Celebrity Trainer Gunnar Peterson


Many fitness gurus claim to be a “trainer to the stars,” but few can carry that title like Gunnar Peterson, a personal trainer based in Beverly Hills. With over 20 years in the fitness industry, he has trained film and television celebrities, professional athletes and ordinary people. Peterson’s roster of clients is almost as diverse as his training methods. It includes chiseled film stars Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Hugh Jackman, as well as top athletes from NBA, NHL, NFL, and NCAA teams. As evidence of his wide influence in the training world, on the wall of his facility hang memorabilia from clients, including autographed basketball vests, hockey sticks and even the gloves of Mike Tyson. In an industry riddled with people promising fast fixes, Peterson’s success comes from his emphasis on the basics. There are no shortcuts when it comes to working out. To highlight this point, he keeps a pink bucket in his 5,000-square-foot gymnasium, offering it to clients at the end of workouts in case they feel the need to vomit. Peterson takes a dynamic approach to personal training, and gives his clients challenging and varied workouts. Much of this involves strength training that they can take from the gym into their daily lives. For action movie stars, this part is essential since training for a movie, according to Peterson, is similar to athletes training for the start of the season. A large part of Peterson’s work as a physical trainer is focused on the individual. He builds each workout for clients based upon what they’ve done during the previous sessions, what their goals are, and what’s hurting. Varying the workouts, while not getting too eclectic, improves the whole body and helps keep the gym fresh. The same hard work ethic that Peterson expects from his clients shows up in his own life. Getting up at 3:45 AM each day, and home by 6 PM, Peterson has never missed a day of training. It’s not just about the workout, though. He fuels his body for success. While admitting that he’s still human, Peterson eats foods as close to their natural state and avoids processed foods. As for what he sees at the role of the personal trainer. Peterson tells The Independent, that his job is to motivate and educate his clients. Given the top athletes and celebrities that he surrounds himself with, the first one is probably easier. Education, though, is even more important. For each client—celebrity, athlete, or ordinary person—Peterson guides them toward the best workout for their bodies and individual goals. Now, you have your very own chance to ask Gunnar Peterson your training questions. Shoot us a message on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Take on The Gunnar Challenge: Monday 5/21. Sign-up deadline is 5/20. The 8-week Gunnar Challenge is Gunnar’s first online diet and fitness program, developed with SP Health. It will include motivating daily messages from Gunnar along with exclusive, daily video workouts and delicious meal plans based on what Gunnar successfully uses with clients to promote weight-loss and optimal health. The first challenge begins May 21. Find out more and participate in the free Premiere Workout by visiting GunnarChallenge.com