix with breakfast.”

With reviews like that, SummaForte is making a powerful entrance into the world of CBD and athletic supplements, and we can’t help but be excited to see how the brand grows from here.

Give SummaMix a try and use MENSJOURNAL15 for 15% off.

Make SummaMix A Part of Your Performance

Fatigue is real. Burnout is real. Atrophy is real.

That’s what makes SummaMix such a compelling product for us. It helps alleviate the symptoms of exercise and esports and lets its customers focus on what they love the most. Whether your thing is shooting hoops with friends, competing for gaming glory, or just getting in your daily run, SummaMix can have a powerful and positive impact on your performance.

Even better, the SummaForte guys have taken real care in developing their products, sourcing natural ingredients, and blending them with the most cutting-edge technology in science in wellness products. Between their positive reviews, thorough research, and commitment to supporting all sorts of athletes, SummaForte is one of the most impressive CBD brands out there right now.

If you’re ready to take your performance to the next level, give SummaMix a try. You can learn more about the product and get all the details on how SummaForte came to life here. Check it out and use MENSJOURNAL15 for 15% off your purchase.

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