Burn Fat Fast With Low-Impact, High-Intensity Interval Training on the ElliptiGO

Burn Fat Fast With Low-Impact, High-Intensity Interval Training on the ElliptiGO

In the early ’90s, then-budding NCAA fencing champ Michael Gostigian took on the pentathlon, winning gold five consecutive times in national and world events. At his peak, from ’92 to ’95, he trained up to three skill sports daily, swam endless laps in the pool, and ran 2,000 miles a year. Last year, Gostigian set out to do the impossible: grab another pentathlon win. To return to peak shape, he used high-intensity interval training (HIIT) on an ElliptiGO, the same weight-bearing elliptical bike that legendary pro surfer Laird Hamilton uses to keep tackling those larger than life waves.

As the first commercially available elliptical bicycle, the ElliptiGO delivers the high-performance benefits of running, cycling, and the ellipitical with little to no impact on your joints. Burn fat while cranking up hills, using the ElliptiGO’s 8- or 11-speed model and its natural “out of the saddle” body position—it can climb inclines above 25% grade, or cruise 25+ mph on the flats. $2,499 (8-speed), elliptigo.com

Your Low-impact HIIT Workout

Don’t have an ElliptiGO? Do this low-impact, HIIT workout up to three times a week to raise your metabolism and burn fat in no time:

  • Spin Bike: 3 min. at top speed for 2–3 sets of 4 reps, with 1-min. recoveries
  • Elliptical Interval: Same as above
  • Swimming: 30 sec. at fastest pace for 8–10 sets with 90-sec. rest periods

Check out this demo video to watch the ElliptiGO in action.


Elliptastic Fact!
University of California, San Diego researchers found that riding an ElliptiGO takes 33% more effort than riding a traditional bike at the same speed, which translates to quicker workouts with a longer-lasting fat burn.

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