Brewery Runs: the New Color Run?

Brewery Runs: the New Color Run?

OK, so we don’t normally endorse running under the influence. But, hey, if the sun’s out, the beer’s cold, and you’re capable of practicing moderation, why not partake in the latest summer fitness craze? Meet the “brewery run,” a late-afternoon sanctioned road race that actually involves drinking beer during the race, not after. These races combine two things you love, and often do great things to support local breweries and restaurants. 

Here are three of the best, from coast to coast. Plus, we’ve got the tips you need to you know, survive. Rope in your friends and get planning!

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Brew Mile – 3 Cities

Coming to New York on July 18 (plus Philly and DC later this summer, and even more cities in the fall), the Brew Mile is mercifully short. At just a mile long, the race involves drinking one beer at the start of each quarter mile. Then, at the end, you get to go to a sweet afterparty where you get two more beers and a whole lot of merriment. That is, if you’re not lying down on the sidewalk. 

Like most brewery runs, the Brew Mile’s mission is to support local breweries and food vendors. And if your friends aren’t man enough to join you, they can cheer you on and enjoy live music at the festival. 

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Beer Mile World Classic

On August 22nd, head to San Francisco’s famous Treasure Island to run a beer mile with your friends. But really, the exciting part comes after you finish the race—you’ll get to see the three top beer mile competitors throw down for the world championship. These guys can run a beer mile in about five minutes. 

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Lyons Colorado Beer Relay

This one is for a serious athlete—or a big group of friends. Runners do a 5k loop for six hours as a relay, chugging an optional beer before the start of each lap. For every 12-ounce beer you down, you can “cut” two minutes off your time. 

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