Circuit 2: the Total-Body Gut Buster Workout

This is the second circuit in The Total-Body Gut Buster Workout. Check out the first circuit here. 


1. Jog for two-minutes.
2. Complete Circuit 1 (overhead lunge, skydiver lunge, glute bridge). Click here to see the video.
3. Shadowbox for two minutes. Throw punches with both hands, keep your guard up, and practice shuffling your feet forward, back, and side to side.
4. Complete Circuit 2 (sumo squat, pike pushup, frog thrust). See the video above.
5. Go to a staircase and sprint or jog up it. Walk back down. Repeat for two minutes and mix it up—try skipping steps or hopping up the stairs.
6. Plank/Side Plank Combo: Get into pushup position and then lower your forearms to the floor. Hold 15 seconds, and then rotate your body to your right, resting on your left forearm and stacking your feet so your whole body faces 90 degrees to the floor. Hold 15 seconds. Rotate back to the floor and hold 15 seconds. Rotate to our left and hold the side plank again. Keep your hips elevated the whole time. 

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