Celeb Trainer Gunnar Peterson Wants You to Get Fit in 8 Weeks

Celeb Trainer Gunnar Peterson Wants You to Get Fit in 8 Weeks

First of all…who is this Gunnar guy anyway?

If Gunnar’s name doesn’t immediately ring a bell, perhaps your recognize a few other names—Jennifer Lopez. Angelina Jolie. Vanessa Manillo. Kim Kardashian. All of these gorgeous women (plus several others) gotten their incredible bods by training with Gunnar. Tom Brady has even accompanied his wife Giselle to sessions with the celebrity fitness guru at his private Beverly Hills gym. 

So only he trains athelets and celebs?

Well, until now, the answer was pretty much….yes. While a few tycoons and internet billionaire have probably been able to coax Gunnar into taking them on as clients, mere mortals like us have either lacked the funds or the Hollywood clout to been able to take advantage of Gunnar’s considerable talents. Fortuantely that’s all about to change, thanks to this week’s kick-off of The Gunnar Challenge. This 8 week program—designed for anyone with a will to lose weight and get in shape—promises to push  you to your maximum fitness level through a series of customizable workout moves and training sessions. The challenge also offers low-calorie meal plans with itemized shopping lists, nutriton tools, daily video support from Gunnar and some cool prizes.

Can I really get the body of an NFL quarterback or an Avenger‘s star?

We were a little skeptical that some a regular guy—one who doesn’t have some major action role to get in shape for, or a 14 million dollar movie deal on line—could actually see real celebrity-level results. We put it to him point blank—here’s how he responded.


For more info on the Gunnar Challenge, and to sign up, visit http://gunnarchallenge.com/

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