Check Out The Innovative Anti-snoring Solution That Made A Huge Splash at CES

anti-snoring solution

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CES is always the place to see the latest in groundbreaking, innovative new products, and tech. One of the highlights of 2019’s CES was the anti-snoring Motion Pillow by 10minds. A soft and comfortable memory foam pillow that’s completely electricity and radiation-free, it features four inflatable airbags that silently inflate and turn your head when snoring is detected. And it could be the anti-snoring solution we’ve been waiting for.

We’ve seen—and tested—devices like this in the past. But for various reasons they never delivered on their promise. But it seems the tide has turned and the tech has advanced to a reliable stage. In fact, the Motion Pillow has proved to work so well that it received the coveted Innovation Award in the Health & Wellness category at CES 2020.

That means that even after a year, the techies were still impressed. And that’s impressive! Those techies can be a fickle bunch.

anti-snoring solution

If Motion Pillow really works—and apparently, it does—this is a game-changer. The pillow monitors your snoring sounds and senses where your head is on the pillow. An inflatable pad on the bottom of the pillow has four sections. A “Solution Box” is plugged into the pillow and rests bedside, listening for sounds of snoring. It syncs with an app, so you can dial in settings such as sensitivity, etc.

Snoring is caused by muscles in the throat relaxing during sleep. They relax so fully and completely, they allow the tongue to descend back into the throat—resulting in that awful sound. If the Solution Box detects the sound of snoring, it silently pumps air into the appropriate section of the Motion Pillow, raising your head a couple of inches and changing its position.

anti-snoring solution

This allows your tongue to move forward into your mouth, away from the throat. The airways clear, your snoring stops. After a few minutes, the Motion Pillow gently and silently deflates. If snoring is detected again, the process repeats itself.

The Anti-snoring Solution

It really is one of those genius ideas that it’s a miracle no one’s ever perfected it before. We tried an anti-snoring, inflating pillow a couple of years back that functioned in a similar vein. But it was a mess of cords and tubes and had a fickle pump that sometimes made noise and occasionally didn’t work at all. Worst of all, the pillow itself was rather uncomfortable—making the whole device moot.

Motion Pillow is different. The Certi-PUR certified pillow is soft and high quality and facilitates heat dissipation and sweat absorption without harmful chemicals. There are no electrical wires within the pillow, and the app offers three levels of noise detection. It’s completely silent and totally comfortable.

anti-snoring solution

While someone else clearly came up with the concept of an inflatable pillow, 10minds has obviously dialed in the tech—and the comfort—and made a product that even CES attendees approved of.

The app also tracks your snoring and provides nightly data on its volume and severity. (Note: The Motion Pillow will work just fine without connecting the app; it’s only there to track your snoring patterns if desired.) Because shoring is no joke. It can be a sign of serious health issues, like sleep apnea. And it’s ruined countless marriages.

So if snoring is making your life—or the life of someone you love—more difficult than is necessary, try the anti-snoring solution Motion Pillow today. It’s available now at Amazon.

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