Catch Feelings for Yourself With Self-Help Guru Case Kenny

Self-help guru Case Kenny helps you catch feelings for yourself
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This article was produced in partnership with Case Kenny

If you’re a fan of self-help podcasts or writing, you’ve probably heard of Case Kenny and his popular podcast New Mindset, Who Dis. You might’ve also seen his viral coffee cup quotes that’e been making the rounds on Instagram.



Case is a self described “dudebroguy” who likes to lift weights and share his feelings. In his own words, he’s made it his mission to help you “catch feelings for yourself, a.k.a. discover your worth, become unbothered and never settle.”

Based on how often his name keeps popping up online, it seems to be working for a lot of people.

His Apple Podcasts and Spotify top 20 podcast is labeled as a “Mental Health” podcast, but it just feels like a friend giving you advice in such a relatable way that it’s impossible to only listen to one episode.

What makes that so easy is the fact his episodes are less than 20 minutes long, and it’s just him giving his perspective and no BS advice on how to live a more unbothered, fulfilling life.

Case jokes that he doesn’t wear any pants when recording in his downtown Chicago apartment and he’s not afraid to discuss any and all topics—breakups, dating, confidence, purpose, and self-esteem.

The podcast is funny and quirky at times but also can be serious and eye-opening. It’s a refreshing approach in a sea of self-help podcasts that can come off as preachy, cliche, and frankly just boring.

Add to that the gym selfies and short mantras Case likes to post between sets, and it’s clear Case’s approach to mindfulness and mental health is just different.

What also makes Case and his podcast so unique is his creation of what he calls “dance music guided meditations.”

In these episodes, Case teams up with top DJs/producers to take listeners on a guided meditation, which flows to the beat of energizing house and EDM music. He’s collaborated with top names in dance music like Gryffin, Sam Feldt, and Cheat Codes, and these episodes provide a fresh take on what “meditation” means in 2021.

2020 was a viral year for Case after he launched a series of 60-day mindfulness journals called The New Mindset Journal and Unbothered, which are designed to help users calm their anxious thoughts and find clarity in their lives.

In addition to his 60-day journals, Case has released a mega-popular relationship workbook called Single Is Your Superpower which helps you “find your soul so you can find your soulmate.” The name alone is catchy and if you spend any time on Instagram, chances are you’ve seen it.

Case says he’s sold close to 200,000 copies of his journals in the past nine months and is working on two more exciting projects coming later this year.

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