Can You Date Your Personal Trainer? Plus 4 Other FAQs.

Kettlebell Workout with Trainer

1. Should you tip your trainer?

“Nope. Would you tip your dentist?” says Jen Widerstrom, a personal trainer who’s trained contestants on The Biggest Loser. “But if you feel so inclined, you can always give a fun little Christmas bonus or a birthday gift.”

2. How late is too late to cancel a session?

“Each trainer has a cancellation policy. Most often, it’s 24 hours. I operate under a 12-hour policy: But if you cancel within the 12 hours, I charge the full fee because I can’t reissue that time slot to another client,” says Holly Perkins, a strength and conditioning specialist.

3. Is it appropriate to date your trainer?

Probably not a good idea, says Joel Seedman, Ph.D., a neuromuscular specialist. “I dated a client way back, and when the relationship went south, the training stopped. It puts everyone in an awkward situation. The training always ends with the relationship.”

4. Should you invite your trainer to your wedding?

“That’s totally normal,” according to Nike Training coach Joe Holder. “Trainer friends of mine have even been invited to bachelor parties. We’re like family pediatricians. Our clients share info they don’t share with others, and it becomes very personal.”

5. Can you friend your trainer or follow him/her on Instagram?

“Let people live their lives,” Holder says. “Don’t be overbearing or overstep your boundaries. If I do follow a client, I may joke about that cupcake they shared on Insta, but only to keep the session light.”

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