Is ClassPass the New “Gym Membership” You Need to Try?


ClassPass. You’ve probably heard of it in passing, but what is it exactly, and is it worth your time and money? 

Let’s start with the basics. ClassPass is a monthly membership service available (so far) in 29 cities nationwide. For $125/month, it lets you access a huge network of fitness studios in your area—from participating franchise gyms to small boutique clubs. Essentially, you can go to an unlimited number of classes in a month, except you can only visit each specific location up to three times.

Perhaps one of the best perks is the opportunity to find a new fitness pursuit you otherwise would never have known you’d love. ​“Your monthly membership lets you create a smorgasbord of workout routines that work for you, whether that’s Bikram yoga, cycling [or] circuit training,” says Robert Reames, CSCS, a personal and group trainer, nutritionist, author and motivational speaker based in Indiana. 

If you are looking for variety and want to try new things—like a boxing class, TRX suspension class, or any of these nine fitness classes—and have the flexibility in your schedule to go to various locations, then ClassPass would be great to try for a month.  Not your thing? No worries about pleading with the gym front desk staff to get out of your contract—you can cancel any time.

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These days, gyms aren’t just boxes filled with machines and weights to clank around. Most clubs, big and small, offer a variety of classes, so all you have to do is pay your membership fee and you have access to numerous classes. “For this type of gym goer, I don’t see paying for the option to go to other clubs as being super advantageous,” Reames says. And for savvy fitness people who know exactly what they want, they’re probably not going to see an appeal, or any direct advantage to ClassPass. “They’re going to take their routine and stay with it,” Reames says. 

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What it comes down to is educating yourself, and assessing your own interests, strengths, and weaknesses. If you’re bored with your routine, or find yourself losing the fire you once had to work out every day, then buy a month of ClassPass—ignite that spark and then you can always lock back into a routine with some newfound routines and skills. 

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