Bored of Your Gym Routine? Try Tough Mudder’s New Bootcamp Class

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While getting dirty remains part of the experience for those who compete in Tough Mudder events around the world, the brand has turned that workout into an indoor experience that can keep you in shape without the extra dirty laundry.

Eric “ERock” Botsford, Tough Mudder’s trainer and warm-up emcee, says the Tough Mudder Bootcamp is a fitness concept based on power, endurance, strength, and stability. Through a range of class types — Drive, for power; Torque, for mental strength; Core Strength, for the posterior chain; Lower and Upper Builder, to build muscle and strength around joints; and Grit, for endurance — Botsford believes he can build athletes able to adapt to anything a Mudder throws at them.

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“Leveraging my knowledge of timing and physiological adaptations, each workout will keep true to its desired stimulus,” Botsford explained. “Even more, the workouts are done in teams of two, three, or four, so when you need that extra push, your teammate will surely be there.”

Here’s a breakdown of the 50-minute classes and how they’ll prepare you for getting dirty in a Tough Mudder event:


2 Rounds, 30 seconds each of:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Push-Ups with Partner Hand Clap
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Single-Leg Toe Touch
  • Synced Partner Lunges

Mudder Move:

2 Minutes of “Speed Dating”:

Athletes line up across from each other, clap hands with opposing partner, and then move one person to the left and perform the same movement until they return to their partner.

Showcase Workout 1 

3 x 3 Format:

The 3 x 3 workout pairs three athletes together to tackle three distinct circuits. Each circuit features three movements, with one of the movements acting as the pace-keeper. The athletes will work together and communicate, alternating through exercises for a total of 8 minutes per circuit. The athletes will have two minutes of transition time between circuits.

  • Circuit 1 – 24 reps of: High Knee Jump Rope / Sandbag Front Rack Walking Lunge / Pull-Ups
  • Circuit 2 – 12 reps of: Squat Jacks / Plate Push on Turf / Wall-Ball Shots
  • Circuit 3 – 12 reps of: Dumbbell Thruster / Bike (12 Calories) / Hanging Knee Raise

Showcase Workout 2

Partner Forward Format:

Partner Forward puts two athletes together at each of the six stations. The two athletes (“A” and “B”) are a team, with one working on dynamic movement for reps, the other holding a static position. The athletes will trade off work for 90 seconds, with a 30-second rotation time. There will be a two-minute water break between rounds 1 and 2.

  • Station 1 – A: Bike for 5 calories / B: Dead hang on pull-up bar
  • Station 2 – A: Box Jumps / B: Plank Hold
  • Station 3 – A: 6 Sprint Line Touch / B: Sandbag Squat Hold
  • Station 4 – A: 20 Jump Rope Reps / B: Single-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Hold (heavy weight)
  • Station 5 – A and B: Partner Med Ball Squat and Pass
  • Station 6 – A: 12 Battle Rope Reps / B: Russian Twist Hollow Hold