Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram Fitness Video Will Put You to Shame

Need a little mid-week workout motivation? Well, look no further than the Instagram feed of one Chris Hemsworth and get ready to see an incredible display of Thor-sized beast mode.

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The Australian actor is gearing up for the next installment of the Thor movie franchise with Thor: Ragnarok, filming later this year. And as you can see, Hemsworth is already in superhero shape.

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The video documents his workout with Luke Zocchi, who according to Hemsworth is the “world’s best trainer” and your best bet for becoming a “flat-out legend” with your personal fitness. Hemsworth proceeds to throw around weights like a bull, swing battle ropes like he’s casually playing double-dutch on a playground, and throw medicine balls while attached to resistance bands like it’s a game. At one point of the video Hemsworth even growls.

It just goes to show the work that superstars put in to look like superheroes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use Hemsworth’s personal training session as inspiration to go a little harder during your daily workout.

But if Hemsworth isn’t inspiration enough to get you off your ass and into the gym, another super-fit celebrity just might be: Dwayne Johnson uploaded this “Ultimate Workout” video to his YouTube channel last week with a simple message that stated: “Beat mode activated. Enjoy.” The first 45 seconds of the video doesn’t even include any exercises that demand ox-like strength — so you have no excuse not to follow along with Johnson’s planks, resistance band cable rows, and Roman chair ab circuit. But after the Rock chalks up and starts throwing around the 1,000-pound club weights, that’s where our human limitations start to kick in.

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