#ChicagoforOne: New Yorker Celebrates Buddy’s Bachelor Party Alone


New York resident Robert Chernow was expecting to have a blast in the “Windy City” over the extended Labor Day weekend for a buddy’s bachelor party, but fate would have none of it. 

Jake Katz, friend of Chernow and groom-to-be, could not make it to Chicago on schedule and instead arrived two days late — thanks to flight delays — leaving poor Chernow to fend for himself. But, instead of sitting around his hotel room moping (or binge watching Netflix), Chernow took in Chicago Cubs and Bears games, visited Navy Pier, made new “friends,” and dined at various food establishments in the area. Alone. 

He documented his (apparently not-so-fun) time on his Instagram account, which quickly accumulated over 14,000 followers over the holiday weekend, using the hashtag #ChicagoForOne. 

Click through the pictures of his semi-enjoyable adventure below.

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Just as ‘Captain on the Helm’ at #Navypier searches for new land, I search for new friends #chicagoforone

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This is Clark! He’s my new friend! He’s also contractually obliged to not speak… This is going well. #chicagoforone

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This is Jake. He’s the bachelor who’s party I’ve been celebrating. After spending 40+ hrs in flight purgatory he has finally arrived and was so excited that he couldn’t help scream “thanks for making my weekend all about you”. You’re welcome, Jake…welcome to your bachelor party! #chicagowithfriends On a side note – I’d like to thank everyone for their unwavering support in my time of loneliness. Chicago is an amazing city with even more amazing people. I’ve had 2 days to experience this first hand and now I’m asking that you show the bachelor the same hospitality! He’s been cooped up in a hotel in Queens since yesterday and now only has 48 hrs to make up for lost time! I’ll keep posting where we are and if you can come meet up, have a drink and help us give him the best damn bachelor party ever! Thanks, everyone!

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Needless to say, Chernow’s friends finally caught up to him and the weekend was saved.

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