Can You Think Yourself Thin? Why Your Mind Matters for Weight Loss

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Face it: Losing weight is hard. It just is. It’s easy to grow frustrated and give up. Because despite all the hard work, you just can’t seem to drop that extra weight. Is there some kind of trick to losing weight—and keeping it off?

Experts say “yes.” The key to losing weight is simple: Think yourself thin.

Sounds easy enough. It also sounds like it might be pure hogwash! But the fact is, that simple trick works for thousands of Noom members. And it just might work for you.

Believe in yourself. See yourself thin. Picture yourself a fit and happy person, and live like one. Get off the couch and do something creative and worthwhile. Make good decisions. Be the person you envision yourself being. Live the life you want to lead. And you will absolutely lose that weight.

Where do you start? Try Noom. It’s more than a diet and exercise plan; it’s a lifestyle management system. If you’re looking to get your body—and mind—in shape this year, Noom can help.

Think Yourself Thin

Being overweight is so often a mental thing. Whether it’s stress from work, school, or family, because of bad habits, or perhaps just because we don’t believe in ourselves, people tend to overeat as a sort of defense mechanism against life. It’s a choice we make. And it’s a downward spiral.

The slightest misstep in a diet and fitness program can undo weeks, even months of hard work. Mess up or lose control just once, and all our results and good vibes can disappear. So we get depressed, thinking it’s an impossible task, and return to our bad habits and poor decision-making. Or maybe life gets stressful and sends us running for the snacks. Soon we stop dieting and exercising altogether.

The bottom line is this: Get your head right and envision yourself thin and healthy. Then stick to your plan, no matter what life throws at you. When you see yourself making progress despite all the obstacles in your way, it motivates you to work harder. 

That’s where Noom can help. Noom provides 24/7 support, so you can get the motivation you need when you need it. All that, along with a realistic diet and fitness regimen that provides attainable goals and delivers noticeable results, to help you live a more fit and active life.

think yourself thin

Noom is an app that helps you diet and exercise, yes. But it’s more than that. It’s a behavioral health program that pinpoints the mental issues that cause you to backslide, to cheat on your diet, to skip a workout.

To put on pounds.

Losing weight is a lifestyle choice, a conscious decision to change your behavior. By digging into the psychological reasons we overeat and lose motivation, Noom helps you root out the mental issues that hold you back from success.

Noom will assist you in developing behaviors to help you become a stronger, more confident individual. It combines the power of technology with the empathy of real human coaches to deliver successful behavior change and sustainable weight loss results.

Noom helps users understand personal barriers, set goals, and identify areas of opportunity for change. Once those parameters are set, Noom helps you achieve the personal behavior goals that lead to a better you. The little victories are the key; a small success leads to a larger one. And so on.

Soon you’ll have the confidence to work even harder, to achieve loftier goals. And once you hit those? Nothing can hold you back. And you’ll change your lifestyle and behavior in the process, gaining the confidence and motivation to lead a happy, healthy life.

The first step is to go to the Noom website and sign up for your free two-week trial. You’ll take a brief survey, and then get a personalized lifestyle and behavioral package customized to your responses—which you can access and track via the Noom app.

Right away you’ll be introduced to your Goal Specialist—your personal coach. You’ll work together to identify your “Ultimate Why.” That’s your motivation, whether it’s professional confidence, or getting healthy for the kids—whatever. Each week the Goal Specialist works with you to create a personalized action plan, along with diet and fitness goals you can and will reach.

You’ll get weekly, individual one-on-one support from your coach, along with 24/7 online support and goal tracking from Noom. You’ll work through your day-to-day struggles, get advice on your diet, get the motivation to exercise, and receive get kudos for your accomplishments.

Combine this round-the-clock help with your freshly developed attitude, and you’re halfway to your goal of leading a healthier life—and losing weight. And becoming the person you envision yourself being.

Yes, you can think yourself thin. You can do this! And Noom can help.

Get It: Start your free two-week trial of Noom today!


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