Can Manly Men Like Smooth Jazz?

jazz music
Taylor Hill/Contributor/Getty Images

That friend who never traded punk rockers Black Flag for something a little less aggro? He’s probably got more testosterone than his easy-listening peers. Researchers in Japan compared a group of volunteers’ musical preferences against their T levels. The difference was stark.


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Men who preferred rock, metal, and punk (aka “unsophisticated” music, per researchers) had more of the male hormone than the guys who were turned on by jazz, classical, and the like. (Women’s testosterone levels followed the same pattern but to a lesser degree.)

So what makes a testosterone-fueled dude dig Led Zeppelin over Kenny G? A few theories: It could be that the amygdala—the part of the brain that connects sound and emotions—affects hormone production.


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Maybe a man’s T level influences his personality and, with that, taste. Or possibly, mellow dudes just dig mellow music.

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