Common Dishes on His Life Goals, Who Should Play the Next James Bond, and the Best Rap Lyricist of All Time

Common Tells The Amazing Story Of Marine K9 Handler 'Megan Leavey'
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

He’s a rapper, producer, poet, and TV/movie star whose latest film tells the amazing story of Marine K9 handler Megan Leavey. 

Here, a few fun Common facts. 

1. He wouldn’t go into the military

“I’m not cut out for it. It’s as simple as that.”

2. He loves dogs—but it hasn’t always been mutual

“I had an Alaskan husky named King as a kid. He ran away—he was probably tired of my neglect.”

3. He’s “played” with Michael Jordan…

Common’s dad, an ex-ABA player, hooked him up as a Chicago Bulls ball boy when he was a teen. “Michael was one of my heroes. He electrified the city, the league, the world. It was incredible.”

4. …but thinks Lebron may surpass him.

“Mike was definitely the best player ever, but now Lebron has that potential.”

5. He’s decided on the best rap lyricist ever…

“Nas. He’s to hip-hop what Miles Davis was to jazz.”

6. …and goes retro with his music

“Vinyl is the best. I got a record player for my birthday—it gives off a vibe like you’re doing something cool.”

7. He has lofty goals…

“I want to help better the education system, and be a part of prison reform to end mass incarceration.”

8. …yet doesn’t want to be a politician

“I’d rather be the one who supports and puts pressure on politicians.”

9. But he does know whom he wants for president in 2020

“Howard Schultz, the owner of Starbucks. He’s a real smart, cool dude, with a lot of swag to him. But at the same time he cares about people.”

10. Fans recognize—but don’t always recognize—him

“Some dude called me Cam’ron. I said I was Common. He said ‘Yeah, OK, can I have a picture?’”

11. He knows what he wants in a woman…

“What attracts me is a good heart.”

12. …who should play the next Bond…

“Me. Why not? Give it a new twist. The British probably couldn’t handle it, though.”

13. …and how to act just intimidating enough

“I met my daughter’s date and grilled him while I was in a cornrow wig from a movie I was filming. But I didn’t go too hard—his mom works for Disney, and I might still want to act in a Disney movie.”

Megan Leavey hits theaters June 9.