Can Your Child’s Pedialyte Cure an Adult-Sized Hangover?

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Pedialyte's total sales are up 57 percent since 2012, and considering the not-so-secret use for the drink supplement by everyone over the age of 21, that means hellish hangover numbers are down. One-third of Pedialyte's sales now come from adult consumption, according to new numbers released by the market research firm Nielsen, and its new "See the Lyte" campaign aims the drink directly at weekend warriors.

"Pedialyte is used in hospital settings with kids because it is very gentle on the system, restores electrolytes, and is rehydrating — and it has those qualities for adults, too" Jessica Cording, dietitian, MS, RD, and CDN says. "It's able to bring you back to that balance to being a functioning human again."

These restorative qualities aren't only good for helping you recuperate after imbibing a few too many, but also during those tough workouts. Much like Gatorade, coconut water, and other post-workout beverages, the carbohydrates, sodium, and electrolytes in Pedialyte can help restore and rehydrate your body so you aren't feeling the effects of your race or training session tomorrow. But Cording suggests, as with other sports beverages, you only drink them when you need them.

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"Pedialyte is great when you are running a marathon or have a workout that is an hour or longer — when you would need the calories and the nutrition to supplement your activity, it's just another option" she says. "But if you are just doing a 30-minute workout, water should do the trick. You have to keep your calorie balance in mind."

An 8-ounce serving of Pedialyte has 100 calories, which is roughly equivalent to what you would burn running one mile or swimming for 10 minutes. If you are laying on your couch trying to beat a headache, Pedialyte is debuting powder packets this later month. The packets, which you mix into water, only contain 23 calories per serving — much more diet-friendly for those sedentary Saturday mornings.

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