Combine Basketball and Yoga Moves


How: Hang forward with your left hand on the floor (or on a basketball) about 12 inches ahead of your right foot. Lift your leg parallel to the floor, keeping your hips even. Twist to the right, reaching your right arm to the sky. Face the floor until you are ready to look up. Hold for two minutes.

Why: Develops your concentration, stretches the hamstrings, opens the hips, and strengthens the back muscles.


How: Keeping your feet hip-width apart, bend down and place your hands shoulder-width apart. Step your feet away from your hands to form an upside-down V. Lengthen through the shoulders. Hold for at least one minute. Repeat five times.

Why: Helps stretch the hamstrings, back, and shoulder muscles, while also building upper-body strength.


How: With your feet wide apart, turn your left foot out 90 degrees. Bend the left knee until it’s over the ankle. Place your left hand on the floor and extend your right arm overhead. Rotate your chest out. Hold for one minute. Repeat on the opposite side.

Why: Opens up your hips, helping work the adductor and abductor muscles while also working your core and stretching the lower and upper back.


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