Bulkers Vs. Cutters: Who’s Got It Easier?

Bulkers Vs. Cutters: Who’s Got It Easier?

At the gym, one man is soaking wet, out of breath and bouncing from machine to machine, while the other is half cocked over the garbage can after a nauseating set of squats. On the field, one barrels over everything in his path, while the other runs like the wind. At the dinner table, one plate is overstuffed, while the other looks like rations from an underfunded soup kitchen. Both men undergo vastly different diet and training, but who takes the rougher road—the bulker or the cutter?



Cutters: Have to stick to a strict diet of veggies and protein-rich foods like chicken, turkey and fish, while making sure not to overindulge in dense carbohydrates. Bulkers: Can leisurely hit the gym, crush weights then go out with their friends without worrying about the calorie content of a six pack and half a large pizza. Cutters: Can’t skip a day of cardio, or they run the risk of leaving 600 calories unburned. Bulkers: Will take the day off with no remorse, eat up, rest and watch their muscles grow. Cutters: Have to place special orders at restaurants like “dress on the side” or “hold the mayo.” Bulkers: Say, “I’ll have a cheese burger. You know what, make it nine.” Cutters: Have to sweat like hell doing high-intensity training, including supersets and circuits. Bulkers: Can enjoy two-minute rest periods of straight chillin’. Cutters: Are worn down, tired and often lethargic from the lack of food. Bulkers: Sleep like grizzly bears with Third-World nations worth of calories in surplus.



Bulkers: Plow massive amounts of food, resulting in uncomfortable gas and stomach aches. Cutters: Eat dinner on a tapas dish, are done in under five minutes and can shit without a roll cage. Bulkers: Spend hours in a dressing room trying to find clothes that fit normally. Cutters: Can borrow clothes from their girlfriends in a pinch. Bulkers: Live in the weight room and have nightmares about squats. Cutters: Casually bat weights and cardio equipment around like kittens. Bulkers: Pass up all fun outdoor activity for fear of burning too many calories. Cutters: Can run around all day long. Bulkers: Spend hours sweating through intense training and everyone thinks they’re fat. Cutters: The Situation made $5 million last year for lifting up his shirt. ‘Nuff said.

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