The Chest and Triceps Beginner Workout to Build Muscle Fast

The third day (Thursday) of THE FOUNDATION program will be chest and triceps. For the chest exercises, we’re not doing a barbell bench press, we’re not even doing a dumbbell bench press. Instead, we’ll be doing dumbbell variations—the purpose of this is to improve any muscular imbalances while also forcing the muscles to adapt to multiple, small variations of the movement pattern—similar to the shoulder workout in this program.

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1. DB Chest Press Variations
5 sets x 10 (3-5 variations)

2. DB Flye
3 sets x 10

3. Push Ups
100-200 reps as quickly as possible


1. Close-grip Presses
3 sets x 10

2. BB Skullcrushers
3 sets x 10

3. Bar-Cable Pushdown
3 sets x 10 reps