Caity Lotz Is the Bombshell Superhero We Need Right Now


Making the leap from the cerebral world of Mad Men to the superhero universe requires a rare combination of brains and brawn. And Caity Lotz’s career is taking off for her ability to play everything froma hippie flower girl to a robot.

“I’m so glad I started my career off with Mad Men because people saw I could act,” she says.

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Most people will recognize the 29-year-old actress as one of the few women Don Draper never landed in bed with. But ever since Mad Men, Lotz made it her mission to avoid being typecast by jumping from horror (The Pact) to playing a Terminator-like cyborg (The Machine) and then an astronaut in indie drama 400 DaysNow Lotz is back on TV in the comic book spin-off Legends of Tomorrow.

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Roundhouse kicks come naturally to Lotz—a dancer, she’d toured with Avril Lavigne and performed with Lady Gaga by age 22. She even did a stint in a short-lived Spice Girls-esque band based in Germany. “I was the gangster girl,” she says, laughing. “But I wasn’t the strongest singer, so I became the ‘sexy talker.’”

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