Brian Grasso

Brian Grasso

A former amateur mixed martial arts fighter, Grasso is a performance coach in Chicago who has trained elite athletes for more than 10 years and has consulted for pro sports teams in the United States and Canada. He is founder and CEO of the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA), an organization that promotes fitness for kids and certifi es trainers to work with young athletes. He’s now training to make his professional boxing debut as a light heavyweight.

1) Just move. “Don’t think the only way to get fi t is by using stationary pieces of equipment,” says Grasso. “We need to move freely and with a full range of motion, so take your training outside as much as you can and perform full-body exercises.”

2) Play games. Don’t feel silly playing tag or capture the flag. Playing like a kid burns way more calories than a treadmill jog or stairclimbing. It’s harder work and much more fun. Let that be your cardio whenever you can.

3) Trust your instincts. “Training routines are great,” says Grasso, “but they can also be narrow and get stagnant.” Once a week, go to the gym and do what you like. “Select four to five exercises and decide on a set and rep scheme.” You’ll enjoy the session more and keep things fresh.

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