Classic Moments in Jock History

Classic Moments in Jock History

The jock—hateful of all nerds and fatties (and, God forbid, nerdy fatties)—has been a mainstay in American cinema for years. Although real-life bullying often comes about due to an array of complex psychological issues, the movies we know and love usually stick with the black-and-white assumption that jocks simply can’t stand nerds—end of story. But we know this isn’t really true. And we urge our readers to continue to keep the peace so that one day, jocks won’t be placed into movies as jerks looking to punch the first nerd they see. At the same time, the more the stereotype becomes debunked, the more outrageous and hilarious these classic jock scenes are. Here’s a list of pissed off jocks in all their glory, before reaching the final downfall that awaited most of them at the end of their respective films. From these clips, it’s pretty obvious that most of them deserve to be cut down. START: REVENGE OF THE JOCKS >>

Revenge of the Nerds (1984)

Coach Harris’ disappointed speech

Possibly the quintessential Jock vs. Nerd film, Revenge of the Nerds is one of those camp-classic comedies you can flip to on your TV and immediately associate with the 1980s. In this clip, established nerd-hater Coach Harris reams out his players after their loss to the nerds in the Greek Games during homecoming. The victory also gives the nerds control of the coveted Greek Council on campus (that’s exactly how college Greek life really works, right?). Harris’ speech riles up the jocks and enrages them into one last bout of pointless destruction at the nerds’ expense. Coach Harris was undoubtedly the most important role of John Goodman’s career, at least in the mad jock movie genre. The highlight in this clip clearly goes to Ogre’s deranged scream—“NEEEEERRRRRDS!” NEXT: DON’T MESS WITH THE WATERBOY >>

The Waterboy (1998)

Bobby Boucher finally snaps

Some traditional jock antagonism highlights this scene, as the Mud Dogs’ quarterback makes Bobby Boucher’s tolerance and anger reach the point of no return. The jock gets a quick comeuppance here from one of many Adam Sandler characters with anger management issues (Happy Gilmore, Anger Management), although Boucher’s issues are more deep-seated than the others. NEXT: GET OFF THE SCALE >>

Heavyweights (1995)

Tony Perkis’ failed infomercial

Unlike many of the brash jocks on this list, Tony Perkis (Ben Stiller) is brutal in a more sadistic and intimidating way. Rather than settle for simple name-calling or vandalism, Perkis is dead-set on getting every last member of his fat camp to lose weight by getting under their skin and making them believe they’re worthless. Realizing this, the campers cheat on their dieting plans to spite him. This makes for one of the best jock scenes you’ll see, as Perkis’ anger increases incrementally over the span of a couple minutes. Perkis’ abrupt change in attitude from the cheery “Hop on the scale son!” to the stern “Get off the scale” might be the best moment of the film. NEXT: DODGE THIS >>

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004)

“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”

Former dodgeball champion Patches O’Houlian shows off his archaic, cruel teaching methods in this introductory training session. Despite his physical handicap, it’s pretty clear that Patches’ dodgeball experience, success and maintained throwing skills make him the angry jock attempting to improve a team of soft, clueless players. His gruff teaching methods end up giving the Average Joes the skill and attitude to contend with Globo Gym, even if Justin Long appears to be critically injured at the end of this clip. NEXT: WE’RE GOING BACK >>

Back to the Future (1985)

Biff torments George McFly

Biff Tannen might be the biggest ass-wipe in the history of film—his lack of complexity is hilarious. He’s really just a bully and little else, but you have to admire how honest and consistent he is about being a dick. But although sports participation is never mentioned in Back to the Future, it’s pretty obvious that Biff fits perfectly into the stereotypical jock mold—naturally tall, strong and belittling to hapless nerds like George McFly. Their conversation holds to typical popular ‘80s movie standards—a three-year-old with a heavily fractured grasp of the English language can realize that Biff is mean and that George is pathetic. Great quip from one of Biff’s goons about Marty’s vest—“Dork thinks he’s gonna drown.” Scathing fashion commentary.

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