Can A Mobile App Prevent Diabetes? This One Might

prevent diabetes

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According to a startling report by CBS News, more than 86 million Americans are pre-diabetic, meaning their blood sugar is on the verge of becoming full-blown diabetes. Worse, 9 out of 10 of them may not even know it. Is there a way to prevent diabetes?

“If people make lifestyle changes they can prevent developing type 2 diabetes later on in life,” Dr. Andreas Michaelides, Ph.D., said. “The diabetes prevention program by the CDC is currently the number one way to do that.”

The trouble is, the Diabetes Prevention Program, or DPP, is cumbersome for most. It requires weekly face-to-face meetings with a lifestyle coach and support group, notebooks worth of studying and lessons, and a year-long commitment.

But there is an easier way to prevent diabetes. It’s called Noom.

That’s right. The popular weight-loss app, which provides thousands of people the tools they need to make smarter decisions and live healthier lives, can also help those pre-diabetic Americans lower their blood sugar and avoid devastating, debilitating health issues, Dr. Michaelides said in a report to the National Institute of Health (NIH).

That’s huge. Noom is renowned for helping people lose weight. If you’re looking to get in shape for the new year, Noom is a fantastic way to do it. The app uses a variety of tools to help users make smarter decisions about what and when and how much they eat when they need to get up and move, how often and how hard to work out, and more.

And when users feel tempted or notice themselves getting lazy or slipping, the Noom community is just a few clicks away, to provide encouragement to stay the course.

Prevent Diabetes Using Your Smartphone

The key, according to Dr. Michaelides, is the mobile app. The CDC’s diabetes prevention program works—but unlike your smartphone, it’s not with you all the time. Noom’s program is a lot like the CDC’s DPP, and professionals like Dr. Michaelides tout it as a key to making consistently better decisions about your lifestyle.

Better decisions lead to healthier habits, which ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle. An active, well-nourished individual, even one with pre-diabetic blood sugar levels, is far less likely to develop diabetes than one who tries to just lose weight by dieting.

Can Noom help you? If you’re looking to slim down, firm up, and get in shape in 2020, Noom is one of the best programs to help you not just lose weight, but to keep it off. Noom helps you break bad habits. Noom helps you make smarter choices. And now it’s proven that Noom can help prevent diabetes.

So try Noom today. You’ll feel better about yourself, knowing you’re doing the right things. You’ll look better too, increasing confidence. And you’ll live a healthier life, which will absolutely prevent the onset of diabetes.

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